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Featured in Appadvice! "Insanely intuitive"

Finally, a notes app that let's you combine text, pictures, video and voice. And does it super easy. The way it is supposed to!

- Have you ever been in a meeting and needed to jot down what's on the whiteboard? Take a picture and attach it to the note!

- Have you ever been in a hurry and needed to take a note? Record a voice memo and attach it to the note!

- Have you ever downloaded a notes app that promised to be super easy, and you found that it wasn't?

Note Record is built on the same ease-of-use and design principle as Apples products. You will love the experience!

Key Features

- Send notes and attachments via email
- Send notes via sms
- Record and attach voice memo
- Insert photo from library
- insert video from library
- Take new photo
- Record new video
- Schedule tasks and add to calendar
- Click on phone number to make a phone call
- Click on date or time to schedule a task
- Click on weblink to access webaddress
- Click on email address to send email

[Intuitive User Interface]
- super simple and easy to use (just like the pre installed iphone notes app)
- No internet connection required
- Landscape mode
- Clickable links (web/email address, phone numbers, dates for scheduling tasks)
- Bottom row of attachments that can be viewed and emailed

[Easy note-taking]
- Fast input
- First text row becomes note title
- Cut, copy, paste
- Top right button to access options menu (add voice, video an picture)

15 working days

1 developers

1 Tester

Tobias Hummel, Humtrade Int’l

“ 100% satisfied. Delivered beyond expectation. And very easy to communicate with. Understood all requirements and concerns immediately and addressed those swiftly and with quality. Thanks!”

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