Ray-Ban magento multi store

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rbexpert.nl - Third store
rbspecialist.nl - Second store
top40zonnebrillen.nl - First store

General Requirement

The below briefing is based on a currently running multistore magento installation. The installation runs on a Dedicated Private server in the Netherlands. The main installation is top40zonnebrillen.nl and the second shops is raybanspecialist.nl We will want to add an additional shop to this installation rbexpert.nl. Next to this we want to have a one step checkout installed plus some additional fixes/ improvements on the installation and shops itself.

Some Main Features

  • Install & configure magento latest version with 3 stores
  • Implement magento templates for 3 websites
  • One page checkout: For all three stores (including the new one) we want to have a onestep checkout that is in line with the designs of all three webshops. This can be based on an extension with some small modifications or you can built it custom made:
  • Multisafepay: The multisafepay extension is required to be installed for all shops,
  • New/ change order from admin: When creating or changing an order from the magento admin, we get an error message. Therefore it is not possible to create a new order or change an order for an existing customer.
  • Speed: Compiler function: The compiler fuction in magento shoudl speed up the websites, but when enabling the compiler function, big errors come to the shops. First error is to make some files writeable, after this is done. The compiler can be enabled, but this generates errors. Please fix the errors so we can use the compiler function to speed up the shops.
  • Speed: Configure APC in magento: APC (Alternative PHP Cache) is installed on the server, only the shops need to be configured to actually make use of this to speed up the web sites.
  • Filter on stock: For all shops we want to have a filter that is based on the actual stock
  • Filter / layered navigation extension: We would like to have a layered navigation with checkboxes for all three shops,

50 working days

4 developers

1 tester

From the client

The guys of AHT solutions did a perfect job and are real profesionals. Definitely recommend them and will use them again!

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