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Project Overview

Shanduka Black Umbrellas was first conceived as the Black Umbrellas, a project spearheaded by Cape Town social entrepreneurs Charles Maisel and Mark Frankel to support SMMEs.

In 2009 the Shanduka Foundation partnered with Black Umbrellas to escalate the project countrywide with R5.2 million invested in the set up and operations of a Gauteng office.

Cyril Ramaphosa, Chairperson of the Shanduka Foundation, is deeply committed to the vision of Shanduka Black Umbrellas as a catalyst in the development of entrepreneurs, a sector he has identified as critical to the empowerment of historically marginalised South Africans.

Shareholding in the Shanduka Group is held in two trusts: The Fundani Education Trust and the Mabindu Business Development Trust, the latter of which supports Shanduka Black Umbrellas.


Main Requirements

  • Wordpress latest version
  • Responsive
  • Graphic Design and Web Design
  • Create and layout content for 120 pages.
  • Customize image slideshow plugin.
  • Creating 60 image slideshows for pages.

30 working days

3 developers

1 tester

From the client

Awesome service made it exactly how i wanted and continues to help with little errors.