Soletron iphone application

Let us help you grow your business through the iOS/Android application



It’s an app for Soletron forum ( vBulletin forum ) and blog


Key Features

• using mobile suite service to access to Soletron’s community forum & ability to create user accounts and post threads

• Access to 3,500 sneaker shops in the U.S via google map

• Type your zip code in or use our GPS finder to see the hottest spots in your area

• Dynamic capability to update our sneakershop database to help bring you the best sneakerhead experience

• With our Top 5 list, you can see for the upcoming month the hottest sneaker drops with prices, SKU, and visual display

• Read latebreaking news in the industry and have access to our exclusive content via Soletron’s RSS feed


25 working days

3 developers

1 Tester

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