Method vs function python: The key differences you should explore

Continuing our topic of Python programming language is the article of Method vs function python. First of all, in our previous articles, you can probably know that Python is always considered as one of the most friendly with users and worth-using languages in technology’s field. Then, coming to this blog, ArrowHiTech continues to provide you with useful information of Python methods vs functions and how to distinguish them with ease. Now, let’s take a look with us right now!

What are method vs function python?

What does Python functions mean?

Definition of Python functions – Method vs function python

Python methods vs functions
Method vs function python

Coming to the first definition in this blog – Python functions. Firstly, for any who don’t know about the Python methods, they are a set of statements that run in a specific order and are given a name. Besides, they enabled us to implement code reuse. We talked about built-in and user-defined functions when we talked about Python functions.

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Key differences Python methods vs functions
Key differences of method vs function python

What’s more, as similar as many other programming languages, Python functions were created with the goal of defining our own functions. In order to understand it in detail, let’s take a look at the following example:

>>> def add(a,b):

         return a+b

>>> add(3,-3)

As a result, it will return the output:


First and foremost, this function is known as ‘add’. For more details, it adds two values, which it accepts as arguments, as expected. Then, the result will be displayed 0 when we call it with the numbers -3 and 3. The ‘return’ statement, as you can see, returns a value from the Python function.

In addition, these enable us to design a modular program, which allows us to make changes quickly whenever we want. 

How to Define and Call Your Own Python Function
Python function

What is Built-in Functions of Python? 

Firstly, Python programming language comes with 66 functions in total. Some of them are very popular and widely used. Then, let’s explore the example below which use some of them:

>>> def demofunc(a,b):


//This function is to demonstrate a few built-in functions in Python










 for i in range(2,4): print(i)

>>> demofunc(2,3)



2 3

2.0 3


2 3


<class ‘int’>



>>> c=lambda :print(“Hi”)

>>> type(c)

<class ‘function’>

Python programming language
The main difference between Python functions vs methods

What are Python methods? – Method vs function python

In fact, Python methods are similar to a function, but they are associated with an object. As soon as you call a Python method, it may or may not affect that object. As a result, a method belongs to a class. Then, you can refer to it through the following example:

>>> class vehicle:

 def __init__(self,color):


 def start(self):

   print(“Starting engine”)

 def showcolor(self):

   print(f”I am {self.color}”)

>>> car=vehicle(‘black’)

>>> car.start()

Starting engine of Python methods

>>> car.showcolor()

Firstly, we started by defining the class ‘vehicle’. Then, using this blueprint, we generated the object ‘car.’ __init__() is a magic method that functions as the class’s constructor. Besides, we can use start() and showcolor() to perform whatever we want. Furthermore, to be able to refer to the current object, Python methods must provide an argument called “self”.

The key differences between method vs function python you should explore

#1. Firstly, not as similar as a function, Python methods are called on objects. As you probably see in our previous examples above, we called start() on the object ‘car.’ On the other hand, we use the term “Python function” to refer to any function. In particular, we don’t apply it to refer to any specific object. Moreover, we can access the data within an object because we call a method on it.

#2. Besides, the next difference between Method vs function python is that while a method can change an object’s state, a function normally just operates on it before printing or returning a value.

In short, above are the main differences between Python methods vs functions. Besides, if you know any other difference, let’s ArrowHiTech know, then, our article can be more useful and complete.

In conclusion

All in all, ArrowHiTech hopes this article we provide can bring you a lot of helpful information about Method vs function python and the main differences to clarify them. Then, in case you are still confused with this topic or face any struggle when working with them, let’s ArrowHiTech know. Then, our mobile app development services will help you resolve them in the shortest time.