Python projects for beginners: Amazing ideas and topics you should explore

Python is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. Thus, many people want to learn and become professional in Python. If you are a beginner and want to get more hand – in experience, you should work on some real – time Python projects. Then, we will deliver you some top best Python projects for beginner, especially mad libs generator python

How to choose the right Python projects for beginner

Before choosing Python projects, you should know how to choose the best one for you. 

Choose the Python projects you find interesting

Needless to say, you’d better choose the topic you want to work on. This will not only motivate you to work, but also to explore more about it. Different people will be interested in different topics. For example, some people would love to work with unusual and creative topics. On the other hand, others might one to do simple projects

Choose the Python projects that fit your ability. 

Yes, you should choose the projects that you want to work on. However, those projects should match with your ability. For instance, you can’t work on complex or creative Python projects when you’re only beginners. Otherwise, you might easily be stressed out unless you like working under pressure. 

Try to work on simple Python projects first. This will not only help you gain more experience, but knowledge as well.

Python projects for beginners.

Mad libs generator python

Mad libs generator python is one of the Best Python projects for beginners. High chance is that you’ll gain a lot of hand – on experience thanks to Mad Libs Generators. This project primarily focuses on strings, variables and concatenation. As a result, you might learn how to manipulate inputted data. Moreover, you can input almost anything into this project. From adjectives, nouns or even pronouns. These series of inputs will be considered as mad libs generator python. Once all these data are entered, mad libs generator python will take all the data and arrange the inputs into a story platform.

Rock, Paper, Scissors game

Python projects for beginners

This is such a classic and beloved game of all time. Moreover, Rock, Paper, Scissors game is a simple Python project. Therefore, beginners can test their skills with this Python project. For example, you can start making it player vs computer. Through this project, you can gain more experience with while loops and if statement

Number guessing

Python projects for beginners

Moving to another Python projects for beginners – Number guessing. It’s simple and interesting to work with. In this project, you will make a program for the computer to choose a number randomly. This number can be between 1 to 10, 100 or any range you want. Then, provide players with some hints or clues. Therefore, they will be able to get the right answer. On the other hand, if they get it wrong, they will get another hint, but their score will be lower

In this project, you need to compare the inputted number to the guessed number. This will not only help you check the answer, but also whether an actual number was inputted in this project or not


Hangman is one of the ideal Python projects for beginners. It’s simple yet exciting. Similar to Number guessing, the program will compare the inputted letter to the guessed number. However, with Hangman, you also need to make a counter to count the number of guesses. If players guess it wrong more than allowed, they will lose. To work on this Python project, you need to use Random Library, boolean, char, etc.

Text – based Adventure Game

Python projects for beginners

If you’re familiar with Adventure Game, then text – based Adventure Game is a basic version of it. Just like the name suggests, it is completely text – based. In this game, players will move through many rooms in a single setting. Then, this game will provide descriptions for each room based on the user input. 

When it comes to text – based Adventure Game, movement direction is one of the most important factors. Otherwise, you hardly can create walls and set the directions for players to move around. 

Password Generator

Python projects for beginners

This Python projects for beginners is highly simple and easy to work with. As you might know, Password Generator can help your friends and family keep their account secure. Working on this Python project, you can test your Random & library skills

Dice Rolling Simulator

A pair of 6-sided dice – ShillerLearning

In this Python project for beginners, you will create a virtual rolling dice. Thus, this program will generate a random number ranging between 1 and 6 on each dice every time the program runs. Players can roll the dice as many times as they want. After rolling, players will see the displayed number on the screen. Moreover, they will be asked if they want to roll the dice again.

Dice Rolling Simulator is quite an interesting Python project to work with, especially for beginners. It will help you build a strong foundation for fundamental programming concepts

Secret Cipher

If you want to work with a partner instead of working on your own, Secret Cipher might be a perfect Python project. Simply, you will generate and decipher the secret cipher. Then, in case you’re working with a programming partner, one of you can generate the cipher, while the other decipher the messages. Through this projects, high chance is that you’ll test your encryption methods skill

Contact Book

Everyone needs a place to store their contacts details, like names, phone numbers and emails. Therefore, Contact Book is a great Python project for beginners. They will create a contact book application for users to save and find their contacts. Besides, the application should also allow them to add in more contact information as well as delete them. 

Alarm Clock

How to wake up to your favorite Music using iPhone's clock app

Right from the name, you might know that you need to create an alarm clock. And you’re right. It might sound simple, however, this is a great way to demonstrate your programming skills. In this Python projects for beginners, you have to design something that gives you notification at a specified time. If you want to make this program more advance, you can allow users to change the ringing tone, or play music/ video at the time

Email slicer

In case you want to work on useful and practical Python projects for beginners, then you should take a look at Email slicer. This program allows you to get the user name and domain name from an email address. Besides, you can customize this application as well as send a message to the host with this information

Desktop Notifier App

This Python project for beginners will not only help you test your skills, but also let you know how notifications work. The Desktop Notifier Apps run on a system and send you a piece of information after a fixed interval of time. When working on this project, you should use libraries such as notify 2, requests and so on. Thus, you will be able to build this program

Generating a sine vs cosine curve

How to Generate a Sine vs Cosine Curve in Python Via Matplotlib and Numpy  Modules - YouTube

As mentioned in the name, you will create a sine vs cosine curve in this project. You will have to use the numpy library to access the sine and cosine functions. Also, to draw this curve, you have to use matplotlib library. If you want to take this project to another level, then make the graph go from – 360 degree to 360 degree.

Python Story Generator – mad libs generator python

This is one of the fun and exciting Python projects for beginners. Moreover, Python Story Generator is quite easy to work with. Simply add in inputs like the name of a place or action and then create a story based on those data. However, stories will sound the same always

Youtube video downloader

Youtube is one of the most popular video sharing platforms in the world. Therefore, by working on the Youtube video downloader project, you can serve a lot of people. Of course, Youtube won’t allow you to download some videos permanently. However, you can create an app with a similar UI and ability to download Youtube videos in different formats and quality. This might sound intimidating at the beginning. Nevertheless, once you start working on it, it’s quite straightforward.

In conclusion

Above are some Python projects for beginner, especially mad libs generator python to get some hand – on experience. Working on those projects, you’ll have the chance to apply your skills and knowledge to practical projects.

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