React component library: Top best every JavaScript expert should know

Whether you are a developer or an IT team leader, you want to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and news concerning your core technology. So the ability to constantly learn and adjust to the ever-changing environment is the key characteristic of every top developer. In this article, we’ll be talking about top React component libraries that every JavaScript developer should know.

#1 Create React App

Create React App is a command line interface created by Facebook developers that enables you to easily create a React.js project. It builds structures of catalogs and files, includes tools needed at the start and helps you build, test and launch your application.

It’s an absolute must-have for every React project as it saves you plenty of time otherwise spent on overwhelming manual setup and configuration of your app. You just need to run one simple command and Create React App does that all for you.

Find Create React App on Github.

#2 Material UI

Material UI – one of React component library is a set of components, that implements their famous Material Design. With over 36k stars on Github, it’s the most popular UI package of all React libraries. It’s simple, eye-catching, light and user-friendly. It’s already been around for a couple of years. But thanks to constant updates, it hasn’t lost its popularity.

Find Material UI on Github.

#3 Styled Components

Styled Components is a CSS tool that helps you organize your React project (TIP: it works with React Native too). This library helps you build small, reusable components responsible for the look of your app. With traditional CSS you may face the problem of accidentally overwriting selectors used in other places of the site. But thanks to Style Components, you can avoid this issue by using a CSS syntax directly inside your components.

Find Styled Components on Github.

Styled Components - one of the most popular React libraries on GitHub.

#4 MobX

This state management solution was created to make it impossible to build a messy state and thus create a bug-packed app. While other libraries focus on restricting developers from modifying the state, MobX makes sure that everything can be easily and automatically extracted.

Find MobX on Github.

MobX - one of the most popular React libraries on GitHub.

#5 Enzyme

Enzyme is a JavaScript library created to test React components. The AirBnB engineering team created and released it as an open source in 2015. The tool is meant to be intuitive in use and make it easier to assert, manipulate, and traverse your React components’ output.

Find Enzyme on Github.

#6 Redux

Redux, similarly to MobX, is a state management solution for JavaScript applications. It’s most often used in combination with React. But it works with other React-like frameworks, too. Redux makes it possible to connect every component directly to the entire state and thus eliminates the need to use props or callbacks.

Find Redux on Github.

#7 React Virtualized

React Virtualized library helps you improve the efficiency of the large list and tabular data rendering. It helps to restrict the number of requests and DOM elements and enhances the overall performance of React apps. There are many tools similar to React Virtualized, which makes it better than the competition is the number of functionalities and very good maintenance.

Find React Virtualized on Github.

React Virtualized - one of the most popular React libraries on GitHub.

#8 Redux Form

Redux Form is a set of reducer and action creators that makes it easier to implement customized complex forms. It was especially designed to work with Redux. It’s a relatively simple and well-performing solution when to compare to other similar tools. You still write forms and components by yourself so it does not take the flexibility away.

Find Redux Form on Github.

Redux Form - one of the most popular React libraries on GitHub.

#9 React DnD

React DnD is a library used to build complex drag and drop interfaces. There are plenty of great drag and drop libraries. But React DnD is unlike most of them. Because they built it on top of the modern HTML5 drag and drop API. However, it has one major downside. It doesn’t support touchscreens.

Find React DnD on Github.

#10 React Intl

Every language has different rules and conventions. Adapting those differences in international projects isn’t easy. This open-source child of Yahoo designed it as open-source to make internationalization as easy and straightforward as possible. It includes ready-to-go components and an API to format strings, dates, numbers and handle pluralization.

Find React Intl on Github.

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