React native development trends to take your business to the next level

React native development is considered as a framework that allows you to  “Learn once, write anything.” . Developers prefer to select react native app development services because it supports cross-platform, great performance, adroit UI interface and much more. This article will show you the latest React Native development trends as well as some newly built applications. Let’s start!

Main features in the new version of React Native

React native development

React Native version 0.63 was focused on fixing bug and fast Refresh, while the current React Native version is improved with many new features. As for the next update  – 0.63, here are the main improvements.

1. Improved Log Box

The all-new design of RedBox, YellowBox, and logging abilities in React Native comes with 3 main goals:

  • Concise: The log data must include accurate information needed to fix the problem.
  • Formatted: The log should be formatted so that it is to understand and you can find out the information you need
  • Actionable: The log should be active, which means you can take action directly and resolve the problem right away.

These goals are gained in the following methods

  • Log Notifications: The redesigning of the warning and including support for errors now allow all consol.warm and console.log messages to showcase as notifications rather than covering the all app.
  • Code Frames: Every warning notifications and error now contains a coding frame that appear the source code of the log right in the app, so you can directly identify the cause of the problems
  • Component Stacks: All component stacks now contain only important information, without error notifications, and are saved in their own section.
  • Stack Frame Collapsing: All the stack frames that are not relevant to your app will be collapsed, so you can easily detect the error in your app, rather than shifting to React Native internals.
  • Syntax Error Formatting: The formatting of the syntax issues has enhanced and the code frames are included with syntax highlighting that offer a clear view of the bug, enabling you to handle it and continue programming.

2. New component

The second major updates in ReactNative 0.63 is the release of a new core feature called Pressable.

The new Pressable API can be used to find out different kind of touchscreen interactions. Prior to the release of Pressable, elements such as Button, TouchableHighlight, TouchableWithoutFeedback, TouchableOpacity, TouchableBounce, and TouchNativeFeedback make your app attractive and interactive by visually notifing users of their interactions.

3. Native Colors

React Native now comes with a ready-made solution for utilizing system colors. PlatformColor () is a new API that can use like any other color in React Native.

4. Support for iOS 9 and Node.js 8

More than four years after introducing, they are discontinuing support for iOS 9. This improvements will enable us to move faster as we can cut down the number of compatibility checks that required to be put into native code to decide if a function was supported on a particular version of iOS. With a market share of 1%, it shouldn’t have a big negative effect on your users

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What To Expect From React native development in 2021?

1. New streaming model

The latest streaming model permits each user interface (UI) update to work with three different topics. But the current Fabric project will entirely change the existing mechanism and permits JavaScript to be invoked synchronously on any given topic. As a result, the load on the key stream will dramatically reduced without effecting the response speed.

2. Possibilities of asynchronous rendering

With this change, React Native will have asynchronous rendering abilities. Hence, it will be easier to deal with asynchronous data and also enable multiple rendering priorities.

3. Simplified bridge

They plan to build a new lightweight bridge that will enhance direct invocation between JavaScript and native. It also makes it even simpler to generate various debugging tools. If applied correctly, the framework will be more efficient and modern. However, existing React Native apps will work without or with minor improvements, which is really good news.

Let’s discuss these trends and dig through the future of React Native software.

1. 5G network

React native development trends

Internet connection quality is one of the most influential trend that affect Android and iOS development. Besides, the fact is that 75% of wireless suppliers will shift to the new generation by 2024. Indeed, the 5G communication comes with a huge enhancement in speed. With this capacity, users can download 8K videos or other heavy media files without any delay.

Furthermore, this is just the beginning of the advantages that 5G network will bring to mobile app development. Low latency networks, such as 5G, enable developers to apply heavily interactive technologies. For example, AR & VR modules, 3D modeling, and Internet of Things (IoT) that are very promising fields of the high-tech world. This is the future of mobile software that will improve user experience forever.

2. Artificial Intelligence & chatbots

AI technology allows the software to collect and analyze data and, depended on this, generate and execute algorithms. Also, programs apply artificial intelligence can anticipate challenges. AI makes things much easier in many aspects, which are

  • Analyzing and predicting customer behavior
  • Improving SEO
  • Upgrading data privacy
  • Enhance accuracy of autotranslation
  • Improving customer engagement using chatbots

3. Augmented and Virtual Reality

React native development trends

Since the last few years, ML and AI are one of the top React native development trends.  FaceApp is an example of AI, this app apply different filters to a user’s face on celebrity bodies onscreen and in surroundings allowing the user will look older or younger, among other things. Moreover, AI & ML in the future of iPhone app development because apps like Google Assistant and Cortana already implemented it. The applicability of AR/VR technologies can be very helpful for your company, as it permits your product to stand out.

4. Instant apps

Google, as a pioneer in the tech world, brought out the explosive trend of instant applications as the fastest solution to use Android apps. With this technology, users can use app without waiting for a download. Besides, users can use all the native features of these apps. With this tech, user can open instant apps directly after the installation with no device memory usage.

High rates of user engagement. As soon as the button is active, users are enjoying the app. Speaking of profitability, stronger engagement leads to the increase in installations and monetization.

5. Internet of Things (IoT)

Business Insider says that, in 2019, there were 8 billion IoT devices, but by 2027, there will be more than 41 billion devices. These figures will far exceed the current number of smartphones owned.

In our modern world, the possibility to connect to the Internet can be found in a myriad range of devices. Hardware from lamps to blood pressure machines now can easily connect to a smart home system. IoT and the interaction in this system unlocks more capacities for accessing and monitoring different aspects of our lives. Moreover, the main field that long for IoT adoption are smart home appliances, health care and retail. But the list of the fields that will benefit from IoT is endless, because it based only on your imagination.

6. Blockchain

Blockchain is a system of recording information so safely that it becomes hard or impossible to change, hack, or cheat the system. It is very important for a digital ledger of transactions duplicate and distributed across the entire network of computer systems on the Blockchain. Moreover,  Blockchain makes bitcoins dynamic, support transfers between bitcoins, and records all provided transactions. Compared to the PayPal transaction system, which has had instances of people steal user data at any time from it that would be impossible in a Blockchain system. Developers are working on enhancing this technology for android applications to offer more security. As crypto currencies popularity , banks and government will also invest in blockchain technology.

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