React native slider: The most popular components you should explore

When changing the brightness of your phone, you’re using the React native sliders. It allows you to choose a specific single value from  ranges of values. Then, in this blog, we will deliver you the top best components of React native slider that you should consider


React native slider

This is one of the most common components when it comes to slider react native. Slider is built in RN and Expo Toolchain. Therefore, event aggregation and planning app were developed in the React Native 


React native slider

One thing to keep in mind is that the sliders from react native is not ideal for video and audio players. For instance, you want to skip a part of your video. Then, you use your finger to slide the player to the part you want to watch. However, when you use sliders from react native, it will jump a lot and you might need to adjust it multiple times. Then, slider react native Reanimated will come in handy. With this, you can produce higher fps animations. Thus, your slider will not jump when sliding

RN Vertical Slider

React native slider

As the name suggests, this one can help you create vertical sliders. Moreover, React Native Vertical Slider is written fully in Javascript, and no native linking is required. Also, you can custom the indicator of the slider using renderIndicator. 


React native slider

Coming to RangeSlider – a fully customizable React native slider. Besides, RangeSlider uses native Android and iOS views. Thanks to this, it can deliver the native look and feel of flexibility. 

The best thing about this slider is that the component is not re – rendered when you move the thumb. In term of label, only the label component will be re – rendered when you change the value

React Native Web Swiper

React native slider

React Native Swiper is one of the most simple sliders. Thus, you don’t have to spend too much time learning to use it. Moreover, it can work on both React – Native and React – Native – Web. Furthermore, in React Native Swiper, the swiper will not be re – rendered in case the slides state/ props have changed. Therefore, slider must control their conditions


React native slider

If you’re looking for quick and easy RN slider, you must take a look at React Native Slider image. It’s quite easy to install. However, if you’re an Android user, the loops of this component will let you scroll images, but in one direction only

React Native Timed Slideshow

React native slider

This is a powerful Javascript React native slider component which can work on both iOS and Android. Right from the name, you might know that this component is a Slideshow component with timed animation. But React Native Timed Slideshow is more than that. It’s fully animated. This one uses Animated library from React – Native with native driver. However, keep in mind that it only uses native animations

React native multi slider

There are hardly any RN slider that can deliver a lot of functions like slider react native. This Pure JS slider component contains one or two markers. Also, you can set different styles on those markers easily. What’s more, it provides customer markers and callbacks for touch events as well as value change

Moreover, this component offers its users a lot of freedom to customize their track or touch area. 

rn – slider – switch

React native slider

Moving to rn – slider – switch, a simple and easy – to – use slider component. It is a multi slider switch component in React Native that can work on both iOS and Android. The best thing about rn – slider – switch is its simplicity. From the installation, to its properties, you don’t need to spend too much time getting used to them.

Native Fluidic Slider


This one lets you choose a specific value from a range of values. In fact, it is a React Native bridge around Native fluid sliders libraries that can work on both Android and iOS. However, there are some things you should keep in mind. Firstly, React Native: Native Fluidic Slider only supports Android SDK 27 and higher. In term of iOS, make sure you installed Cocoapods on your system first

React Native App Intro Slider


React Native Slider App Intro is a Flatlist based slider. Therefore, all Flatlist – props are valid. Furthermore,  it is highly easy – to – use. Thus, you will hardly meet any problems working with it. Although it’s easy to use, this slider component can deliver you sufficient and well – functioning features. Best of all, it supports RTL as well



Coming to another Flatlist – based slider – React Native slider List. Therefore, all Flatlist – props are valid. It supports both Android and iOS platforms. 


big silder

React Native Slider Big is a fully JS – based RN sliders. It allows you to freely customize the slider as you wish. For instance, you can change the color, sizes or fonts of your slider. Moreover, this react slider is a reusable and efficient dial knob element. 

React Native Sliders

React slider

Coming to another pure JavaScript component for react – native – React Native Slider. This one includes numerous slider styles. Thus, depending on your needs or preference, you can easily choose the best one for you. However, when using this slider component, you might need to use a specific version of this slider to support the current version of RN.

Native iOS multi slider component for React Native


This React native slider component includes 2 markers based on NMRangeSlider. Thanks to that, there is no lag when it comes to this component. Thus, it can grant you high user experience. The main downside of this slider is that it only supports iOS. Thus, if you’re using Android, this one might not be for you

In conclusion

Above are our top 15 best React native slider for you to consider. Each one has its own pros and cons. Therefore, to find the best one for you, you need to consider the current conditions. If you still have some unanswered questions or uncertainty about React, don’t hesitate to contact our React native development services

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