React training: Useful courses for beginners

If you are a web developer, or if you’re aspiring to become one, chances are that you have heard of React. Since User Interfaces are used in almost every web application, the ability to develop UIs more efficiently is crucial. React does exactly this by providing a developer-friendly way to create custom UIs. Mastering React can position you for great opportunities in the programming industry, and React training courses can help you with that.

React training courses
React training courses

However, the React courses that can be found on Google are varied, and you may not be able to choose the best place for you to learn. If you are targeting yourself in the field of website/mobile app development, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we – ArrowHiTech would like to introduce to you guys some of the best React training courses that you can find on the internet, according to our research.

#1. React Native Training and ReactJS Training by AHT Training Center

ArrowHiTech JSC,. has provided the best React training for such a long period of time. Certainly, with the most high-quality lecturer, a friendly and professional environment, React is taught from the very basics in this course. Also, with projects, you can apply what you’ve learned in practice. These two courses of React Native and ReactJS are the two most prominent frameworks in the developer industry, and the lecturers of AHT Training Center will help you guys with the best effort!

Some of the most phenomenal lessons of this React training course:

  • Starts from the very basics and builds from there to an advanced level;
  • Dives deep into React, with additional libraries that come with React such as Redux
  • Platform APIs lesson
  • Taught by experienced instructors
  • On-spot practice websites
  • Also suitable for developers with intermediate to advanced level of experience who wish to learn React

The amount of practice you pick up in this course serves as a great prepper. QA section also is very well-handled, and the instructor is quick with responses. The course is very comprehensive with a methodical approach to React Native and ReactJS. Enrolment fee is quite cheap, about approximately $129. For more information, you can check these React training lessons here: ArrowHiTech’s React Native Training and ArrowHiTech’s ReactJS Training.

#2. Introduction to ReactJS by Microsoft – a free React training course

Front-end developers are enamored with ReactJS, and once you complete this course from Microsoft, you may feel the same way. This React training class is comprised of 3 modules led by Content Developer Benjamin Lin: 

  • JSX and React Components
  • State, Life Cycle and Events
  • Lists and Forms

You’ll learn how to model UI components and manage the state and life cycle of React components. The course also covers the creation of lists and forms from React components. Enrollment is free. Or you can pay $99 at registration to receive a verified certification when you complete the course. Although this course is ideal for beginners, you should have a working knowledge of JavaScript and HTML before you sign up. 

#3. React 16.6 – the complete React training

This course, offered on Udemy, is simply one of the best training courses to learn React from scratch. It is taught by Maximilian Schwarzmüller, who has taught over 200,000 students professionally. Moreover, React in this course is from the very basics, with projects to help you apply what you’ve learned in practice. 

Moreover, the course is very comprehensive with more than 33 hours of material. Maximilian is a highly-acclaimed instructor and explains everything from scratch as he does it, making this course very effective for beginners. It also includes more than 160 downloadable external resources, which enables students to extensively learn about React development. That is to say, this is one of the ultimate React training classes for beginners.

#4. React.js: Getting Started by Pluralsight

This is another good React training course for beginners. It covers the basics of React and especially, proceeds to teach the students how to build an in-browser interactive game with it. This course is taught by Sameer Buna, who has a lot of experience in web and mobile application development. He also does a wonderful job explaining the basics of React in this course. You will be proficient in React for a short period of time.

This course is one of the best react training courses to learn React from a beginner’s perspective. You just need to be comfortable with JavaScript to take this course. This is a hands-on course so it’s best for those who like learning by doing. However, for those who are not familiar with JavaScript, you should equip yourself with the basic knowledge of it, or you can participate in our React course here: ReactJS Training and React Native Training.

#5. Learning React.js – a React training course by LinkedIn Learning

It begins with an overview of React, followed by lessons related to React Elements and JSX. Other topics covered in the course include React Components, Events, and Enhanced Rendering and React Tooling. The class ends with an assignment that allows you to put your new skills to work. 

Facilitator Eve Porcello is a mobile app, CMS, and eCommerce expert. She also teaches hands-on engineering training classes through Moon Highway. Enrollment is a $29.99 monthly LinkedIn Learning membership. Or you can enroll for free when you sign up for a 1-month trial.

#6. Front-End Web Development with React by Coursera

This React training course is part of the Front-End development specialization offered by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology on Coursera. Although this course is a part of a package, it can be used to get familiar with React at a basic level. Even if you have limited experience with front-end development using Bootstrap and JavaScript, you can use this course to learn React.

This course familiarizes you with the basics of front-end development using React and Bootstrap. You may equip yourself with the most basic knowledge of React, as well as being supported by the experienced instructors, who use React as their main programming framework.

Final words

That should be it! Here are some of the most useful courses in React training for beginners. To sum up, with these React training courses, you can learn to develop your own web application using React.js. It can also help you to get familiar with React so that you can move on to other libraries such as React Native for Android/iOS development. You should be familiar with React shortly after participating in these courses.

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