React UI component: Top best libraries and framework you should know

As you may know, React is currently on the top of the JavaScript tower. Moreover, the React community is also growing rapidly in recent years, as more React packages are created to simplify various aspects of development with React. So, due to its popularity, a lot of UI libraries have built custom React components to facilitate such easy integration and improve the developer experience. 

Top React UI Component libraries and frameworks
Top best React UI framework

However, there are countless of React UI kits and libraries today. As a result, it’s hard for us to choose the best frameworks and libraries. So before you start your next project with React, take a few minutes to scan this list of best best React UI framework that can help you create an awesome looking UI. A few of them are popular, some are more obscure, and any of them could help address the unique needs of your next React project. Let’s go!

#1. Material Kit React – one of the best best React UI framework

Material Kit React - one of the best React UI Component

This library is created by the motivation and the creativity of Google’s Material Design, as the primary feature builds a lot of elements that put consistency by Material Kit React. That way, your web project retains a similarity all through. The general layout resembles multiple sheets of paper, which imparts depth and order to the layouts. Also, this best React UI framework serves as templates where you can substitute text and images.

#2. Ant Design for React

This provides a fully-fledged list of over 50 customizable components that you can use to create a beautifully crafted application. It’s based on the Ant Design project and the components include internationalization support for dozens of languages. On top of that, you also have the ability to customize the best React UI framework to your own design specifications. Moreover, Ant Design components include buttons, icons, grids, breadcrumb, and more.

#3. Shards React

This library is an open-source, modern best React UI framework kit that’s built from scratch and geared towards fast performance. The modern design system allows you to change many things. What’s more, you can download the source files to change things at the code level too. The SCSS used for styling only enhances the developer experience. All in all, this framework allows you to change numerous things through advanced design.

Material UI ranks among the most popular best React UI framework. The components rely on React but use Google’s Material Design. For those of you who need filling in, material design takes inspiration from the physical world and textures while keeping the actual UI elements to a minimum. Moreover, you can have a custom color theme for your application because Material UI offers the React templates and themes supportively.

#5. React Bootstrap

React Bootstrap is a best React UI framework that retains it’s Bootstrap core. In order to give you more control over the form and function of each component, it replaces Bootstrap’s JavaScript with React. Everything you could do with Bootstrap you can do it with this alternative. The only difference is that you’ll be following the React components pattern. If you were just a fan of the original or you’re looking to quickly improve your CSS/JavaScript skills, then this is yours.

#6. Blueprint – variability in just one React UI component library

Blueprint - variability in just one React UI component library

With this best React UI framework, you will have access to tons of different components, as well as a host of over 300 icons for all your graphic needs. Also, these components are particularly suitable for building complex and data-dense interfaces. From the best React UI framework, you can pick up bits of code for generating and displaying icons, for interacting with dates and times, for picking timezones and more.

#7. Grommet

Part-design, part-framework, Grommet is such the best React UI framework to develop. It features a nice set of components that make it easy to get started. The library also provides powerful theming tools that enable you to tailor the component library to align with your desired layout, color, and type. So whether your app is for phones or for wider screens displays, you’ll be able to design layouts. Accessibility is via a keyboard or screen reader.

#8. Onsen UI

In case you’re into creating cross-platform mobile apps, you’ll be interested in this offering on our list of React UI component libraries. Onsen UI is a mobile app development framework that uses HTML5 and JavaScript and provides integration with Angular JS, Vue.js, and React. All the components are auto-styled based on the platform, and so it supports both iOS and Android using the same source code.

#9. React Desktop

This best React UI framework is unique in this list because it’s the only one that tries to mimic the desktop experience for the web. With this best React UI framework, you can perfectly reproduce the desktop experience using JavaScript. This means you can create actual desktop applications using Electron.js or just add a very interesting look & feel to your web apps. So, if you’re looking for an easy way to develop desktop apps, then this is the one for you.

Honorable mention of React UI Component: React Suite

As its name suggests, this best React UI framework is a suite of React components. It boasts of a sensible UI design and a friendly development experience and is designed for middle-platform and backend products. React Suite has a massive pool of components. To use one of them, simply restructure it from the rsuite:

import { Button } from "rsuite"

Final words

That should be it! Here are some of the best best React UI framework that you should know for your eCommerce business. All in all, every company uses these components and gives batter outputs and high satisfaction to the clients. So, your productivity and efficiency in the project are eventually increased. Now you should have the foundational knowledge you need to select the right UI kit for your next React project. Let’s ArrowHiTech Experts help you do it. Working a long time in the IT Industry, our Experts are confident to support you get succeed in your business. So let’s leave you information in CONTACT FORM. And you will get the assistance as soon as possible.