Scripting languages: Top 10 best ones you should learn in 2021

Scripting languages are specific kinds of computer languages that you can use to give instructions to other software, such as a web browser, server, or standalone application. Many of today’s best scripting languages are JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Python, and several others. Thus in this post, ArrowHiTech collected a list of the top 10 best scripting languages you should learn in 2021. Let’s discover.

1. Best scripting languages: JavaScript


JavaScript is an object-oriented programming language. Besides, objects used as prototypes and it has first-class functions. It is known as the best implementation of the ECMA-262 Scripting Language Standard and uses a syntax similar to ECMAScript. Therefore, it has no stand-alone specification. Moreover, shells of some NoSQL and relational database management systems such as MongoDB and aforementioned use it as the best scripting languages


Press F12 and write the given code in your browser’s JavaScript Console to check the output of the given example in which we are adding numbers from 1 to 6 together:

example of Scripting languages

2. Best scripting languages: PHP

PHP is an open-source and the best scripting languages. It uses in backend web development. However, PHP’s original acronym is “Personal Home Page” because it created to add dynamic functionalities to the static web pages.

PHP is a loosely typed programming language. Besides, it has a C-like syntax and object-oriented features. It is also used by different Content Management Systems such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal.


With the help of the given code, I will create a numeric type Array with five elements, loop through them, multiples each item by two, and unsets the $value variable when the loop is completed.

example of PHP - scripting language

3. Scripting language: Python


Among the sea of the best scripting languages, Python is currently the second most popular coding language on GitHub (after JavaScript). It is a popular scripting language because of its clear and concise syntax. When you code in Python, you have to type less than in most languages.

Python is currently the second most popular coding language on GitHub (after JavaScript). It is a popular scripting language because of its clear and concise syntax. When you code in Python, you have to type less than in most languages.


Remember, there is no need to use curly brackets and semicolons in Python so that you can read and write your code with ease. The given code will loop through integers between 0 and 6 and prints them out:

example of Python - scripting language

4. Ruby


Ruby is an open-source, general-purpose scripting language with a compact and easy-to-read syntax. It has easier syntax and allows you to write clean and logical code with the help of object-oriented programming concepts. In Ruby, everything is an object.

Although Ruby has a purely object-oriented design, it also supports procedural programming and functional programming.


Ruby has a concise syntax similar to Python. The following Ruby code example:

example of Ruby scripting language

5. R- Scripting language


R is both a software environment and scripting language that you can use for statistical computing, data analysis, and graphical display. It’s a free and open-source GNU project and an implementation of the S statistical computing language (not in active development anymore). R allows you to use many different statistical techniques such as classical statistical tests, clustering, time series analysis, linear,…

6.  Bash


Bash is the name of both a command-line interpreter (shell) for the GNU operating system and the belonging scripting language. ‘Linux’ is, in fact, the GNU operating system using the Linux kernel

7. Scripting language: VBA


VBA stands for Visual Basic for Applications. It is an implementation of the Visual Basic 6 programming language. It was created for Microsoft Office applications. Thus, this allows developers to automate repetitive tasks, add new functionalities, and interact with the end-user of the document.

Similar to Visual Basic, VBA follows the event-driven programming paradigm that puts events such as user actions into the center that drive the flow of the program.

8. Best scripting languages: GML

GML (Game Maker Language)

GML is a domain-specific scripting language that belongs to GameMaker Studio 2, a cross-platform game engine mainly used for game development. It is owned by YoYo games and allows us to call custom scripts from game objects.

GameMaker Studio 2 also has a visual scripting tool named Drag and Drop (DnD) which supports GML scripts so that you can mix the scripts of both. It is not free; you have to buy it for your desired operating system (Windows, macOS, Ubunto). It supports HTML5 web games, Universal Windows Platform, desktop games, mobile games, Xbox One, etc. For example, Blackhole, Deltarune, 10 Second Ninja X, and others.

9. Emacs Lisp- Scripting language

Emacs Lisp

Emacs Lisp is a domain-specific scripting language designed for the GNU Emacs text editor. It’s a dialect of the Lisp programming language family

As Emacs Lisp has designed to be used within a code editor. It comes with a feature set specific to that environment, such as text scanning and parsing, buffer and display management, and others.

10. PowerShell


Originally, PowerShell was a command-line shell and scripting language only for the Windows operating system. Since then, Microsoft has made it open source and ported it from the .NET Framework, which can only create Windows applications, to .NET Core. This can help create apps for Windows, Linux, and macOS. This also means that PowerShell is now cross-platform.


There is no doubt that best scripting languages have different variations, syntaxes, and implementations as per specific needs, such as creating video games, automating system administration tasks and dynamic websites. If you are confused about which scripting languages are perfect, you have to specify your requirements and then check your chosen language’s popularity before learning.

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