Shopify backup: How to implement it and recover your Shopify stores


Shopify backup is a recommended best practice to ensure the security of your business data. It’s like an ecommerce insurance policy for your online store. In this title, we will show you how to implement and recover your Shopify stores.

What is a Website Backup?

A website backup is a copy of a website, generally created for security reasons. Backups can be created manually but they are often set in automation, to occur regularly.

Why Shopify Backup is important?

A shopify backup of your website is very important. One of the most important reasons is security. In the event that your website is hacked, there will be two scenarios. If you have a copy of your website, you can restore it to its original version.

A backup copy is also very useful to revert back acccidentally – deleted files or pages. It can also used as a way to fix a critical error generated by an app or custom coding.

Manual Backup vs. Shopify Backup Apps.

Manual Backup

There is no automated shopify backup functionality built that will let you quickly restore data and files if you mistakenly hit the delete button. However, it’s possible to back up certain types of data as well as the theme. What you cannot back up manually are custom pages or the home page’s content.

Shopify Backup

Although the backup functionality is limited out of the box, you can set up automatic shopify backup of some apps. You can set up your system to create daily, weekly, or monthly backups.

How to backup shopify store manually ?

Backing up your Shopify store means creating a copy of both your store information and theme. This is a pretty simple way, but it’s not very effective.

Shopify backup product information

Technically speaking, backing up products is not a backup process in the true sense of the word, but you can manually export your product data to a .csv file. Then, you import it back into your store at any time in the future.

It’s also possible to perform a similar backup process for:

  • Customer lists
  • Orders
  • Gift card product
  • Discount codes
  • Finance reports

Shopify backup theme

Manually, back up your Shopify theme is also relatively easy. You simply download the theme as a .zip file in Shopify’s backend:

Online Store > Themes > Actions > Download theme file

Please note that you cannot directly download the file to your computer. Instead, it will export to the email associated with the store owner’s account.

If you have a need to learn about Shopify themes, you can refer to the ArrowTheme website -> Premium Theme to know more about it.

Shopify Backup Apps

Shopify Backup Apps

What makes using an app the preferred method over manually downloading and storing files is that Shopify backup apps provide a fully automated system through which you can schedule routine backups on a recurring time duration: daily, weekly, or monthly.

The Shopify App Store doesn’t have a dedicated category to backup apps. However, there are two ways you can find them. Either go to the Trust and Security Apps category and scroll through the list to find an appropriate app or do a free search for “backup restore.”

To Sum Up,

In general, if you are having problems with Shopify backup, let ArrowHitech know what problems you are having. ArrowHitech can help you and provide the most effective about Shopify development solutions. Contact us to get help as soon as possible!