Shopify checkout page: Effective ways to optimize for conversion and trust

If you’re trying to improve conversion rate or average order value on your Shopify store, a great place to focus your effort is the Checkout page. However, are you wondering how to optimize Shopify checkout page ? How to perform it? Therefore, in this article, we will show you how to optimize your Shopify Checkout Pages for urgency and credibility.

Let’s start!

What are Shopify Checkout Pages?

Shopify Checkout Page is the place to accept orders and take payments. The customer then adds the product to the cart and clicks the “checkout” button. Next, a popup shopping cart will appear for them. And then, enters their shipping and payment details before placing an order.

Why Need To Optimize Checkout Page?

Payment optimization is based on eliminating distractions. As a result, customers can focus on finding products and buying the products they are looking for. It is important to ensure that all necessary information is available. More importantly, consumers understand the stages of the checkout process and take specific steps when they make a purchase.

The checkout process is the final step for your Shopify store. This is where the steps are completed. From your selection of products, selection of add-ons, confirmation of shipping options. And after those steps, the payment process is done. So an optimized Shopify site is essential!

How to Edit Your Shopify Checkout Page

Though the Shopify checkout page is optimized for conversion, it is obvious thatit has a simple layout and design. Therefore, it is smart to customize it to leave a better impression and keep the sales funnel going.

Its basic layout can’t be changed but you still do have some control over how the checkout looks by using these methods:

  • Using Shopify Setting
  • Add Code To Checkout File

3 Effective Ways To Optimize Your Shopify Checkout Page

The Shopify checkout page has a lot of elements that make up the top converting UI. Here are the main factors that affect conversion rate optimization that you can refer to.

Clear call to action

 call to action to optimize shopify checkout page

The call to action is the most prominent element on the Shopify checkout page. It helps ensure users have motivated during the checkout process.

Reasonably Organized Layout:

Beside the primary call to action, the layout of pages is also important position. In fact, the visual attributes are organized in a logical way will get highly optimal.

layout of Shopify checkout page

For example, Shopify designers will create a “Continue Shipping” button. This button will put the information into the layout of the checkout page.

Also, read and learn more about shopify theme if you intend to change your website’s layout. However, to save time and money, you can immediately contact us. Being Shopify development experts in Vietnam, we expertise in designing and developing highly personalized Shopify e-stores for all business sizes. Besides, we emphasize on creating powerful storefronts which helps you launch and maintain a successful brand.

The Workflow Hepls Orient The User

Normally, the checkout page process requires a lot of input from the user. These are include as follows: shipping, payment and other details,… And any problem that frustrates customers can cause them to abandon the payment.

Shopify workflow

So, Shopify has removed unnecessary functions. And this somewhat helps to reduce the hassle in the payment process. Besides, Shopify also provides different control panels in the user interface. All of these make Shopify checkout pages easier and more customer-friendly.

Add a countdown timer to your checkout page to increase urgency

countdown time to checkout page

Checkout timers can help create urgency to drive your visitors to complete their purchase instantly.

You can change the wording of the countdown timer in the app to fit your store’s needs. Besides, you can also set up personalized emergency notifications when the time is up. This is a great way to try to get customers to convert instantly.

Provide Guest Checkout

Guest checkouts options in your Shopify store take checkout optimization to the next level. Don’t worry about losing connection with your customers. You still have their contact details because they need provide information when they make a purchase. You already have the customer information. All they really need to do is provide a password and opt in as a site member.

To sum up,

All in all, there are a lot of optimizations you can do for your Shopify checkout page. Moreover, the addition of factors to attract customers’ interest such as time setting, CTA,… also need to be focused to generate more leads.