Shopify CRM: Top the best CRMs you should integrate with Shopify

In this article, let’s talk about some aspects of having Shopify CRM integrations. We will also list the top Shopify CRM integrations so that you can choose the best one for your business.

What is a CRM system?

A CRM, or customer relationship management system, is a tool which assists in managing your company’s interactions and communications with customers. The overall goal is to make it so that you spend less time and money speaking to your customers, while also offering customers quick service and help with solving their own problems.

The best CRMs combine features for handling your contacts, giving out technical support, improving your marketing, automating processes, organizing your support team and bringing in more sales.

The best part is that you generally don’t need any technical knowledge to implement the highest quality CRMs, because they either provide a direct Shopify app for one-click integration, or they simply offer a little code or integration steps for the combination. Regardless, seven CRMs standout when it comes to integrating with Shopify, so continue reading to find out which ones is the best CRM software.

Benefits of a Shopify CRM System for Ecommerce

To start, a Shopify CRM has a wide range of benefits such as:

Cost savings 

The initial cost of a Shopify CRM can seem like an investment, but the return of investment over time is astounding. Better understanding your customers, as well as which products are performing and underperforming along with identifying new products will only improve the revenue of your business

Improved relationships 

The results of that higher conversion rate is because your customers now feel that you know them and appreciate their interests. This will also help form a strong bond and turn them from customers to ‘fans’

Better cross-selling opportunities 

The Shopify CRM system is fantastic for storing details on your customers purchasing habits. The more you can uniquely target your customers on their interests, the higher your conversions and average orders will be

Improvement in efficiency 

Giving access to everyone in your company will help you dramatically improve efficiency. If somebody orders over the phone rather than the web, are you having someone record these? Are your returns team tracking what items customers didn’t like?

Automation of admin tasks 

Having your employees focus on sales is the most important aspect of your ecommerce business. Small admin tasks such as reporting, email marketing and even some legal issues are all jobs that can be completed by a Shopify CRM system. As well as sales, focusing on new opportunities and customer pain points is vital as well as a good Shopify CRM gives you that time.

The Best Ecommerce CRM software that integrates with Shopify

Best CMR for Shopify: Salesforce

With multiple options to integrate into a Shopify store, it’s no wonder that Salesforce

is one of the most popular Shopify CRM out there. There are more than 400 integrations with Salesforce and Shopify that you can use to improve the way your business works.

Salesforce lets you add your Shopify customers as contacts in your account so that you can easily keep track of them and learn more about their buying habits.

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You can generate sales forecast reports and score your leads against particular criteria with Salesforce. Both big and small businesses can benefit from this Shopify CRM, and you can even use it on the go with an Android or IOS device.

Salesforce also has an online training platform that helps you learn how to use the CRM. It has a community where you can share your questions about the Shopify CRM and learn from those who have used it longer than you have.

Pricing: Salesforce has a variety of pricing options, ranging from $25 to $300 a month.

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Second on our list is HubSpot. The HubSpot CRM is completely free, no matter how long you want to use it.

The best CRM for Shopify allows you to set up workflow pipelines according to your orders on Shopify. This is particularly useful for online stores that sell customized products.

HubSpot offers multiple ecommerce solutions that give you detailed customer insights. Once you have aligned your customers’ order information with their profiles, you can segment them using various set criteria.


This feature allows you to tag customers as revenue-generating or idle customers. You can then score these customers and customize your marketing approach to each segment.

For example, you can send targeted offers, deals, and coupons to specific segments of your customer base. You can also integrate your email account to track when a customer opens your emails.


Apart from the online documentation, this Shopify CRM also has great customer service that will help you in case you have any queries.

Pricing: HubSpot is free for users. However, it offers additional functionalities through the sales hub and marketing hub that cost from $50 to $800 per month.


sharpspring crm

SharpSpring is another all-inclusive suite that combines marketing automation and sales management tools. The customer relationship management system here is accompanied by email marketing, social media marketing, blogging, web forms, a landing page builder, multi-device tracking capabilities, plus, of course, analytics and reporting.

Although this Shopify CRM is built to accommodate businesses of all sizes and makes, the one particular group that’s bound to grow fond of its features is agencies. The platform itself is completely rebrandable. Moreover, it hands agencies a wide range of tools for managing projects from different clients simultaneously.

Hence, you could say SharpSpring is a Shopify CRM and marketing platform for agencies that value all-round flexibility.

SharpSpring Pricing: Starting at $550 a month for 1,500 contacts, SharpSpring is clearly not the cheapest CRM automation tool you could adopt on your Shopify system. And that’s not all. SharpSpring’s accompanying onboarding package for beginners will cost you an extra $1,800.


Shopify ecommerce CRM - Agile CRM

A fantastic alternative to Salesforce, AgileCRM has been quietly going under the radar and built up a fantastic reputation. A great option for starters due it’s very competitive pricing, it offers a great selection of tools which can be found on other CRMs for a fraction of the price.

Pricing: AgileCRM is a fantastic option if you are just starting out with Shopify CRM. Their prices are very accessible and customer support is fantastic. This is especially important as there is always a big learning curve when it comes to Shopify CRM.

Shopify ecommerce CRM - agile crm pricing


Metrilo is an all in one Ecommerce Analytics, CRM and Email marketing platform. It integrates quickly with Shopify. Moreover, it just takes a few clicks to get the app fully installed on your ecommerce store. This best CRM for Shopify also has the ability to sync with your historical data and displays all your customers and orders in the system.

Shopify ecommerce CRM - Metrilo

The Shopify CRM includes detailed information about your customers and visitors, including on-site behavior, revenue, orders, sessions, contact info, tagging, filtering, segmentation, etc. It also offers a powerful behavior tracking feature allows you to segment your customers with the help of more than 30 pre-set filters.

Thanks to all this data, Metrilo enables you to engage and retain your existing customers, thus increasing your profitability. The Retention Analysis tells you what channels, campaigns and periods bring the most loyal customers. The in-built email and automation let you reach people directly.

Pricing: This Shopify CRM grows with the needs of the company. For beginners, the Essential plan gives you analytics, then comes the Pro plan with customer database and retention analysis. And, if you prefer to use one tool to operate the vast majority of your business, Metrilo Premium is ideal. They do have a free trial and annual billing saves you a two-month worth.

Shopify ecommerce CRM - Metrilo Pricing


Shopify ecommerce CRM - Nimble

What are the top features from the Nimble CRM? The system provides your standard tools for managing contacts, creating sales funnels and optimizing your marketing efforts. Moreover, it offers the unique feature for using social data to drive your Shopify CRM. This minimizes your need for data entry, while identifying potential customers through your social networks.

Nimble’s USP which sets them apart from other CRM systems is the social media aspect of it. If you’re connected to your customers on Twitter, this allows you to see a wide range of information about them in the blink of an eye. For instance, their latest tweets can be worked out what are of interest to them at the moment. Unfortunately Nimble used to be able to link to Facebook, but this functionality has gone now.

Shopify ecommerce CRM - nimble pricing

Pricing: Very well priced and one of the more competitive options in the field below.


Shopify ecommerce CRM - zendesk

Zendesk is the biggest challenger to Salesforce for the Shopify CRM crown. They are used by over 200,000 companies including some big hitters such as Groupon, Airbnb and Uber. It’s functionality enables it to match you as your business grows.

Zendesk enables your business to build a FAQ or knowledge base which looks to address the issue of repetitive questions. What this does is takes some workload off your support team as a lot of the process will be automated.

Moreover, Zendesk is possibly more suitable for larger businesses. To clarify, you can build an online community where your customers can ask questions and have their queries answered. This allows your customers to work as your support team answering questions on issues such as delivery, product sizes and fit.

Shopify ecommerce CRM - Zendesk

Pricing: due to its target market and functionality Zendesk is at the more pricier end of the market..


SendinBlue CRM

Founded in 2012, SendinBlue happens to be one of the newest platforms on list of the best Shopify CRMs.

However, SendinBlue has deservedly earned its place in the league of the best marketing and CRM automation solutions in the market. SendinBlue packs all the essential tools you might need to create and customize automated email marketing campaigns, transactional emails, SMS marketing campaigns, Facebook ads, landing pages, plus on-site chat campaigns.

Pricing: Sendinblue’s quick ascension to the top is partly attributed to its rather generous pricing.


Then for supplementary A/B testing capabilities, advanced statistics and 60,000 email sends per month, you could purchase the subsequent package for $39 a month.


Shopify ecommerce CRM - Zoho

Lastly in our Shopify CRM list is Zoho. Zoho has a very robust email marketing tool available, as well as some great customisable web forms for gathering leads on your ecommerce website. Their reporting functionality is very robust and one of the best solutions in this list.

Zoho has also invested a lot of time into their mobile app option, if you also have a physical store it can be very handy for this. It will tell you what customers are close by, this is particularly helpful if you are running an event somewhere or doing a pop-up event. This could then link to Zoho’s email functionality to contact all the customers and leads in the area.

Shopify ecommerce CRM - zoho pricing

If you are one for networking as well you can scan business cards with the app and this will be automatically uploaded into the CRM. Pricing: for what is offers Zoho is very well priced. It may need a lot of customizing during setup but once you have got it set up and learned how to get the most of it it’s very useful.

To Sum Up

If you have any questions about the best Shopify CRM as well as Shopify development , let’s CONTACT US for more information. What are your opinions on their integrations with Shopify, along with the overall CRM functionality?