Shopify development company: 7 Essential aspects you need to know when choosing it

The trend of online shopping is increasing everyday. Thanks to its low cost and convenience, global online shopping market size is predicted to hit 4 trillion in 2020. Businesses start creating and opening their own websites. But how to begin? Simple, hire a Shopify development company.

Not many people have heard of Shopify, however, big companies are using it to launch their products. Kylie Cosmetics, Sephora, Tesla, Red bull are ones of the most popular brands that use it. Therefore, we advise you to choose Shopify for your attractive online stores.

Shopify development company
Shopify Website Development Service

Why do you need a Shopify Development Company?


Outsourced companies already have tools and equipment, so you don’t need to buy them. A Shopify Development Company offers services that go with each other. This can reduce your expense, thus, you have more money for other issues.


Installing Shopify is no easy task. Hiring a professional company is the best option to save your time. You have less to worry about. Instead, you can spend those time on other plans such as marketing strategies, products, and so on. 


With years of experience, Shopify experts can create inviting and unique websites for you. In addition, they can also help you integrate sites from different social networks or eCommerce platforms. Thus, you can sell the same products on different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.

What to prepare before contacting a Shopify Development Company?

List all Requirements

Don’t just list out your basic demands. The more detailed, the better! Try to note down everything you need from the first to final step. In the end, the final results will be as perfect and complete as possible.

Do Research

Take some time to see how a Shopify Development Company works. You should use Google, Bing and even Youtube. It makes the process of choosing a company much easier.

Set the Budget

After researching, you will see the average cost of any particular projects. Then, compare their projects to your own. Remember to set aside some extra bucks for unexpected problems as well.

Prepare Questions

Write down any problems that you cannot find online. The Shopify Development Company will have the same view on running your website. If the company forgets to mention any points, your questions are really useful.

What to keep in mind when hiring a Shopify Development Company?


Years of experience and skillful developers play an important role. How to check them out? Simple, a Shopify Development Company surely has its own websites. Furthermore, by checking their online status, you can see the portfolios and projects as well.

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This is one of the most important factors. It determines whether the company and you have the same view on your plan or not. However, there are many issues to consider:

  • Time zones: Different time zones means less time to exchange information.
  • Languages: Keep in mind that not all companies know English well.
  • Time to reply: It shows the company’s dedication to customers. Avoid the ones that spend days or weeks to reply.

With 24/7 services and offices in Vietnam, Sweden, USA and Singapore, we – ARROWHITECH understand every client. English and Japanese are our strengths, but we are comfortable with any foreign clients.


Another crucial element that you cannot miss! Take some time to figure out if the Shopify development company has the latest tools. There are hardly any big shops that run without the help of Technology.


After researching (like we have mentioned above), you may know what is a fair price. Small and medium projects cost $3,000 to $10,000. Larger and more complex ones demand more money, even up to $100,000. It comes down to your plan and budget, but try not to over or underspend.

What is more, development costs also increase if you require customer data import, custom integrations or SEO. To understand these terms, you can click on our blog sites and see whether you need it or not.

Still want to have high quality results with the lowest expense?Based in Vietnam, ARROWHITECH has affordable labour fee but outstanding solutions.


Guarantee and maintenance are also factors that you must keep in mind. You cannot reveal private information to any hands. In that case, the company’s policy helps you reinforce your own rights. 


Not that chemistry you are thinking of, we are talking about the close relationship between a client and a Shopify development company. A company that provides long-term vision and support is the key to success. In other words, they value every client, treat them as friends. As a result, you fully trust them on your current and future projects. With no discomfort in between, communication is more open and clear.


An amazing Shopify Development service must have great reviews. It is easy to find ratings, references or sales as you can see other clients’ views as well. The higher ranking, the better. 

Final words

A Shopify development company is a great choice to optimize your own websites. With high skill and amazing services, they can help you open your future dream shops. Believe me, you should not miss out on this opportunity. If you still have trouble contacting a Shopify developer, you can contact right now and we will provide you with the best results.