Software development company: Its benefits and how to select the right company to build the perfect projects

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What to do when you face difficulties? Who would you ask for? For example, when we feel ill, we call a doctor. When we want to have a perfect body, we ask PTs. In short, we need experts. Likewise, when you have any software projects, you also need a trustworthy software development company.

“Is a software development company what I need?”,”How can they help me save money, time and work?”,… All of those questions will be answered today by ArrowHiTech’s dedicated team. We hope that you will read till the end to get the best insights.

This article includes:

  • Benefits
  • Key methods to hire a software development company
  • Questions to ask

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Why a software development company?

A development company is truly a sensible investment that you must consider. Here are some typical advantages:

1. Resources

An individual will be likely to lack in tools, packages, and so on. That’s why hiring a company will have all your problems solved as they have such huge resources. They offer some fully-observed services, which means whenever a company spot an issue, they have enough resources to fix it effectively and successfully.

2. Quality

Without a doubt, they are experts, they know what to do, right? These day, the IT arena is spreading like wild fire around the world. As a result, it’s not difficult to find a good quality company. The easiest thing you could do is to look for their portfolios to see the ratings and reviews.

3. Time and Cost Optimizing

With the level of such high expertise, a software development company can solve simple to complex issues in no time. You can always compromise! But remember, the more complex or urgent, the more expensive. However, no need to worry, you are the boss here!

Moreover, like we have mentioned, a software company usually have error packages. In other words, they also fix other related issues at such low cost. And, if you are short of budget, our tip is to go for Asian-based agencies like ArrowHiTech as the labour force is super talented but provide affordable projects.

How to determine if this software development company is perfect or not?

A. Before hiring experts

We usually have our exclusive R – B – R strategy before asking for any types of experts. Today, we would love to share it with you!

R – Research

Doing research is the easiest way among the three. Therefore, you surely need to do it first. Easy, go online, type keywords, read websites and note down key points. Those key points can vary from time, cost, technical issues that clients-related to developing companies’ portfolios. Don’t forget to use reputable and trustworthy websites only! If not, you can always ask friends or utilise your social media networks! 

B – Budget

Speaking of cost limits, Budget constraint is a must have! Simply put, you need to set your max budget so that developers know how to solve the problem effectively. Remember to put aside a little for unexpected issues as well.

budget for software company
Set the maximum budget wisely!

R – Requirement

List out every Requirements of yours from the most general to detailed ones. As a matter of fact, the more, the better! Only when you know what needs to be fixed and adjusted, the company will make up a precise plan for you. You can’t just ask for help without at least time or cost limits, right?

How to ‘R – B – R’ well?

You should get a way to combine all three methods to have the best preparation. To clarify, after researching, you may find out what problems may occur and how experts can solve them. Then, divide your budget into smaller parts according to your requirement. As a result, you will know what to expect when hiring the suitable web development company.

web development company 2
Use R – B – R strategy for perfect outcomes!

B. When hiring a software company

Some key points you must remember when hiring a company are to:

Research their websiteA professional company will have description and figures of projects in their site. If a website is fully operated, you are good to go!
Ask about experience and technologiesLike we’ve said, the portfolio will also include experience and projects or technologies that a software company is using!
Check customers’ reviewsAh, you can see the reviews from the ones on your side to get the most practical insights!
Ask about development processYou need to learn what steps are they taking, and in what span of time for each development stage.
Look for NDA agreementNDA is rather an important agreement to ensure no info leakage. If a software company forgets to show you this, then re-consider.
Test products (if possible)In fact, most companies welcome you to test their projects to see the quality. If some say ‘No’, it may be a ‘red flag’ that you should avoid.
Don’t be tempted by low pricing!There’s no need to say about this point, right? This does not mean low priced companies do worse. However, all the above points are far more essential, you just need to balance your budget and demand!

To elaborate on avoiding the cheapest:

  • They usually have techno debt: poor written codes, lack of documentation
  • The source code ownership is not from them, you will only receive bundled codes
  • They typically lacks of experience and transparency when working with

In the end, you will pay more than what you expect!

how to hire a company
How to hire a software agency?

Useful Questions to ask a software company

General questions

  1. Ask about projects and clients that they’ve worked with
  2. How to communicate onshore and offshore
  3. Ask the software company about time and cost range
  4. What collaboration tools they use for each project
  5. What to do when there are issues after working with them

Technical questions

  1. Ask them how they ensure code quality
  2. Ask the software development company if you own the code or not
  3. Look for technical documentation
  4. How to solve problem A, B,…
  5. Ask the company about the process when executing the codes

Business questions

  1. What is their strength or their uniqueness
  2. Ask if they have done any similar projects to yours
  3. Request to provide customers’ references
  4. Ask them if they have worked with Startups or Enterprises before

… and so many more. These are just typical questions you could ask if this is your first time hiring experts.

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Final Words

That’s all for today’s topic! Thanks a lot for joining us! If you want to read more, check out our Software Development Services.