Ecommerce for manufacturers: Strategic ecommerce solutions for manufacturers to get the competitive advantage in the modern world

Digitization has changed the nature of retail operations. Therefore, eCommerce will soon totally rule the industry. Tech-savvy online shoppers nowadays know how to search online for all of the services and items they require. Thanks to it, they can gain the best deal. For that reason, ArrowHiTech will talk about some Strategic ecommerce solutions for manufacturers to get the competitive advantage in the modern world. Let’s start right now!

What is business-to-business (B2B) ecommerce?

Business-to-business electronic commerce, or B2B ecommerce, refers to online transactions between two or more businesses. B2B ecommerce is the sale of items or services from one firm to another over an online sales platform or channel. 

B2B ecommerce differs from B2C ecommerce. Because  B2B is significantly more difficult. Complex workflows, customer-specific pricing, different personas, and multi-site instances are all problems that a B2B site must handle.

It’s much more than a webpage. It’s not only about online purchases or shopping carts. Moreover, B2B ecommerce is transformative in terms of the areas of influence within your company. It’s all about moving your business forward.

The advantages of B2B ecommerce for manufacturers

ecommerce for manufacturers

When we look at the results that our manufacturing and distribution clients have seen since implementing ecommerce, we notice that the advantages of ecommerce have three categories:

  • Efficiency
  • Engagement
  • Revenue


Here are four strategies to improve ecommerce efficiency:

1. Lower your costs in order to better service your customers.

Your team will be freed up and your total cost of ownership will be reduced by giving rich administrative tools and capabilities.

2. Lower the cost of gaining new clients.

Ecommerce allows you to use digital marketing to attract new customers. Moreover, it also provides solutions to channel partners. Therefore, it helps them better identify new clients.

3. Increase the number of customers who self-serve.

Allowing your consumers to self-serve via customer portals can save your CSRs time and money. They can use ecommerce to check order status or history, make payments, request estimates, and access detailed product and technical information.

4. Increase product sales with a better profit margin.

Customers often buy higher margin, broader catalog products from other sources, including your competitors, and digital commerce. Therefore, it allows you to give a seamless and systematic manner to sell them.


Here are two methods to use B2B Ecommerce to increase engagement:

1. Boost online interaction

Drive digital engagement for specific personas among key buyers, influencers, and channels. Moreover, reach out to them when they’re most relevant, whether in the field or at a desk, to increase income and efficiency.

2. Promote the use of online channels.

You and your team may now act as strategic guides to help with channel migration from offline business to online business while reporting KPIs to measure success and discover areas for improvement with a new channel.


Here are four strategies to use ecommerce to increase income in the manufacturing industry:

1. Retaining customers 

Make doing business with you simpler for your customers, and provide them additional opportunities to interact with you through new channels and devices.

2. Increase the number of clients and find new ones

New clients will find you if you are visible and findable online. Furthermore, if you provide extensive product information and attractive content, you will be able to grow your market share.

ecommerce manufacturers

B2B ecommerce is a huge industry. According to Statistica, B2B online sales in the United States are predicted to exceed $1.2 trillion in 2021. When it comes to B2B ecommerce, there are advantages that go far beyond a simple website. But how do you go about handling such a massive corporate transformation? The most effective method to learn is by the following example.

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Why ecommerce important for the manufacturing industry?

E-commerce is more than just online purchasing and selling. It will help you to drive customers online. Moreover, Ecommerce is also a business tool that allows your company to take advantage of bigger digital transformation and business evolution projects.

More important;y. this has proven true for numerous manufacturers that have wisely engaged in e-commerce:

  • 39% of manufacturers report an increase in overall revenue thanks to ecommerce
  • According to more than a third of manufacturers, Ecommerce  has improved customer experience.
  • E-commerce is said to have enhanced the efficiency of 38% of manufacturers.
 manufacturers ecommerce

Ecommerce strategies for Manufacturers & Distributors

To help you take advantage of the eCommerce market, we’ve put together a list of critical techniques to help you take the first stages in launching your business online:

  • It is necessary to create a website. However, it is not sufficient to install eCommerce software in order for people to come to your website and make purchases. Besides that, to provide the greatest buying experience for your online visitors, your eCommerce strategy should be created with a concentration on usability and attractiveness. In case you want a visitor to come to your website, you should drive their attention and communicate in a unique, fashionable, and customer. Besides that, you should make your goods and services easily accessible to them online, through using tablets, laptops, or even smartphones.
  • Online shoppers appreciate eCommerce websites. Because they provide all of the exact information they require prior to making a purchase, whether it is a service or a product. As a result, you must ensure that the relevant information is displayed. Therefore, your visitors may quickly start the purchasing process without having to contact your customer service support by phone or email. Furthermore , make sure that your company is transparent at all times, from product manufacturing to delivery conditions and charges.
  • Doing good SEO for your eCommerce is another important part of your online presence. Traditional marketing tactics are no longer sufficient to attract new clients and grow revenue. Because online users are becoming increasingly intelligent. Furthermore, data indicate that organic search accounts for more than 50% of total potential internet traffic and 40% of an eCommerce business’s annual revenue. Therefore, learn why optimizing your eCommerce website is very important
  • Create a blog page on your website. As a result, you can post articles about issues that your target audience is interested in. When potential clients are looking for particular information about your niche business, search engines are more likely to provide helpful articles relevant to the customers’ question in the search results pages over eCommerce product or service pages. This technique will help you build your store presence and advertise the services or goods your company offers. Therefore, we advise hiring a copywriting agency to get the work done quickly.

Top platform ecommerce for manufacturers



Magento is one of most powerful eCommerce platforms for online businesses, with 18% of online stores using it. Therefore, if you want to use Magento for your online store, you can do so in one of below ways:

  • Magento Community Edition, often known as Magento Open Source, is an open-source eCommerce platform for small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Built on the SaaS concept, Magento 2 or Magento Commerce (eCommerce platform as a service)
  • Magento Commerce (On-Premises), commonly known as Magento Enterprise Edition, is a platform designed specifically for medium to large businesses.

Furthermore, Magento provides the most sophisticated applications and customized capabilities to help you succeed at every level of your business:

  • Tools for marketing, promotions, and conversion
  • Features relevant to search engine optimization
  • Set of capabilities for site administration and catalog management
  • Dedicated features for checkout, payment, and shipping
  • Order management, customer service, and foreign assistance are all available.
  • Integrated mobile commerce features
  • Tools for data analysis and reporting

In case you are interested in this platform, you can looking for the best assistance of Magento Development Services 

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WooCommerce is an open-source eCommerce platform for small and medium-sized companies. Thanks to it, you can integrate into your existing WordPress website or create from scratch. WooCommerce is another one of the most popular platforms for fresh vendors, with a spectacular market share rise since its release in 2011. 

The following are Its unique characteristics make it an excellent option for manufacturers and distributors looking to launch an online business:

  • The user interface is modern and simple to use.
  • Integration of WordPress content
  • Payment gateways are pre-installed, and you have complete control over the checkout process.
  • Support for geolocation and location-based taxation
  • Taxes automatically
  • Products, product types, and variables can all be added to/managed.
  • Inventory control 
  • Calculate delivery costs and choose from a variety of shipping options.
  • Calculations of taxes on an individual basis
  • Choose a customer’s address.
  • SEO
  • Verification of the owner
  • Tools for reporting
  • Store/CRM management

We have already had lots of blog posts about eCommerce solutions for small and medium-sized firms. Therefore,  you can learn more about WooCommerce’s features. Besides that, our experienced Woocommerce Experts are always ready to help you in any case. 



Shopify is one of the most common eCommerce platforms. It allows you to create an eCommerce website without requiring significant technical knowledge.

Although Shopify is quicker to set up, its customizability is restricted compared to the open-source eCommerce software solutions mentioned above.

On the other hand, Shopify has just the appropriate collection of capabilities for a new online business, from tiny to large-scale manufacturers and distributors. Therefore, you can improve your stores and attract more customers. 

  • Features of the CMS product management system include real-time order alerts, payment tracking, delivery status, and thorough reports on orders.
  • Streamlined dashboard, live statistics, inventory and stock notifications are all aspects of the CMS admin interface.
  • Features for eCommerce marketing and SEO
  • Hosting solutions that are fully integrated
  • MySQL databases are known for their dependability and speed.
  • Features that ensure safe transactions

If Shopify sounds like it might be the ideal eCommerce platform for you, check out our blogs. Our Shopify Development Services are the perfect choice for your business.

Examples of successful ecommerce for manufacturers B2B


Cleaver-Brooks, established in 1929. This is a complete boiler room solutions provider. This company helps businesses run more efficiently every day. Cleaver-Brooks creates hot water and steam generating products that integrate and optimize the entire boiler/burner/controls system to increase energy economy and dependability.

Cleaver-Brooks’ rep network was their main outlet for parts sales and estimates before ecommerce. While the salespeople were doing an excellent job, Cleaver-Brooks realized that they were only reaching around 25% of the market. They wanted to include additional channels that would allow them to reach out to a larger number of people. Therefore, they required a sophisticated ecommerce website to grow their aftermarket business, overcome the competition, and fulfill the expectations of a changing buyer.

Customers can do the following on Cleaver-Brooks’ ecommerce site:

  • Locate a certain part number
  • Get access to inventory, customized pricing, and other details.
  • Use the “Find a Representative” features to find the Cleaver-Brooks representative partner who is nearest to you.
  • On product detail pages, quickly sort through product information.

As a result, after implementing ecommerce, Cleaver-Brooks has witnessed a steady increase in adoption as well as an increase in repeat visitors. Customers are significantly more efficient now that they have self-service options at their disposal.


Amerhart is a Midwest wholesale distributor of lumber and building goods, including decking, engineered wood products, plywood, and siding. It was started in 1940 by a family. 

On Amerhart’s website, you’ll find:

  • Customized pricing for each customer
  • Engine for promotions
  • Personalization
  • Capabilities for several delivery locations
  • Admin console that is easy to use
  • Access to your account

Ecommerce isn’t only a project for Amerhart. Furthermore,  Amerhart had little visibility into how customers interacted with them online before implementing ecommerce. Therefore, the Amerhart team can now make data-driven decisions based on self-service transactions and occurrences.

Ecommerce has an impact on customers, buyers, and operational employees in addition to the sales crew. Everyone on the team is able to do their tasks more quickly. Moreover, Amerhart has launched roughly half of their product inventory online. Besides that, this company  has over 880 registered users since implementing Optimizely’s Digital Experience Platform.


Behler-Young is a wholesale distributor of HVAC/R goods that has been family-owned since 1926. Having 18 branches and a 140,000 sq ft distribution center in Kensington Park, Michigan, this company represents hundreds of manufacturers and services thousands of clients throughout Michigan and Northwest Ohio.

BehlerYoung’s goa; was to allow customers to serve themselves, integrate technology systems, and generate new leads and sales. 

Account information is easily accessible on the Behler-Young website, which also has improved search functionality and online ordering. Moreover, the website is fully connected with Behler-ERP Young’s system. Therefore, it allows the company to provide a smooth user experience. Furthermore, customers may order products, make lists, compare order history to invoices, and sign up for training all in the same place.

ArrowHitech – the perfect choice of ecommerce for manufacturers

Building a user-friendly online store with a robust infrastructure to deliver the best services to your consumers and raise their satisfaction level is important. Because building an eCommerce website becomes a priority for manufacturers and distributors. Finally, the eCommerce market provides several options for each type of business to expand and attract new clients, so why not take use of them? For that reason, you should consider the best Ecommerce Development Services for your business. However, don’t worry about it. Let ArrowHiTech bring your business to a new level. Besides that, the Ecommerce Solutions also are waiting for you. CONTACT US at any time if you have troubles.