Splash screen: Why is it important and 10 inspiring designs for your app

splash screen

We all know what “dress to impress” is, right? An eye-catching appearance is always the first good impression. Likewise, if you want to upgrade your app’s look, the first effective thing to do is to modify splash screen design.

The point is, splash screen design is what first draws the user’s attention to your app. So why are you ignoring it the whole time? In this article, ArrowHiTech experts will cover 4 parts: What – Why – How – and typical examples! Let’s get started!

What is splash screen design?

Some call it “launch screen” or “startup screen”. But the technical term is Splash Screen. A splash screen appears when you first open the app. Once the app finishes loading, the splash screen design will disappear. 

And so, it only takes 1-3 seconds for the splash screen design to shine. Therefore, not every second, but every mili-second counts. Even if there is not much room for information besides your company logo or motto, it is worth investing in having an attractive splash screen. Don’t underestimate the power of that first 3 seconds! Let’s analyze its advantages in the next part!

Why is it important?

  • Brand Awareness

An impressive logo can make a long-lasting impact on any users. If they can recognize your logo anywhere else, that’s great news! Take Facebook for example, everyone can easily recognize Facebook with the small F, blue logo, right? Social media apps are leading in creating a memorable splash screen design these days.

  • UX Improvement

Having a bland, or complex, time-consuming splash screen design will surely result in bad user experience. In the end, they may end up never using your app again. Even worse, one single client that experiences such a thing will not recommend your app to others.

A light, aesthetic, purposeful splash screen design makes users feel happy and satisfied, thus improving the quality of UX. After all, it will raise profits and boost reputation.

splash screen is important
Splash screen design leaves the best first impressions!

Now that you know splash screen design is important, but how to create one and which key points to keep in mind?

How to create a stunning splash screen design?

Here are the important factors that help create a beneficial splash screen design:

#1. Purpose

A splash screen design with clear purpose will simplify the user’s experience. Furthermore, you can add extra features before heading to the main app page:

  • Social Logins
  • Language
  • Need help with your app
  • Special offers (but don’t emphasize it)
  • And many more

If not, just a magnificent starting screen is totally fine. It depends on your business and targeted clients.

#2. Size

Each desktop, mobile and tablet all have different sizes. In addition, different operating systems, typically iOS and Android, all have different margins. They all have standards and suggestions that you should follow to avoid weird-looking splash screen design.

It goes the same with different elements. Simply put, bigger size equals more importance. Keep testing and testing to figure out the best looking one!

#3. Design

Design is another important factor. Your splash screen design does not only look stunning but it also needs to be reasonable. For example, if you are planning to launch an app for kids, you cannot just have a complex, too aesthetic splash screen design right? Depending on users’ group and product’s features, you need different designs for splash screens. Furthermore, pay attention to the way elements appear. Which goes first? Which goes last? Does it appear from the left?,… Test the design again, find out the suitable one. 

splash screen design
Splash Screens must be consistent

#4. Organized arrangement

All the blocks and positions must be linear and organized systematically. Chaotic and mixed-up splash screen design can worsen user experience. 

#5. Don’t:

  • Keep excessive distraction
  • Use multiple logos
  • Keep sparing animations
  • Use low quality images

Now, how about checking out splash screen design from the biggest firms in multiple fields for inspirations?

Top 10 inspiring Splash Screen designs for your app (with animations)

1. Facebook (new)

splash screen facebook

Just a simple blue logo that pops on white screen, the bottom are the ones already integrated with Facebook. 

2. Amazon

splash screen amazon

Seems like the bigger the company is, the more simple. This reputable corporation also opts for logo only.

3. Duolingo

splash screen duolingo

This educational app is very eye-catching with its bright green color. A brief look at the owl can make us easily think of Duolingo.

4. AirBnb

By using a transparent photo, AirBnb has managed to partly display its functions and features.

5. Netflix

This well-known film company has successfully moved its Logo onto its main page without removing it.

6. Spotify

Probably the most simple one within these top 10 inspiring splash screens.

7. Uber

Uber’s animation really does wonder. As a result, these smooth transitions will make users happy and satisfies when using this app.

8. Youtube

Similar to Netflix, Youtube also “re-use” its existing element to transform into the main page.

9. Tiktok

Tiktok successfully breaks the tradition of “logo-on-white-background” by making it on pitch black one.

10. Google Maps

In general, all Google apps all have their logos above “Google” word, which creates consistency.

Want to have an appealing and Unique splash screen design?

Now you know that splash screen design play a significant role in each firm’s success, it is time to upgrade yours. The most ultimate way is always to hire experts.  After all, working in IT outsourcing for over 13 years, ArrowHiTech is proud to be a leading Vietnamese company and a trustworthy front-end developer that provides optimal solutions and services worldwide.

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Wrapping Up

That is the end of today’s topic. ArrowHiTech hopes that you can understand the purpose of the splash screen design and be inspired to create or advance your stunning one. If you want to read more, don’t hesitate to visit our Web App Development site! Finally, as always, we wish you the best of good luck and success!

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