Strategic b2b retailer eCommerce solutions to speed up purchase cycles and drive more business

Are you a B2B retailer e-commerce business that is looking at boosting revenue by adopting the best practices? In this post, we will walk you through the b2b retailer eCommerce solutions that will take your business to the next level. You will be acquainted with the e-commerce features that will improve your conversions and improve your revenue.

b2b retailer eCommerce solutions

B2C retailers have invested heavily in e-commerce channels to fix the evolving demand of consumers, innovating with a customer-centric approach. However, Business-to-business (B2B) retailers, have often taken the reverse, more product-centric, approach. Far from ignoring digital transformation, B2B retail ecommerce firms have invested heavily in cost-reduction strategies, process efficiencies, and IT modernization, with less focus on sales and customer experience and more focus on support and back-office optimization. However, it’s time for a change of focus.

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Latest B2B Retailers eCommerce Trend

If COVID shown us one thing, it’s this: We should expect disruption. That’s been true in the world of B2B retail eCommerce as in all areas of life. The trends that have changed in the wake of the pandemic seen a little different from predictions c. 2019. So where are things headed in B2B retail eCommerce? What trends matter for your company?

1. Buyer need to find products faster

B2B professionals are progressively going online to get the supplies they need for their business. With the retailers, time is money. Therefore, so whatever they’re seeking for, they need to find it fast. Moreover, their online, customers shopping experiences are influencing their expectations for job-related purchasing. These clients expect information-rich web experiences, look to consult customer reviews, and prefer seamless purchasing solution.

2. Customer-centric B2B retailer

Customers using B2B ecommerce store have been conditioned by their B2C lives, and are now expecting similar experiences. Therefore, in order to get to the next stage of digital transformation, B2B retailers need to borrow customer-centric strategies from B2C. Besides, they need to bring them into their own user journeys. For example, the retailers can create personalized, engaging, and accessible experiences for their customers. Although on very different buying missions, there are no less demanding and often have higher expectations than B2C.

3. the Rescue of B2B Microservices

B2B sales have been a game of long-term relationship-building between account executives and corporate buyers. And while digital transformation is the most important factor to compete in the age of online commerce. Therefore, moving away from printed catalogs and legacy, back-end systems to accommodate direct online orders is becoming a risky endeavor.

4. Turn the Sales Team into a Sales Machine

Nearly two-thirds of business clients prefer to research corporate purchases separately online. B2B sales reps need the retail technology to help them consult and win deals with B2B buyers that are more informed than ever.

6. AI-Driven Personalization

Historically, B2B retail suppliers have provided catalogs and pricing for clients and developed custom purchasing routines that take into account spending limits and approval processes. However, B2B sellers willing to invest in AI-driven personalization solution can replicate these experiences online in real-time.

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Strategic b2b Retailer eCommerce solutions

1. Headless commerce

b2b retailer eCommerce solutions

In today’s world shoppers behavior is changing very frequently. Therefore, understanding consumer behavior and buying pattern trend analysis becomes more vital. As a brand, retailers need to make sure that they offer rich UX across all devices and in this journey. And, Headless commerce is a great b2b retailer eCommerce solutions in this case.

It is undeniable that Headless commerce is the future of B2C & B2B eCommerce. Indeed, the complete eCommerce ecosystem starting from retailers, eCommerce platforms, technology partners, value-added service providers and CMS providers are focused on preparing for this change. Moreover, for the brands headless offers power and flexibility to enhance the performance, development flexibility and make sure best-in-breed CMS function’s

5. CRM Solution

b2b Retailer

One of the big challenges faced by B2B retail companies is that they need to be on the top and consider every customer’s account health on the check. If the current account is inactive then the company need to have the appropriate strategy of follow-up. This can be solved by the integration of CRM software that take the control the entire communication and interaction with the customers. As a result, it will speed up the service of the company by streamlining the processes of purchasing and follow-up.

The CRM software serves as a crucial management tool as it supports in the management of entire communication and better customers interaction. By integrating the system, streamlines the entire processes of a business and makes things easy to manage the tasks

3. Omnichannel B2B e-Commerce


Customers come first. If you want to increase your revenue and enhance conversion rate, then there should be a huge improvement in the user experience. Besides, ecommerce customers, especially B2B clients, are now changing consequently, and they are more independent with higher expectations towards B2B retailers. Thus, an omnichannel strategy is an effective b2b retailer eCommerce solutions to meet their complicated requirements. Some of the strategies B2B retail company can use to develop an omnichannel customer experience are:

  • Investing in SEO to get more organic traffic to the firm’s website and improve the site ranking on the first result page.
  • Also, the retailers can invest in digital advertising such as search ads or product listing ads.
  • Your business can use social media to promote the company’s brand and increase engagement with followers for further conversion rate optimization.
  • Besides, the retailers can combine getting up an optimized FAQ page and extended shopping cart, smart filtering options, product comparison features to boost the customer experience.

4. Immersive Commerce


As you know that, the immersive commerce uses advanced digital tech such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and 360-degree product images to improve customer experiences. By providing customers a more dynamic view of their choices, immersive commerce encourage them in their purchasing decisions. Moreover, allowing clients view items from all angles to the ability to virtually ‘place’ them in their intended environment. In deed, this is one of best effective b2b retailer eCommerce solutions for ecommerce that can have a strong impact.

6.  Flexible ordering and pricing options

Providing clients a more personalized purchasing experience can go a long way toward securing sales. Therefore, you can make clients feel accommodated by supporting them some options.

Review your finances and sales forecast to see if you can adjust your packages or pricing model to offer more scalable solutions. That might include enabling month-to-month contracts on software services. For example, removing minimum sign-ups, or providing discounts on products above a certain dollar amount. Besides, by providing flexible terms, like a larger payment window or the ability to pay in installments, is also helpful. Another option is a checkout support system that lets businesses extend payment terms without taking on any additional credit risk.

Wrapping things up

If you have any questions or problems related to developing a B2B e-commerce business, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are one of the superior multi-platform e-commerce solution providers and web development services in the world. With experienced developers, we commit to provide a comprehensive ecommerce solutions for your B2b businesses