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Filling up on Men’ Vodka business’s success with Acumatica ERP

Men' Vodka

Men' Vodka Success Story

About Men' Vodka

Present in the market since 2008, after 15 years of development, the Men' Vodka brand (Bao Lam Trading Investment Joint Stock Company) has affirmed its brand and position in the alcoholic beverage market in Viet Nam.

The process of making alcohol is carried out on the leading modern technology system imported from Russia, supervised by Russian engineers with extensive Vodka production experience.

With a goal of bringing qualified products to consumers, Men' Vodka has gained the absolute trust of the demanding consumer market with a wide range of products suitable for the majority of Vietnamese people.


Just like many other businesses in the alcoholic beverage industry, Men' Vodka faces many difficulties.

Alcoholic beverages, in the case of Men' Vodka, are classified as exceptional products, subject to significant advertising restrictions. It leads to the business having no choice but to focus on developing distribution systems to reach customers directly instead of focusing on online channels. The more comprehensive the distribution system, the easier the product is to reach consumers.

Until now, Men' Vodka had four offices in Hanoi, Da Nang, Nha Trang and Ho Chi Minh. The company also owns hundreds of distributors throughout 24 provinces and cities in the country, along with a large number of professional market sales staff.

However, once it has created market coverage, the following conundrum that Men' Vodka needs to answer is how to manage its distribution channels and large sales staff effectively.

With the nature of the job having to go out to the market almost full time, managers often have difficulty controlling the daily work of sales staff. It is challenging to know where they went that day, what they did, whether they went enough, or whether they were on the assigned route.

Besides, because all operations from ordering, inventory, receiving feedback, and reporting are done manually, the status of wrong orders and information omissions often occurs.

In addition, the lack of a system that provides real-time data makes it difficult for managers and employees to make timely decisions.


Understanding those difficulties, the board of management at Men' Vodka agreed that an ERP system to manage the distribution channel is extremely necessary for them.

After searching for available solutions on the market, Men' Vodka decided to choose Acumatica because they found that this system fully met their requirements.

The Acumatica Cloud ERP system helped Men' Vodka manage all logistics & supply chain activities in one place and connect those operations with sales and financial data. The activities include warehouse management, inventory management and order management (orders and sales).

At the same time, the Acumatica system also provides Men' Vodka with the ability to manage all market developments and sales results in each distribution channel. From that real-time information, decision-making also becomes faster and more accurate.

Acumatica not only empowers management for sales staff, who are in direct contact with customers but also receives excellent benefits through standardizing the process of dealer visits, tracking point of sale information, tracking transaction history, and tracking sales results.


With the features Acumatica provides, Men' Vodka has solved the problems of developing and managing its nationwide distribution network.

Now, instead of devoting human and material resources to managing the distribution network, Men' Vodka was able to focus on product development.

Owning a robust system like Acumatic is a solid foundation for Men' Vodka to continue to explore and dominate the alcoholic beverage market in Vietnam.