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Fintech Company leverages Headless Solution of Liferay to enhance 80% productivity

Fintech Company leverages Headless Solution of Liferay to enhance 80% productivity

GAIN Credit Success Story


GAIN Credit, Inc. is a fintech company that operates across three continents and provides responsible credit access to under-served individuals through their alternative credit brands: Drafty and Lending Stream.
GAIN Credit wanted to implement headless for flexible customizations, which was a modern, better platform for Lending Stream.


GAIN Credit faced these issues with their old solution.
The company required significant time to pivot for content changes, as any updates to the content necessitated coding and development expertise. As a result, marketing teams needed help to make necessary changes.

In addition, GAIN Credit needed a way to track the content publication process. And they were low ranking on Google's search result pages. According to Lighthouse, GAIN Credit's score was just 65, and poor SEO ranking. Therefore, they were reaching only some of their prospects.


GAIN Credit comprehensively evaluated various content management solutions and ultimately selected Liferay DXP as their headless solution. They collaborated with Liferay Global Services to migrate from their previous platform and relied on Liferay Support to address any issues during the transition.
By combining pre-built features and customization options, the Liferay solution enables marketers and content creators to access the platform and make modifications swiftly. The website is hosted on a separate server, and content updates are retrieved via Liferay's headless APIs. These APIs offer a streamlined way for developers to customize the platform without disrupting Liferay's underlying architecture. Meanwhile, marketers and content creators can easily leverage Liferay's user-friendly editing interface to make content changes.


By leveraging the high-performance capabilities of Lending Stream's headless APIs, users can interact with the platform in a manner that is both fluid and effortless, without any lag or latency issues.

The deployment of Liferay's robust workflow management framework allowed GAIN Credit to enhance its content creation and publishing processes significantly, achieving an 80% boost in overall productivity. With features such as streamlined content review and approval workflows and an intuitive user interface, marketers and content creators were empowered to make rapid, high-quality changes easily.

By prioritizing webpage optimization and diligently following accessibility and SEO best practices, Lending Stream has achieved a notable increase in their Lighthouse score report. Their scores have surged from previous lows of 65 points to as high as 100 points, representing a substantial 31-point improvement and highlighting their commitment to delivering a superior user experience.

Liferay's custom settings and front-end rendering engine integration enabled GAIN Credit to improve Lending Stream's SEO ranking, resulting in higher page rankings on Google search results.

GAIN Credit intends to upgrade to the latest version of Liferay, leveraging new features and expanding its solution to support alternative and frictionless banking services for its customers.