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TLC Houseware Unflesh Efficiency With Odoo

TLC Houseware Unflesh Efficiency With Odoo

TLC Houseware Success Story


In 1967, TLC Houseware was established in Penang, Malaysia's culinary center. The firm was founded with modest beginnings and the straightforward mission "To Inspire Happy Living" by supplying local households and businesses with high-quality cookware. TLC has continually expanded over the past 50 years and has introduced a wide range of cutting-edge, high-quality items under its brands, including Relax, Toffi, DINO, and others. Today, the business directs devoted customers across Malaysia to shop for its goods on online marketplaces, chain department stores, and retail establishments.


Before using Odoo open soucre,TLC used Excel spreadsheets and various small-scale business applications. As the database grew, more issues arose since the operations were split among many platforms.
After evaluating the business's long-term plans, TLC's management discovered that the first innocuous constraints were stunting the company's growth and productivity. TLC realized that they needed software to centralize management and boost productivity


The leadership was looking for alternative software solutions when they discovered Odoo open soucre and Onnet Consulting (Malaysia), a seasoned Odoo partner with headquarters in Penang. Odoo's software usability and wide business applications inspired the company to go through a complete change, in addition to Onnet's professionalism and market knowledge. After learning about Odoo's affordability and features, TLC abandoned traditional ERP solutions and implemented it. The business identified Odoo as the model/ideal software for its operations.
After conducting a GAP analysis with the partner, TLC Houseware successfully implemented Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Invoicing, Accounting, Manufacturing, and Studio apps in three months.


Using an ERP system for the first time, many employees were expressed their deep appreciation for 'interface feasibility' and 'advanced features,' such as real-time data synchronization, automated processes, and efficiency improvements. The company had a significant upswing and improved operations during the first several months, particularly regarding top-speed efficiency and traceability.
Additionally, TLC saw manufacturing, inventory, and logistics expansion within the first year.
With Odoo Manufacturing, the team enhanced its manufacturing processes thanks to flexible work-center and routing configurations and automated scheduling. The productivity drives faster with incredible results by 22%.
Utilizing the outstanding features of Odoo Inventory, TLC could track every stock move from purchase to warehouse bin to sales orders. The delivery service became more convenient, so TLC's on-time delivery rate remarkably increased by 40%.
Mainly, Odoo open source includes features that shorten data input tasks. Human error rates have dropped by 11% due to implementing Odoo, and the management hopes to lower them further over time.
The effectiveness of real-time reports dramatically increases by 51%. Everything was optimized, so TLC has been able to handle multiple apps to manage.