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How Lark Gave UNISAN the Digital Transformation Advantage

How Lark Gave UNISAN the Digital Transformation Advantage

UNISAN Success Story


Situated in Gorontalo City, Sulawesi, Indonesia, Universitas Ichsan Gorontalo (UNISAN) is a prominent private university. With over 3,000 students and 200 lecturers, UNISAN offers 13 undergraduate programs and 1 master's program across diverse disciplines. Partnering with Lark, UNISAN embarked on a digital transformation journey, benefiting from Lark's powerful team collaboration tools and online learning capabilities, propelling them toward digital enlightenment.


UNISAN recognized the need to invest in a comprehensive digital system to enhance teaching effectiveness and streamline staff management. With this goal in mind, UNISAN sought to implement remote staff attendance monitoring, replacing their previous reliance on on-premises biometric scanners.Furthermore, UNISAN aimed to address the challenges faced by students in terms of online learning. The university lacked a robust online learning solution that could facilitate scheduling of student activities, efficient document archiving and sharing, as well as the seamless delivery of important announcements directly to students.


UNISAN embraced the power of Lark's comprehensive feature set to embark on a successful digitization journey, offering students and teachers the flexibility to access the classroom experience anytime and anywhere.

Lark's Attendance and Approval features played a pivotal role in transforming key staff administrative processes at UNISAN. With a user-friendly interface, staff could conveniently clock-in and clock-out, manage leave claims, and handle other administrative tasks directly from their mobile devices. This eliminated the need for cumbersome biometric scanners or manual processes, streamlining staff management and enhancing efficiency.

The Lark Announcement feature received high acclaim from UNISAN's faculty members. It provided a trackable platform for faculty to effortlessly push important announcements and information directly to students, ensuring effective communication and improved student engagement.

UNISAN also benefited from Lark Drive, a valuable tool that facilitated easy archiving and storage of large volumes of documents. Staff and students could seamlessly store, access, and collaborate on documents, enhancing productivity and organization within the university.


UNISAN successfully transitioned to remote learning with the help of Lark, ensuring a seamless educational experience for students.

Lark played a vital role in improving communication between students and teachers, fostering effective and efficient interactions within the virtual learning environment.

The implementation of Lark Approval and Lark Attendance features significantly enhanced staff management at UNISAN. These tools streamlined administrative processes, allowing for simplified approval workflows and convenient staff attendance tracking.By consolidating multiple functionalities into a single app, Lark provided UNISAN with greater cost savings and efficiency in maintaining their digital infrastructure.

Lark emerged as a valuable partner in UNISAN's digital transformation journey, helping them accomplish key goals and objectives. The platform's robust features and comprehensive solutions empowered UNISAN to embrace the digital landscape, enabling effective remote learning, efficient staff management, and overall digital advancement.