Swift programming language: What is it, pros and cons and its future for IOS development

As you know, programming language is the most essential part of any website. In case you’re planning to replace cross-platform solutions into native development, you have to make a decision which programming language to use. It can be the good old Objective-C or absolutely new Swift. In this blog, ArrowHiTech will give you an overview of what is swift programming language and both disadvantages and advantages of swift programming language. Let’s explore with us right now! 

Swift programming language

1. What is Swift programming language? 

Swift programming language is one of the latest programming languages manufactured in the market. It has been manufactured since 2014 by the biggest technology company – Apple Inc. This language is fully compatible with applications of Apple such as: iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS. Swift is a general-purpose, multi-paradigm, object-oriented, functional, imperative and block structured language

In fact, swift programming language was created with the mission to resolve many existing problems of Objective C. During the period from 2014 until now, this language has many improvements from version calls 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0 and later. 

2. Advantages of swift programming language.

Thanks to many significant improvements, there are many advantages of swift programming language compared to its predecessor. 

pros Swift programming language

Fast development process

Fast development process is the first in lots of advantages of swift programming language. With swift programming language, you can read and use it with ease because it is created by simple syntax and grammar. Besides, less code required makes this language become more as concise as Objective – C. Best of all, you don’t need to waste too much time and hard effort when using it. This is thanks to Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) that does all the work tracking and managing the app’s memory usage. 


Ensure security and performance

The second in the list of advantages of swift programming language is ensure security and performance. Swift is outstanding owing to the increasing up to 40% in performance compared to Objective – C. However, it has many methods to optimize code in order to make performance better. Not only that, safety is also one of the most wonderful strengths of Swift. It supports a powerful typing system as well as error handling prevents code crashes and errors in production. Swift programming language lets users see errors instantly, then, you can effortlessly fix it to make it perfect. 

benefit of Swift programming language

Interactivity with Objective – C

In fact, Swift and Objective – C are compatible with each other and they can be used interchangeably within the same project. It allows you to inherit all elements from Objective – C and take advantage of many latest features of Swift. As a result, the porting process becomes easier and less risky. 

Automatic memory management

Among lots of advantages of swift programming language, an advanced technology named Automatic Memory Counting (ARC) will make developers surprise. It serves the purpose to add a garbage collector function that iOS didn’t have before. Then, class instances that are no longer used will be thrown away thanks to  languages like Java, C# and Go when using garbage collectors. 

3. Disadvantages of Swift programming language

Besides a wide range of advantages of swift programming language, swift programming language still has many demerits. On top of that, this language is quite new. Compared to many old languages like Objective – C, this language has been in the market for 7 years. However, the newest version of Swift has made ABI stable on Apple’s platforms, backward compatibility of Swift versions, and renewed documentation. 

cons of Swift programming language

As the result of the latest survey from StackOverflow Developer, there were 87.354 respondents take part in this survey. However, only 6.6 percent of this number use Swift.

Poor interoperability with third-party tools and IDEs

In fact, it is quite difficult to find suitable tools to complete with certain tasks. 

Lack of support for previous iOS versions

Swift is only integrated in the apps that target iOS7 and later. Following that, earlier versions of the operating system aren’t compatible with this language. Luckily, nowadays with the development of technology, there are less people using versions older than iOS7, that’s only 5%. 

4. The future of Swift programming language for IOS development

Although Swift programming language is much younger than any languages, it still creates many outstanding success stories. In fact, there are a lot of large companies that choose and put their big reliance on this language such as: Lyft, LinkedIn, Coursera, Pandora, Vimeo, Twitter, Fitbit, and Groupon. 

iOS development with Swift

Swift goes through many updates to come with the wonderful latest versions. Of course, it still has some things to fix. But, Apple always tries its best hard to make it more perfect in the next releases. In order to achieve this goal, Apple is building its own ecosystem with a stable ABI over its platforms and many other things. This is the reason we believe Swift will develop extremely rapidly in the future and it soon might lead to a complete displacement of Objective-C. Following that, it will become a leading first-class language for iOS mobile application development. 

5. In conclusion

Through this blog, we hope that you understand about Swift programming language. With the range of advantages of swift programming language, Swift will be the smart choice for you to create and develop your online business as effective as possible. Although this language has some mistakes, it is still worth using. If you’re looking for a suitable development outsourcing company, you can consider more about us – ArrowHiTech. We believe with 13+ years in the technology area, we can provide the best Swift iOS app development services that help you solve problems about Swift. Above all, the outcomes we bring won’t never make you disappointed! So, let’s contact us right now!