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System Integration & Data Migration Services

Control sensitive data protected on or off-server and open new possibilities for data utilization with cutting-edge data sharing and access management.


We provide data migration solutions to leverage your data to get more revenue!

Cloud Migration

Our experts give cloud migration services from server to cloud as well as from cloud to cloud

Enterprise System Migration

With the vast experience in different enterprise systems such as CMS, ERP, CRM, we support your business to migrate from one enterprise system to another successfully

Database Migration

We offer a practical and homogeneous database migration strategy based on your unique requirements with minimizing downtime.

Integration Consulting

We offer a tailored integration architecture & secure infrastructure that fits the technology stack after evaluating the current infrastructure & its limitation and needs.

Integration Implementation

Implement integration solutions with re-engineering, and re-architecting all applications & systems are integrated



AHT TECH drives thousands of organizations, across every industry, toward more innovative strategies, products, and services.


Consumer Good


Energy & Utilities

Financial Services

Healthcare & Life Sciences






AHT Tech delivers a flexible enterprise integration that will bring the power to increase efficiency thanks to data connectivity and achieve comprehensive business intelligence, which makes sure the data is consistent with all systems.

Besides, with our migration services, we support the business transfer of data from legacy systems to new advanced ones and resolve every issue related to the migration process, which makes the operational experience efficient and seamless.

1. Requirements Gathering

Gather a list of requirements that your integrated system needs to address.

2. Analysis

Analyze requirements to identify the feasibility of designing software software which solves all of the concerns. This is a deeper dive into planning and concerns, laying out all the actions and design of the integration

3. System & Architecture Design

Give the system's architecture design about how the different systems’ll be integrated and aggregated data

4. Testing and Verification

Once the system is implemented, our team will test it to confirm that it meets the requirements and operations as planned. This includes both operational and implementation testing to ensure that the technique performs efficiently and effectively.

5. Implement Solutions

When the system is finalized, it is confirmed and tested. If test engineers find any bugs, they are fixed, and the procedure is tested again to guarantee that the product you acquire is error-free. Only then will your order go live, allowing you and your employees to begin enjoying it. Although the new solution is founded on your previous associates, becoming familiar with and satisfied with it may take some time.

6. Support & Maintenance

The advantage of having your subsystems integrated by a skilled company over purchasing a new off-the-shelf solution is that a systems integrator guarantees your product works flawlessly even after it is released. If you find it challenging to use or to skip a feature, the elements can be changed or added at any time. You can also note any bugs you encounter, and AHT Tech will fix them immediately for you.


Activate new commerce pathways to enhance today’s client experience and create tomorrow’s competitive advantage

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We’re here to help you innovate with success. Our experts will conduct an in-depth analysis of your business model and industry to advise on implementing the most optimal technology solutions.


1. How long does a typical migration take?
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The timescale for the migration changes depending on several factors. Much of the time relies on the number of data loads needed and the extent of the data checking required.

If the original data could be better in quality, structure, or both, reaching a point deemed suitable for live operation may take significant time.

The time taken to reach this stage can also depend on library staff availability since the burden falls on them to check data and provide feedback to the project team.

No one else is in a place to decide how data should be structured and if it is ready.

Some tasks take only one data load if the data is straightforward. Others can take 4 or 5 months, primarily where data is not provided at the outset but occurs late in the project or where the data delivered could be better structured and needs multiple loads.

2. Can you import and host all of my record attachments, images, PDFs?
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Yes, but much of the loading of files such as PDFs, Office Documents, and images depends on the quality of the data files and the way in which files are named and formatted.

Image files counter largely from document files and can have a combination of other metadata and may apply to resize and clean up before they are considered good enough to pack into the database.

3. Will I lose any data in the migration process?
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Data is never “lost”; however, if the data provided in electronic format is undeveloped or corrupt, it is doubtful to be accurately interpreted or comprehended programmatically. As such, it may be impossible to load into a field system in the database.

In over 15 years of business, only on a very few experiences have we faced a problem where data could not be converted. We take extraordinary care to minimize data loss.Often we can recover, clean, and tidy up data, boost accuracy and consistency, and offer it far better than when it came out of the original host system.

4. What happens on go-live day?
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The URL for the Live system is activated, and the database is loaded with the latest copy of data from the test system.

The user file has been settled and tested for Single Sign On. From then on, the library staff can point their web browser to the new URL and perform the assignments they have been trained to do using the latest software.

The Search Portal(s) will be active, and end users will now link to the URL for the Search Portal.

Preparation and attention to detail make the Go Live event a natural and apparent activity that everyone is designed for in terms of training in how to use the application and having the data loaded and available via the Search Portal.

The data from the test method used throughout the implementation process will be loaded into the final database configured and made ready in advance.

Remember this will have been tested early with the data. The only difference is that the data loaded is the latest to have been removed from the original system, which has been frozen and is only used for Search purposes. No new data will have been added since the last extraction of data.

5. Is AHT Tech a trusted secure information partner in digital transformation worldwide?
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AHT Tech has been awarded two different ISO certifications by QUACERT, including ISO 9001:2015 (quality management system) & ISO 27001:2013 (information security management system), on March 2023. By earning the strict requirements of these standards, AHT Tech indicates its commitment to information protection and to constantly delivering clients and workers with high-quality outcomes.