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Magento 2

Magento 2.0 the most expecting platform in Magento users and developers community has recently been released and gradually proves its undeniable stunning features for both customers and developers all over the world. Have your Magento online shops kept updated with this generation?

magento 2.0 migration

Apart from the prominent benefits that Magento 1.9 and lower grant you as of a customer or an owner, Magento 2.0  even thrills you with its unmatched capabilities including open and flexible architecture to allow easier customization; pleasant shopping experiences with integrated videos and sharing options; enlarged business agility and productivity with touch-friendly mobile interface; enterprise-grade scalability and performance to speed up site loading time; secure payments with ability to add more authorized payment gateways; and of course easier maintenance and upgrades.

Our professionals take pride themselves in developing and customizing the latest Magento 2.0 websites/ themes/ and extensions through a wide scale of relevant projects completed recently. See the Magento 2.0 based services we offer to realize your ecommerce vision.