Windows Mobile

Windows Phone. More Options. More Personal.

You can take your stuff virtually wherever you go. There’s never been a smartphone that’s more you.

Windows Phone is a family of mobile operating systems developed by Microsoft for smartphones and Pocket PCs. Invented in 2000 under the name of PocketPC 2000, then re-titled to Windows Mobile which reached its peak as the most popular software on smartphones in the US in 2007, Windows Phone made its official birth announcement in 2010 and totally replaced Windows mobile. Now Windows Phone takes the lead. Although it is not so popularly used as iOS and Android at present, Windows Phone based apps still take a considerate marketshare as it is chosen to be operating system of giant smartphone providers like Nokia, HTC and Samsung.

Primarily focused on the consumer market rather than the enterprise market, Windows Phone mesmerize all smartphone users with its versatile applications and utilities. Our team of Mobile development coders have thoroughly studied and adopted the Windows Mobile, then its sucessor Windows Phone platform to design and create mobile apps for several years. We obtain the solid confidence that all of your Windows phone based projects will be handled and delivered at highest quality and professionalism.

Windows Phone services we offer:

• Mobile apps design and development
• Games apps design and development
• Web service integration
• Social media networking apps integration

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