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Solution Development Services

Something in the first meeting can fade, but the first impression will be unforgettable. Let your customer keep in mind the enchanting design of your present online every time they see it with our assistance.



Legacy or outdated applications and systems are one of the direct causes of reducing performance in modern business. Thus, the proper technical foundation is crucial for e-commerce success. To do this, understanding the fundamental procedures and frameworks is required to address the innumerable challenges efficiently.At AHT, we help you develop your strategies at the pace and scale that best support your business growth, using our experience of over 10000+ successful eCommerce implementations. Every eCommerce business is unique, and we always tailor the process-driven strategyto your company’s specific needs, whether you intend to deploy eCommerce for the first time or scale it across your business.We give more than just the technical activities involved in the project with the broad suite of services required for your business during the solutions implementation process to meet your requirements and objectives. We meet all strict standards in terms of quality and appearance, so we certainly will never disappoint you.

Human-Centric Innovation

Our priority is our customers. It means that we make our procedures work for you.E-commerce solution developmentis complex, and goals and requirements sometimes change as the project progresses. By putting our clients' success first, we build long-term relationships and assist them in creating plans for sustainable growth. We diligently collaborate with our clients throughout the solution development process to create a scalable setup that will bring you everywhere you want. The seven procedures listed below provide an overview ofdeveloping and implementing innovative solutions.


We identify and define your demand or pain point during this phase. We thoroughly examine your current situation before determining the project's objectives.


Requirements Analysis
We then list the tasks that need to be completed, the tools missing from your tech stack, and how the various platforms and technical tools should work together. We define the project's scope and create a schedule and timetable.


Functional Design
We model the services, operations, and configurations you need during this phase. We design automation, workflows, interfaces, and protocols to integrate applications.


The technical design, code, and integrations are then built and tested. We create documentation including user manuals, admin manuals, and online instructions, as well as a strategy for scripts and data migration.


System Testing
We create automated and manual test processes to address functional requirements. We implement all components of the solution in the testing environment. We run tests, report, and resolve bugs.


We move data from the legacy environment and install solution elements in the production environment. The admins and users can then start receiving training.


We are here to assist you whenever you require support, updates, modifications, or expansions to your project.

Key Strengths

- Top-notch online customer experience
- Superior performance and scalability and Efficient commerce integrations


With more than 15 years of experience, we have created solid frameworks and accelerator programs to assist our clients in achieving their objectives. We concentrate on developing flexible and user-friendly solutions so that you can expand your business without being restricted by technological issues.At AHT Tech, we work with several chosen cutting-edge platforms and technologies. We have collaborated with the top technology suppliers and tools, so we have become world-class in those systems. It enables us to offer a consistent yet flexible consumer experience. Therefore, we can confidently assist your business in all parts of solution development.

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We’re here to help you innovate with success. Our experts will conduct an in-depth analysis of your business model and industry to advise on implementing the most optimal technology solutions.