Technology trends: Biggest 2020 trends that everyone must be ready by now

Technology trends

Technology is simply the act of using scientific knowledge to solve everyday’s situation. Therefore, not only machines but also techniques and processes are techno-devices. Anyone can see that it is growing rapidly, so what are the latest technology trends for 2020?

In order to give you the newest information, today, our committed developers from ArrowHitech will show you the top technology trends in mobile apps and IT. And now, let’s begin!

Smart Applications

The one that all developers are waiting for: Smart Cities. Yes, it is not a dream. Thanks to creative and innovation machinery, smart cities are expanding widely and fast. You must have heard of ‘smartphone’ or ‘smart car’, well a smart city is where nearly everything is launched via one simple smart tool (which is usually a smartphone). This trend will make our lives much easier and more convenient because it can improve life quality and standard. A typical example is smart cars, they will reduce air pollution as we can manage CO2 emission.

techonology trends 1
Dream of a smart city will come true!

A smart sensor is a tool that uses a physical environment, plus built-in compute resources to perform a function. Some common smart cases are temperature, light and pressure. Using your fingerprint to unlock technology tools or automatic dark light,… those are the effect of smart sensors. Thanks to its numerous uses, this technology trend seems to develop more and more.

techonology trends 2
Phone sensor is getting more common.

Smart display is any voice assistant smart speaker used in households. What’s more, it includes a touchscreen that mostly serves the purpose of entertainment and controlling other smart devices.

techonology trends  3


  • Virtual

Today, Siri, Alexa, and other virtual assistants are getting globally popular. Developers believe that this technology trend will continue to grow due to its increasingly high demand as we are becoming used to order commands via speech.

techonology trends 4
You can do lots of actions via virtual help.
  • Safety

It is very vital in case of emergency. Safety assistance is a tool that can send a SMS including your location, audio and photos from the front and rear camera.  You never know what will happen, so try to install an app as soon as possible. Because of its urgency, many companies are trying to produce safety assistance in homes and communities as well.

Facial Recognition

Yes, since the release of Iphone X, this technology trend is spreading to not only phones, but in laptops and in houses as well. Facial recognition is a way of recognizing a human face via technology. First, developers examine your features like eyes, nose, lips through your photos. Then, they set up complex code or formulas so that your appliance can recognize you next time.

Facial censing help secure your data!

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#1. AR and VR

Augmented (Pókemon Go) and Virtual Reality (Shooting games) based games still maintain their top position among high tech games.

VR and AR differences

While AR games make users go out and search to play, VR ones allow users to feel like they are parts of the game. Both of these two types are very interactive games and will be globally used for a long time.

#2. Big Data

Big Data is another useful technology trend. Since there are more and more Internet users, handling complex and large amounts of data is present. As a result, using Big Data will surely help simplify the process and boost productivity. Thanks to its effectiveness, over 500 terabytes of new data get ingested into the databases of social media site Facebook everyday. 

#3. Automation & Machine Learning

Some may confuse it with AI (Artificial Intelligence), but they are not the same. Automation refers to a process in which technology is involved to produce an activity. Therefore, it is safe to say that some types of automation may include AI, but not all of them.

Automation is getting more and more used!

On the other hand, there is a sense of IT in machine learning. In fact, it focuses on the computing programs. Therefore, combining automation and machine learning, or we shall say, automated machine learning is one of the most effective technology trends in 2020.

#4. On-Demand Services

Online shopping and delivery are the two typical of this trend. Today, it is super easy to operate on-demand services ranging from food, clothes to hi tech consultancy with simple taps on your phone. Mobile and web app development industry is blooming. Thus, every type of client can find their solution online.

They come with many types of services to choose from!

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#5. Joining Hands

Last but not least, this technology trend comes in physical and digital type. Here, developers will combine the best of both worlds to deliver amazing results. For example, common offline stores will include digital functions such as store maps or menus to simplify the buying process. 

#6. Internet of Things (IoT)

Commonly, not many people have heard of this term, but it actually revolves around our lives. In other words, they are all physical devices that are connected to the Internet. It could be a toy, a light bulb, a smartphone, and the list goes on. What’s more, this market is estimated to worth $1.1 trillion next year. For that reason, we believe that IoT will continue to be popular for a long time.

They are present around our lives!

Above are the biggest 2020 technology trends that ArrowHitech believes will continue to hold their titles. Be quick to update all of them to help your business gain huge benefits and success! If you have any issues in IT, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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