The best Vue js dashboard templates which make the development process easier and faster

VueJS is growing quickly and its upward trend seems to develop even more. And one of its most popular categories is Vue js dashboard template. In the past, the admin dashboard often only contained the main features. Therefore, the interface wasn’t considered much. However, nowadays, web developers often expect user – friendly user interface to boost user experience. As that said, now, we will deliver you our list of best Vue JS dashboard templates for you to consider


Vue dashboard Piaf

The first one in our list is Piaf – a well – functioning and easy to use. This Vue JS dashboard template can provide almost anything you need. From stunning design, quality code and attention for details. Also, Piaf is extremely easy to use. It has clean and well – design for every one to use it. Moreover, it uses the same design language for components, layouts and other parts of the themes. As a result, you’ll hardly meet any issues when using this template

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ArchitectUI Free Vue Admin Dashboard

Vue dashboard ArchitectUI

This is one of the best Free Vue JS dashboard templates for you to choose. It uses Vue/ CLI  and Bootstrap 4 to bring you the best, outstanding performance. ArchitectUI delivers you upto 9 good – looking dashboard, 15 handpicked Vue widgets, 200+ ready – made components. Working with Architect, you can easily set up the layouts for your dashboard. Then, simply choose the one you like, and you’re ready to go. 

Moreover, this dashboard is fully responsive. Therefore, your dashboard will look beautiful on any devices or screen sizes. 


Moving to Devinvue – a stunning and responsive Vue JS Dashboard that you should consider. Since Devinvue is built with Vue 2 and Elementor, this template cann work well and smoothly on Vue JS. Thus, you might not encounter any difficulties when working with Devinvue. 

Also, this template is extremely customizable. You can easily customize your dashboard with Devinvue without a single line of coding. For instance, this template provides you with unlimited options of colors. Moreover, you are able to choose among light, dark, or even Gradients templates. 

Vue Material Dashboard

Vue dashboard Vue Dashboard Material

If you expect a well – functioning, and affordable Vue js dashboard template, you must take a look at Vue Material Dashboard. Vue Material Dashboard is a free, ready – to – use Vue JS dashboard template. Therefore, with it, you won’t have to build your template from scratch. Moreover, it will provide you with 16 handcrafted components, 7 example pages, and 2 customized plugins. Thanks to that, you won’t need to spend too much time building your dashboard. Then, you can save that time for other tasks

However, Vue Material Dashboard will be more suitable for those with basic knowledge of JavaScript or VueJS. Otherwise, you might be overwhelmed with its significant resource


Vue dashboard Vito

Another stunning, excellent Vue JS dashboard template in our list – Vito. This might have one of the best user – interface. It’s clean, user – friendly and beautiful. Moreover, there are many ready – to – use pages for you to choose. Thanks to that, you will develop your dashboard in no time. Also, Vito is responsive and retina – ready. Thus, your dashboards will look beautiful on any devices.

Furthermore, Vito can offer you 6 working apps, including Live video conference

Vuetify Material Dashboard

Vue dashboard

Vuetify Material Dashboard is a minimal and clean Vue JS dashboard template for you to consider. It’s quite straightforward, therefore, you will quickly get used to it. This Vue JS dashboard is built over Vuetify, Vuex and Vue JS. Therefore, it’s one of the outstanding and exclusive Vue JS dashboard templates in this list. 

Working with Vuetify Material Dashboard, you’ll get 16 stunning components, 7 pages and 2 customized plugins. If you want to make some changes with those materials, you can easily do that. 


Vue dashboard Shreyu

Shreyu is a powerful dashboard template. It can deliver you with a wide range of useful components, UI elements and so on. As a result, you’ll get almost everything you need with only Shreyu. Also, it’s fully responsive and supports all browsers. Hence, your dashboard will look beautiful on all devices and browsers. 

Shreyu has clean and neat code. Therefore, it’ll be easier for you to customize or update the templates. 

Vue Black Dashboard

Vue dashboard Vue black Dashboard

Vue Black Dashboard comes with 2 modes: light and dark mode. Besides the outstanding color, Vue Black Dashboard can deliver you a lot of helpful features. In particular, this Vue JS dashboard template can bring you 16 amazing components, 3 plugins and 7 pages. Therefore, you’ll have a lot of options to combine those to make a clear and useful dashboard. Also, this admin template will help you manage and visualize data for your web apps. 


Vue dashboard SocialIV

SocialIV is minimal, clean, modern. It comes with ready to use pages, thus, you can quickly develop your dashboard in no time.  Using SocialIV, you surely get a clean, modern and sleek design for your dashboard. Moreover, SocialIV is responsive. Therefore, your dashboard will look beautiful on any devices



At the first look, you’ll see it’s a simple and basic Vue JS dashboard template. Therefore, MaterialPro is the ideal dashboard template for those who love simplicity.  Contrary to its simple look, it can bring you a lot of powerful and advanced features. For example, dashboard design, 10+ inner page layouts and 10 UI components. 

The best thing about MaterialPro is its flexibility. Since it’s responsive, it can operate on all devices and browsers smoothly. What’s more, MaterialPro is FREE to download. Moreover, you’ll get lifetime update without paying a penny



Another clean, minimal Vue JS dashboard admin template – Orbiter. This one is built on the latest Bootstrap version and Laravel version. Therefore, Orbiter is extremely flexible. For instance, thanks to the responsive function, Orbiter will look great on any devices and browsers. Moreover, it includes online documents to make it easy for developers. It also delivers ultralight demos for CRM, eCommerce and so on

Vue White Dashboard

If you love simplicity, then, you can’t miss Vue White Dashboard. Using white and bright colors as the background, it’s greatly content – focusing. Therefore, Vue White Dashboard is quite straightforward and not difficult to work with. Besides that, Vue White Dashboard can deliver many useful components for you to start a new dashboard. Above all, it’s totally FREE.

Vue White Dashboard

Clean UI Vue Pro

As the name suggests, this Vue JS dashboard template has a clean and minimal user interface. However, Clean UI Vue Pro can deliver you more than that. It includes many powerful components such as different styles of dashboards, data visualizations and so on. Also, you’ll get in – built based template, routes, etc. 

Clean UI Vue Pro

Vue Notus

Looking for an affordable, yet well – functioning Vue JS dashboard template? Then, Vue Notus should be an ideal option for you. Firstly, it comes as a full UI kit and an admin panel. It includes over 100 useful components. Thanks to that, you’ll be able to build your project from scratch easily. 

Furthermore, Vue Notus’ user interface is extremely clean and user – friendly. Therefore, you’ll have a great time browsing through all the data

Vue Notus


Now, let’s come to Vuely. Vuely is developed with Vuejs and VuetifyJs. It includes a lot of helpful components and pre integrated features. As a result, you can easily develop your dashboard from scratch, or customize your pages. Working with Vuely, you’ll hardly need any hassles. Besides, thanks to integrated features such as charts, graphs, etc, you will have the power to develop the back end panel as well


Vue Argon Dashboard

Vue Argon Dashboard – a FREE, powerful Vue JS dashboard template. Working with Vue Argon Dashboard, you’ll be able to build stunning and beautiful dashboards in a short time. For instance, it offers users 100 handcrafted components, 3 customized plugins and 7 example pages. With these, you’ll can easily build your dashboard

Not only that, Vue Argon Dashboard gives you a lot of freedom to customize your dashboard. To illustrate, there are unlimited colors, styles or hovers for you to customize your page. 

Vue Argon Dashboard


Moving to Adminify – a responsive, powerful Vue JS dashboard template. Adminify claims to deliver the hassle – free development experience to users. And this is not merely a claim. It can deliver a wide range of pre – integrated features for your admin panel. Thanks to that, you can quickly and easily build your dashboard. Also, it offers integrated features like charts, graphs and data – tables. Then, you can easily build your stunning, functioning back end panel



CoPilot is built with Bootstrap and VueJS. Therefore, it allows you to build a responsive and great – looking dashboard. Moreover, CoPilot is extremely easy – to – use and customizable. Thus, you can easily customize your dashboard as you like without meeting any hassles. Also, Copilot delivers you other functions like notifications, search features, and so on. Then, you’ll have a great experience when browsing through all those data



Vuexy might be one of the most developer – friendly and customizable VueJS dashboard admin templates. As that said, Vuexy allows you to create and build your  applications without any hassle. Moreover, if you want to make any change, you can do it with easy. 


Vue – ChuckAdmin

Vue - ChuckAdmin

Moving to Vue – ChuckAdmin – a user – friendly and easy to use Vue JS dashboard template. It will not only help you build your applications, but also find the strength and weakness of your web apps. What’s more, it’s a FREE VueJS admin template. Thus, you can save a lot of budget when working with Vue – ChuckAdmin.

Despite the low price, Vue – ChuckAdmin can deliver you a lot of useful features. For example, VueJS plugins, widgets, and resources. Also, you’ll get a lot of powerful as well like notifications, date pickers, Google Analytics, etc

In conclusion

Above are the top list of the best Vue JS dashboard templates for you to consider. However, keep in mind that to choose the most suitable one for your website, you have to consider many factors. From its pros, cons and pricing. Therefore, it’s better to have advice from experts or experienced developers. In this case, we highly recommend ArrowHitech

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