Shopify store Australia: The useful lessons from the store you should explore

There are many great Shopify stores in Australia. Shopify is one of the most popular platforms in the world. Thanks to it, you can turn a simple business idea into an amazing brand. Why are so many businesses in Australia switching to Shopify? Because Shopify enables shop owners to spend less time creating and operating their websites and more time focusing on business growth. Although there are 10,000 Shopify stores in Australia, just some stores have truly taken the world by storm since replatforming. It is true to say that these businesses are winning in the Ecommerce world by creating a unique and memorable persona, or even revolutionizing the way people buy online. Thus, let’s take a look at the useful lessons from the best Shopify store Australia that have led to their success. 

Shopify store Australia: JB Hi-Fi

Shopify store Australia

JB Hi-Fi is the largest retailer on Shopify Plus and the seventh largest retailer’s Australia, with a total annual revenue of more than $7 billion. Moreover, their success can be attributed to their decision to switch to Shopify Plus last year. Furthermore, this Shopify store Australia’s sales rose by over 18% in the second half of 2019 due to replatforming. 

On the other hand, JB Hi-Fi is a popular example of a brand that has defined and highlighted their USP (unique selling point) from the beginning. In other words, they know how to display their well-known low prices. When you visit the JB Hi-Fi’s Shopify store Australia, you’re welcomed by deals, discounts, and offers that are large and bright. 

The lesson: Highlight the unique selling points of your brand

Consider what brings your existing customers to your Shopify store Australia. Why do your customers pick you rather than your competitors? When you’ve determined what makes you unique, you should tell your customers about it loudly and clearly. Therefore, don’t make your clients look for solutions. Before they even ask, let them know you have what they require!

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Culture Kings

Shopify store in Australia

While JB Hi-Fi is well-known for its low prices, premium streetwear retailer Culture Kings is well-known for providing a special shopping experience. This brand was constructed for music, sport, and fashion lovers. Culture Kings dealt with a challenge when they decided to enter the ecommerce market. So how were they going to bring this recognizable shopping experience to their Shopify store Australia? Thanks to switching to Shopify Plus, this Shopify store Australia could surely recreate the atmosphere of their physical stores online. They use Shopify Plus tools to recreate the distinct vibe. Therefore, their customers may know and love through the design and function of their website.

For example, their new Shopify store Australia enabled them to create a ‘Shop The Look’ page. As a result, this brand could curate outfits in the same way that their physical store staff would suggest items to be matched together. Besides that, they also can create tailored, dynamic product listings for their streetwear items. Therefore, the layout of their collection pages was outstanding as their creative in-store showcases. 

They also can create tailored, dynamic product listings for their streetwear items. Therefore, the layout of their collection pages was outstanding as their creative in-store showcases. Furthermore, Culture Kings has expanded from only selling to Australian customers to 4 international shopfronts, providing 3 different currencies. This created a smooth checkout for their global customers in the last few years. 

The lesson: Show the values accurately of your brand.

The takeaway here is that In case you’ve built a successful business for your physical store. So you should leverage it in the ecommerce world as well.

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Shopify store Australia: Frank Body

Shopify store of Australia

Frank Body is an example of social media strategy. This can transform a small startup into a huge powerhouse. Despite this Melbourne-based brand only established in 2013 with a $5,000 investment, Frank Body now generates over $20 million in annual revenue and ships to more than 150 countries. With a limited budget, this Shopify store Australia chose to promote their products solely on Instagram by contacting micro-influencers and sending them samples of their products. 

This brand use the hashtags like #thefrankeffect trending on Twitter within days. Moreover, Frank Body also shares images, positive reviews, and hashtags from their customers on their ecommerce store. Therefore,  the most efficient way to boost your business ’ reputation is to use your clients’ most reliable source: other people.

The lesson: Encourage, and showcase user-generated content.

You should look for any influencers who can boost your marketing strategy – even if you have a limited budget. Besides that, you also can  start a hashtag competition on your social channels. Therefore, users post photos of themselves using your products to gain a prize or discount? Moreover, you can get  some great mentions from your clients. As a result, you could display them on your site’s social feed. Furthermore, t o begin, you can consider a tool like Yotpo or Okendo to highlight product reviews on your store.

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Who Gives A Crap

opening Shopify store Australia

Who Gives A Crap is a premium toilet paper company that has changed the way their customers think about shopping for necessities. The Who Gives A Crap team in Australia has been growing at a strong rate since 2012. Moreover, they have recently supplied their recycled products to customers around the world. However, with so many toilet paper brands on store shelves which are less expensive. So how did this Shopify store Australia make their products such a hit with a worldwide audience? 

Firstly, this brand has also proved how a product like toilet paper can be made exciting with vibrant, unforgettable, and funny branding. Their toilet paper is 100% recycled. Moreover, they also use 50% of the company’s revenues to help communities build toilets. Therefore, this is a big reason why so many shoppers prefer them over cheaper but less ethical brands.

The lesson: Make an effort to brighten people’s lives on a daily basis.

Their customers can prepay for their toilet paper on a monthly basis. Moreover, their customers are actively encouraged to do so. Because they sign up for more months, they will receive the greater discount. Therefore, this will help you keep more loyal customers, boost your revenue, and improve customer satisfaction.

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building Shopify store Australia

Koala has quickly gotten attention as Australia’s favorite luxury bedding provider in recent years. Through the use of a headless commerce system, Koala has attained ecommerce success. Thanks to going headless, Koala can provide their clients with a faster, more vibrant, and more personalized shopping experience. 

Without going into too much detail, headless commerce involves the separation of an ecommerce store’s front-end and back-end. This allows developers to make quick changes to a storefront without impacting any of the back-end coding, and vice versa. As a result, ecommerce stores can endlessly customize their storefronts. This will reduce page load times and create a completely customized experience for their buyers.

The lesson: Changing the architecture of your website.

Going headless isn’t for everyone. However, lightning-fast site response times, the ability to quickly change up your site, and the ability to infinitely customize your store high on your list of priorities? If this is the case, an ecommerce platform like Shopify Plus may be worth investigating.

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Shopify store Australia: Cultiver 

Cultiver concentrates on elegant, high-quality bed linen and textile products. Website of Cultiver, like the best ecommerce stores, succeeds at selling an experience instead of just products. Moreover, each component on the site, from the text and pictures to the customer reviews, has been carefully considered to convey a sense of luxury. Therefore, customers can imagine how these products would look in their own homes by visiting the Inspiration section.

The lesson: Express the possibility of a pleasant experience.

Consider going further than simple products and considering how you can bring value to people’s lives. You’re not just selling products; your website should convey the possibility of a positive experience.

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Bronze Snake

stunning Shopify store Australia

Bronze Snake has been in business for over 15 years. Its line of minimalistic, high-quality clothing is still running great. Being able to release new products each week gives you a significant competitive advantage in the fashion industry. Bronze Snake’s website is designed for a simple shopping experience, not just a quick and fresh selection.

Besides free express shipping, you can take full advantage of amazing 3-hour delivery and 30-day returns. The website has a clear design that makes it simple to use. Big, beautiful visuals draw attention, and the Instagram Shop feature makes it simple to purchase the look you see.

The lesson: Using freeship to encourage making the purchase.

If you create minimalist designs and promise quick delivery, your website should support that claim. Free delivery is fantastic. The combination of free and lightning-fast delivery is unsurpassed.

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Shopify store Australia: W. Titley & Co. 

W. Titley & Co.

Almost a century later, this Shopify store Australia continues to provide high-quality clothing, shoes, and jewelry to many countries and Western. When the business grew, current owner Tony Titley upgraded to Shopify Plus in order to provide a better experience for his customers. So What makes this Shopify Plus store stand out? This Shopify store Australia has well-designed menus and makes effective use of visual information and highlights to draw customers’ attention. Moreover, the mega menu and predictive search functions are optimized. Therefore, it is easier to locate any item inside the store. Furthermore, the overall design of its product and category pages is appealing, with important information on shipping and payment options. 

Another useful feature is the ability to receive notifications when goods or sizes are out of stock. Besides that, customers can choose to be notified when their favoured size or item becomes available again.

The lesson: Optimized customer’s experience.

Make it simple for customers to find what they’re looking for in your ecommerce store. In case any products are currently out of stock. Thus, you can use alerts to entice customers to return later.

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Budgy Smuggler

customize the swimwear

People have always been drawn to this Shopify store Australia’s cheeky. Moreover, their website follows suit with stunning photos and groovy designs. Budgy Smuggler usually opens image and video competitions on its website. This encourages customers to interact with the brand. Furthermore, during COVID-19, customers of this Shopify store Australia also can customize their own swimwear and even design their own face masks. 

The lesson: Reach your target market with enjoyable competitions.

Reach your audience with entertaining competitions and interactive features, like a feature that lets them personalize the products. Remember that personalization adds value to the customer experience.

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Goondiwindi Cotton

high-quality cotton clothing retailer

Goondiwindi Cotton is a high-end, high-quality cotton clothing retailer for women. This Shopify store Australia decided to expand its brand after 40 years by switching to Shopify Plus. They completely rebuilt their online stores. Therefore, this helped increase in sales compared to their year-on-year sales.

The automation of their business tasks has been one of the main reasons for their fast expansion. They have automated laborious and repetitive tasks wherever possible. For example, they have automated configurable product review requests. This change allows them to increase the quantity and quality of their user-generated content.

The lesson: Automate any repeated website activities.

Thanks to automating any repeated website tasks, your business can reduce the human resources. More importantly, it also allows you to focus more on strategy and revenue generation.

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Sunday Somewhere

 Sunday Somewhere

When searching for new sunglasses, you may be drawn to well-known brands such as Ray-Ban or Prada. On the other hand, creative brands such as Sunday Somewhere, have some distinctive products to offer. Dave Allison, the founder, takes inspiration from his journeys such as ideas from cars, graffiti art posters, galleries, or even restaurant menus. 

Sunday Somewhere offers lots of great things, with a simple look and features available like free delivery and 30-day returns. Above all, this brand still stays true to its brand message through its travel blog and stunning photography. Furthermore, a page named “As Worn by” adds a social element by featuring lots of new celebrity customers wearing their sunglasses.

The lesson:  Providing social proof from famous people.

Make an experience out of your good or service. You can use your website to display potential customers what it’s like to own one. You increase the attraction by providing social proof from some celebrities.

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Australia's top fashion retailers for women

Kookai is one of Australia’s top fashion retailers for women. This brand has lots of Ecommerce stores in Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, and New Zealand.

The clean style of Kookai, combined with stunning imagery clearly convey the brand’s elegant feel. The use of sans-serif fonts also brings to the customers elegant appearance.  This Shopify store Australia ensured that all components on its website reflect the brand’s sophisticated nature.

The lesson:  Using Ecommerce design to convey the brand’s concept.

Ecommerce design can improve and convey your brand’s and product’s stylish image. 

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Lessons from the best Shopify store Australia

Finally, although the above are the successes of the best Shopify store Australia, you should keep in mind that success didn’t happen by chance. Because the amazing results of these Australian brands are the result of a lot of hard work and effort. All of them had to think carefully about what their customers wanted. And then they had to spend time developing a strong strategy, and made excellent use of Shopify Plus’ numerous tools and features. As a result, they’ve made their ecommerce dreams a reality completely. 

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