Top 10 best cloning software to clone your harddrive as a backup easily

Cloning software, or hard drive cloning software, allows people to create a copy of the hard drive. Thanks to that, in case their hard drive fails, people can work on the clone instead. Thus, this can save you a lot of time and help you work more quickly. Then, here are our top 10 best cloning software to clone your hard drive easily.

Acronis Disk Director

best cloning software

The first one in our best cloning software list is Acronic Disk Director. Working with Acronis Disk Director, you’ll not only fulfil your disk cloning duties, but also disk management as well. In other words, this cloning software can help you from creating, formatting to even merging volumes and volume recovery. 

Acronis Disk Director pros

  • It is great in functions. Moreover, it offers numerous features and services
  • You can format your disks into any types of formats, from FAT16, FAT32 and so on
  • Also, this cloning software is quite easy to use
  • Free update

Acronis Disk Director cons

  • Although there is a fee demo, the disk volume size is limited to 100MB. 
  • Besides, the price is quite high for small companies to use. 

AOMEI Backupper Standard

best cloning software

If you don’t want to spend too much budget for the best cloning software, you should take a look at AOMEI Backupper Standard. This is a FREE hard drive cloning software. Nevertheless, it can bring you valid and sufficient functions of a powerful cloning software. For instance, it can perform differential backups, real – time sync, and most importantly, clone disk drives for migration and updates. 

AOMEI Backupper Standard pros

  • A powerful, stunning and one of the best cloning software. Besides hard drive cloning, this software can help you with data protection, real – time sync and a lot more
  • Furthermore, it’s easy – to use
  • It’s FREE

AOMEI Backupper Standard cons

  • The backup is slow

EaseUS Todo Backup

best cloning software

Coming to another functioning, best cloning software – EaseUS Todo Backup. This software will not only help you with cloning hard drives alone, but also system cloning, or partition cloning. The best thing about EaseUS Todo Backup might be the automated scheduling.

EaseUS Todo Backup pros

  • Clean and appealing interface
  • Highly easy to use
  • Also, this software offers many cloning options as well as functionality
  • FREE trial available

EaseUS Todo Backup cons

  • Lack of Disk imaging features
  • No continuos backups

MiniTool Partition Wizard

best cloning software

When it comes to MiniTool Partition Wizard, you’ll get a lot of pricing plans. Depending on your budget and needs, this cloning software will offer you the best and right plan for your requirements. MiniTool Partition Wizard is such an ideal option for your hard drive cloning. It allows you to easily check system integrity, align partitions. And most importantly, this software greatly manages, clones disks and convert MBR to GPT files

MiniTool Partition Wizard pros

  • Reliable, best cloning software for your hard drive
  • Moreover, it allows users to optimize data storage
  • Above all, you can easily recover lost partitions and files
  • Supports MBR and GPT formats

MiniTool Partition Wizard cons

  • Unappealing interface

Macrium Reflect

best cloning software

Macrium Reflect might be one of the best cloning software for home and businesses. It greatly supports restoration of  non – booting systems and scheduled backups. More than that, Macrium Reflect can provide you with both free and paid editions. Depending on your needs and requirements, you can choose the right and suitable one for your use.

Macrium Reflect pros

  • Free version available. Moreover, this free version is great, functioning and feature – rich
  • This software can clone the entire disk, not merely hard drive
  • Pre – defined backup templates

Macrium Reflect cons

  • Lack of support for incremental backup as well as backup sync
  • Also, you might need a valid about of knowledge to work with this hard drive cloning software

Paragon Drive Copy professional

Moving to Paragon Drive Copy Professional – a powerful, best cloning software with advanced features. Thus, it can fulfil a wide range of requirements, from cloning the entire drive, to even resize the partition when copying.

Paragon Drive Copy professional pros

  • This software can clone the drive entirely as well as partially
  • Also, it is able to resize the partition while copying
  • Besides, it can create a virtual clone of your PC to USB drive. 
  • Paragon Drive Copy professional can also recover media

Paragon Drive Copy professional cons

  • The price is quite high for small to medium businesses


If you’re looking for the best cloning software that is affordable, easy to use, then Clonezilla will come in handy. First, this hard drive cloning software is FREE to download and use. Secondly, it’s open – source and highly flexible. Clonezilla is compatible with almost all popular OS these days like Linux, Mac OS and Windows

Clonezilla pros

  • It can support cloning simultaneously
  • Keep the size of cloned disk down
  • Fast and easy to use

Clonezilla cons

  • It doesn’t offer many features. 
  • Moreover, the cloning process is quite slow compared to other rivals
  • Lack of differential/ incremental support

O&O Disk Image

O&O offers its customers up to 3 different pricing plans, starting from $49.95. No free plan available. However, you’ll get a 30 – day free trial before paying for the plans. This best cloning software is quite straightforward and easy to use. Thus, you might not meet too many issues and problems when working with O&O Disk Image. The best thing about this software is that you can clone and duplicate the hard drive and restore to a different machines

O&O Disk Image

  • This software can backup the entire system while the system’s in use
  • Also, it can create virtual hard drive
  • Besides, it supports Incremental/ Differential backups

O&O Disk Image cons

  • This software can’t deliver you as many advanced features as other rivals

Acronis True Image 2020

Newly released in 2020, Acronis True Image 2020 has become one of the best clone software in the market. There are many reasons behind its success. First, it’s compatible with both Windows and Mac. Thus, it can serve many types of customers. Secondly, you can clone the system, or run the backup in the background without rebooting. 

Acronis True Image 2020 pros

  • You can either clone the whole system or individual file or folders
  • Moreover, this software allows you to create a local backup to replicate it in the cloud
  • Support mobile softwares

Acronis True Image 2020 cons

  • Unappealing user interface
  • The price can be too high for some businesses and users

Iperius Backup

Last one in our best cloning software is Iperius Backup. This software is highly flexible since it supports a wide range of cloud services like Google Drive or Dropbox. Thus, it can create the clone of your hard drive and automatically send it to the cloud. The best thing about Iperius Backup is that it supports many types of databases and virtual services

Iperius Backup pros

  • Fast, reliable and features rich
  • Supports many types of databases and virtual service
  • Easy to use

Iperius Backup cons

  • Slow update

In conclusion

Above are our Top 10 best cloning software for you to choose. Hopefully you can find the right one for your needs and requirements. If you need any help for your online business or website, then don’t hesitate to contact ArrowHitech. With more than 12 years in e-commerce, we can grant you an outstanding and professional-looking web store, regardless of the eCommerce platforms. Working with our decade-long experienced developers, you surely get your dream online shop.What are you waiting for? Contact us here or via email: or hotline + 84 243 7955 813