Top 10 best eCommerce websites Australia in 2021

Australia is the tenth-largest eCommerce market in the world by revenue, according to research by Management Consultancy firm, A.T Kearney. In this article, we have summarized the top best eCommerce websites Australia in 2021, as well as some helpful top tips and key considerations to help you build an eCommerce store successfully.

The ecommerce market in Australia 

According to SalesForce in Q3 and Q2 of 2020, e-commerce growth in Australia was the highest across the globe in spite of the impact of the Covid 19. With 58,000 businesses in the industry, the industry has seen a significant influx in the last five years in particular with Amazon Australia releasing and a wide range of other online sellers moving to digital mediums from traditional bricks and mortar stores. 

Faster internet and more tech-savvy shoppers have reshaped online shopping dramatically. Australian consumers are making a move to digital marketplaces, particularly during recent coronavirus lockdowns due to the ease of use, delivery, and simple payment solution. Therefore, breaking into the Australian eCommerce market is a great global expansion opportunity for online retailers who are looking to develop their business and reach new customers. So, what exactly do you need to know about the eCommerce market in Australia? And what are the best eCommerce site to be aware of?

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Top 10 best eCommerce websites in Australia

To share these insights, we have curated a list of some of the best eCommerce websites Australia that are leading eCommerce trends.

1. Kogan

best eCommerce websites

Australian e-commerce giant Kogan is a successful brand for the industry. This business is organized by Ruslan Kogan in a Melbourne garage in 2006. However, it’s now developing into a billion-dollar business in less than 15 years. Although COVID-19 has been a positive boost, online consumers pushed online, particularly for electronics and home technology such as computers, smartphones, and appliances. Also, you can refer more our projects for the Digital Accessories Store website in Australia

  • Kogan currently estimates 1.4 m in website traffic each month.

2. eBay Australia

best e commerce websites

eBay was one of the very first e-commerce websites to reach Australia. It was founded in 1999, just 5 years after its launch in the US. Since then, eBay has continued to reign supreme in the Australian e-commerce area. Also, it is holding the top position ever since it was released. More than that eBay Australia mirrors the services of its international platforms. I also enable individuals and business alike to sell directly through the platform, both in auctions and immediate sales. The available categories are fashion, motors, home and garden, electronics, collectibles, and more. 

  • Estimated number of monthly users: 68.22 million

3.  Big W

Part of the Woolworths Group, Big W is another eCommerce website that has had a strong presence across the country since the 50s, when it first opened its brick and mortar stores, which today totals more than 190. 

It was 2010 when Big W launched its online store,, and it has since developed to become one of the leading online variety websites — in direct competition with Kmart. Also, Big W provides products in categories like baby, kids, women, men, home, travel, and outdoor. 

  • The company attracts more than 4.3 m in organic traffic.

4. Ozsale

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Back in May 2014, British Billionaire Sir Philip Green bought a 25% stake in the online deals site, OzSale. This figure alone is enough to get a glimpse of the scale of online commerce that OzSale is providing. OzSale, which began its operations back in 2010, is currently valued well above $500 million approx and an estimated turnover of over $175 million. With a thumbs up from the TopShop’s top brass, further growth chances seem inevitable. You also have a look at some projects for fashion store in Australia for more references.

  • OzSale attracts almost 70k in monthly traffic.

5. Gumtree Australia

best eCommerce websites Australia

The UK-founded Gumtree made its way down under in 2007 and has since founded itself as the top marketplace and classifieds website in the country, where millions of Australian’s buy and sell products and services.  Gumtree Australia is available in some categories such as apparel, accessories, cars and vehicles, home and garden, jobs, real estate, services for hire, and more.

6. Chemist Warehouse

best eCommerce websites Australia

One of best ecommerce website is Chemist Warehouse. It is a chain of retail pharmacies, offering medicine and a wide range of cosmetics, health, and paramedical goods. Branding itself as a discount online store, Chemist Warehouse operates throughout Australia with a franchising form and also sells online through its e-commerce website. If you want to create a ecommerce website for Chemist Warehouse, then you have a look at our similar project for Medical Online Shop In Australia

  • Estimated monthly traffic: 9.45 Million visits

7. Coles Australia

best eCommerce websites Australia

Coles is one of best eCommerce online store Australia a chain of supermarkets, retail, and shoppers services stores. Established in 1914, Coles operates more than 800 supermarkets throughout Australia. After releasing an online shop, Coles also sells groceries, consumer, and home products to Australian digital shoppers

  •  Estimated monthly traffic: 14.8 Million users

8. Woolworths

best eCommerce websites Australia

Woolworths is a best eCommerce websites Australia among other business (including Big W) founded by the Woolworths Group, one of the largest brand from Australia. Through its ecommerce site , Woolworths sells groceries across Australia, as well as various other households, health and beauty, and baby goods

  • It currently estimates 3.8 m in monthly traffic.

9. Kmart Australia

best eCommerce websites Australia

Another best eCommerce websites Australia, Kmart first opened its doors in the country in 1967. It operates as a variety store chain with low-price products. Today Kmart operates in both Australia and New Zealand, with 300 stores, as well as an online presence across both countries. 

As a pioneer in the discount goods sector, Kmart provides low-priced consumer products in categories from home and living to electronics, women, men, kids, babies, sports, gifts, and parties. Fashion is the category that the majority of Kmart shoppers use the site for. 

  • Estimated number of monthly visitors: 16.90 million 

10. Papaya

best e commerce websites Australia

This Furniture Online Store was released in 1996, born of a quest to find and form sustainable natural materials and combine these with simple, elegant design to establish a homeware brand that is innovative, contemporary and timeless.

best e commerce websites australia

Wrapping Up

This was a roundup of the top best eCommerce websites Australia that are leading the ecommerce race in 2021. Besides, if you are looking for top eCommerce development companies in Australia? ArrowHitech is a leading eCommerce website development company in Australia with an insightful and analytical approach to cater to your business requirements. Check out our projects