Top 10 best Vue js carousel components for you to get great options

One great and easy way to present your images, brand logos is using a carousel. When using a carousel, you can display your images, logos and other featured products in a slider control, where users can navigate between slides with touch swipe and navigation controls. Then, if you’re looking for a perfect Vue carousel component for your website, here are the top 10 best one your should take a look at

Vue – awesome – swiper

Vue carousel

Let’s start with a well – functioning, stunning Vue carousel component – Vue – awesome – swiper. This is one of the most popular swiper components for Vue.js. Moreover, Vue – awesome – swiper supports desktop and mobile. Thanks to that, you can work on this carousel component perfectly on both of these devices. What’ s more, it also supports server – side rendering ( SSR) as well as single page applications (SPAs)

Vue carousel

Vue Slick Carousel is the rewrite component of slick carousel. This Vue carousel highly supports server – side rendering (SSR). Thanks to that, you don’t have to worry about poor web performance since Slick won’t weigh – down your site. Also, working with it, you’ll get versatile layouts, customizable arrows, dots and performant. 

Vue carousel

Moving to Touch – friendly 3D Carousel for Vue.js – a beautiful and flexible Vue carousel for your website. It comes with CSS transition. Thus, your website will get a nice and smooth slide transition in 3D effect. As a result, this Vue carousel component promises to bring a stunning and exclusive look to your website. Above all, Touch – friendly 3D Carousel for Vue.js allows you to display any html content or Vue component in the inside slides. 

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Vue carousel

Looking for a simple, easy to use and responsive Vue carousel component? Then, you can’t miss Vue Agile. This one has every essential feature of a valid slider. For example, Vue Agile supports full – width image carousel with custom styles for arrows and dots indicators. Moreover, working with this carousel component, you’ll be able to define separate settings for different breakpoints.

Another flexible, touch friendly and responsive Vue carousel component – Vue – carousel. This one uses Vue’s built – in slot system. Thanks to that, users will be able to display any types of content in slides. Moreover, this carousel component is highly responsive. Depending on the device’s display resolution, breakpoints can be configured to have different slide counts

Vueper Slider – Vue js slider

This might be one of the best Vue carousel components thanks to its features. Vueper Slide is built specifically for Vue.js. Besides, it is extremely customizable and user – friendly. You can easily customize this carousel component with little to no knowledge of coding. For example, you can place images as well as HTML into your slides. Also, Vueper Slider is greatly responsive thanks to breakpoints with different configuration

Right from the name, you might know that this Vue js slider component is quite simple and easy to use. And you’re right. Concise Slider Component for Vue.js 2 is extremely simple and easy to use. Thus, you hardly encounter any issues when working with this carousel component. What’s more, the Concise Slider Component is extremely light weight. It only takes up about 36kB. Thus, you don’t have to worry about slow or buggy websites


Hooper is one of the best customizable and accessible carousel sliders in the market. It’s fully and specifically designed for Vue. Thanks to that, a high chance is that it will work perfectly with and for Vue. Moreover,  Hooper offers you a wide range of features. For instance, touch, keyboard, mouse wheel as well as navigation support. Also, this Vue carousel component is highly responsive and customizable. It allows you to create slides with complex multiple layouts. 


Working with Fullpage.js, you can easily create fullscreen scrolling sites. These Vue carousel components can deliver you basic functionalities such as horizontal and vertical scrolling slides. Moreover, in case you want to enhance the performance of Fullpage.js, you totally can add in some extensions for more effects. For example, parallax views

Vue – easy – slider

As mentioned in the name, Vue – easy – slider is highly easy to use. This simple Vue carousel can be used with both mouse and touch screen. One of the best features of Vue – easy – slider is its great customizability. You are not only able to change the styles, width and height. Besides, you can enable or disable the touch control, as well as change the speed of the slide changes. Needless to say, Vue – easy – slider is worth looking at

In Conclusion

We hope to deliver you our top 10 best Vue carousel components for your website. Each of them has its own benefits and special functions. To choose the best one for your website, you should consider your needs, requirements and budget as well.  

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