Top 10 best Vue js datepicker components for any event- based web and mobile applications

A Vue date picker is a graphical user interface widget that allows you to choose a specific date or time from the calendar or a time range. Then, if you’re looking for an ideal Vue datepicker for your web and mobile applications, here are the top 10 you should consider

Vue – DateTime

Vue datepicker

Let’s start with a mobile – friendly Vue date picker – DateTime. It includes all the essential components that you need form a valid Vue date picker. For instance, Datetime supports date, datetime, time mode, i18n as well as disabling date. Moreover, Datetime is highly easy to use. Thus, you won’t need to spend too much time getting used to it.

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V – Calendar

Vue datepicker

V – Calendar is not merely a datepicker, it’s also a calendar component as well. Thanks to that, this Vue date picker supports highlights, popovers. Also, it allows you to choose single dates, multiple dates or even date range selections

Besides, V – calendar is very easy to use and user friendly. For instance, you can easily customize or disable certain date patterns. 

Vue – hotel – datepicker

Vue datepicker

As mentioned in the name, this Vue datepicker is perfect one for hotel or hospitality business. Vue – hotel – datepicker offers its users a wide range of options for date picking. For example, “ halfDay” option allows you to have half a day in case your customers check in at noon or checkout before noon. Besides that, working with Vue – hotel – datepicker, you’ll receive a lot of other options like check – in/ check – out rules, localization supports and so on

Vue Function Calendar

Vue datepicker

Moving to Vue – Function Calendar – a well – functioning Vue date picker you should consider. It allows you to pick multiple dates, as well as date ranges and marking dates. Also, you hardly have a hard time getting used to Vue Function Calendar since its UX is user – friendly and wise. Moreover, with several stunning functionalities of this Vue date picker, you will be able to pick your desired dates easily. Also, Vue Function Calendar includes dark mode as well


Vue datepicker

Just like Vue Function Calendar, VueCtkDateTimePicker also has a dark mode for you to choose. With this Vue date picker, you are able to select the time and date in the time range as you want. Above all, VueCtkDateTimePicker allows you to create a specific time pattern. For example, you can pick all the weekends or every first Monday of the month.

Vue AirBnB Style Date Picker

If you’re a big fan of datepicker on, then you can’t miss this Vue datepicker. Vue AirBnB Style DatePicker is very similar to that on Moreover, it’s highly easy – to – use with a user – friendly user interface. Also, this kind of Vue date picker supports single date selection as well as range selection. Besides, it allows you to disable certain dates and custom some configurations

Vue Range datePicker

If you’re looking for an easy to use Vue date picker, Vue Range datePicker will come in handy. It has extremely simple usage. Moreover, it features Date picker with range selection

Vue date pick

Vue date pick is such a light – weight and mobile friendly Vue date picker for you to consider. This Vue date picker might only weigh about 5KB. Since it’s very light – weight, Vue date pick is very fast and has great performance. When it comes to Vue date pick, we must mention its stunning performance, beautiful user interface as well as ease to use. 

Vue Date Picker

Looking for a well – functioning Vue date picker? Then, Vue Date Picker will be a perfect solution for you. It allows you to choose when to start or close a specific event. Moreover, you will be able to set a min or max date to choose from. Besides, users can select single dates as well as multiple ones. 

Vue – timeselector

Vue – time selectors include a wide range of features. For instance, props ( format, UTC, etc), events ( opened picker, closed picker,ect) and slots ( icon, headers, etc). Thanks to that, Vue – timeselector gives its users a lot of freedom to customize their components. Also, this Vue date picker allows you to choose a time depending on multiple options. 

In conclusion

Above are out top 10 stunning, well – functioning Vue date pickers for you to consider. Each of them has their own pros and cons. Thus, to find the best one for you, you must consider your specific requirements and conditions

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