Top 10 free voice recognition software for Mac and Windows

Recently, we are witnessing the dramatic rise of voice recognition software these days, and there are many reasons behind this. First, voice recognition is fast and convenient. Secondly, thanks to the advancement in technology, the voice recognition software is becoming more precise and accurate. Needless to say, voice recognition will likely be the future of technology. Now, we will deliver you the top 10 free voice recognition software for you to choose from

What is voice recognition?

But first, we need to understand about voice recognition software. This is a type of technology that utilizes speech recognition algorithms. Then, it can identify spoken language and act according to the demands. 

Simply speaking, voice recognition can identify the sounds, interpret and convert them into text.

Top 10 free voice recognition 

Now, you might understand What voice recognition software is. Then, we will deliver you our top 10 best FREE voice recognition software for Mac and Windows. 


free voice recognition software

The first free voice recognition we want to mention is Simon. It’s highly well – functioning and flexible. You can customize any applications wherever speech recognition is required. Moreover, Simon supports multiple languages. As a result, there are no language boundaries when it comes to this free voice recognition software.  

If you don’t have too much knowledge or experience in technology, then Simon will be a great option for you. It’s very easy to use with a user – friendly interface and simple languages.

The only concern with Simon is that it’s only compatible with Windows and Linux. As a result, if you’re using other operating systems, you can’t use Simon

Google Now

free voice recognition software

Google Now is a great free voice recognition software for your mobile phones. It’s compatible with both Android and iOS devices, therefore, this software can serve a wide range of customers. However, Google Now works best on Android devices. Particularly, on Android devices, Google Now allows you to make or receive calls, send text messages or even open/ close apps. On the other hand, on iOS devices, Google Now is used mainly for searching functionality. 


free voice recognition software

Moving to Kaldi – a powerful, open – source, free voice recognition software. This software supports linear platforms, MMI as well as boosted MMI, etc. Thanks to that, Kaldi is high – quality and well – functioning. Also, with an extensible design, Kaldi greatly supports features – space discriminative and deep neural networks. Working with Kaldi, you won’t be disappointed.

Google Docs Voice Typing

free voice recognition software

If you often use Google Suite, then Google Docs Voice Typing might be the perfect free voice recognition for you. It’s fully integrated with Google Suite. Moreover, this software is extremely easy to use with a user – friendly interface. As a result, you won’t meet too many issues or hassle working with Google Docs Voice Typing. Also, this software supports more than 43 languages. 

The main downside of Google Docs Voice Typing is that it can’t process recordings. Thus, you have to speak directly to the software.


CMUSphinx, or Sphinx is a speaker – independent large vocabulary continuous speech recognizer. This free voice recognition includes a lot of packages for different tasks and applications. Thanks to that, CMUSphinx is very precise and accurate. Its great functions have been proved through great reviews and high ratings ( 4.9/5 stars). Also, this software is very easy to use and user – friendly. Thus, you don’t need to have too much knowledge or understanding about technology to work on this software


If you’re using Apple’s products, you might already know this free voice recognition. Siri is the virtual assistant developed by Apple and can respond with its own voice. This software supports more than 21 languages, and this number will likely increase a lot more. Besides, Siri is highly easy to use. To turn on Siri, you simply speak “ Hey Siri”, or hold the home button. 

The major downside of Siri is that it’s only used on Apple’s devices like iPhone or Macbook. Thus, if you’re using other operating systems, you can’t use Siri


Coming to Cortana, a free voice recognition on Windows. Just like Siri, Cortana is the virtual assistant, but it’s developed by Microsoft. Thus, you can use Cortana on both Windows systems and Windows phones. Cortana is quite easy to use and it acts accurately. You can make/ receive calls, set plans and so on. Also, Cortana is available not only for Windows users, but also Android and iOS ones as well

Let’s talk about the drawbacks of Cortana. This software doesn’t support as many languages as other free voice recognition software. 


When it comes to the best free voice recognition software, we must mention Mozilla. This voice recognition software is highly accurate and precise. Its per – word error is only about 6.5%, which is remarkable. Furthermore, Mozilla is highly easy – to use with a user – friendly interface. As a result, you don’t need to spend too much time getting used to Mozilla. Above all, Mozilla has a much greater awareness of privacy concerns.


If you’re looking for a powerful and functioning free voice recognition software, then you can’t miss Julius. Thanks to the 2 – pass large vocabulary continuous speech recognition decoder software, Julius is extremely fast and accurate. Moreover, there are many powerful features included in this software to increase the accuracy. For example, LM of grammar, isolated words, N – gram and a lot more. Thus, this software can grant you high performance compared to other rivals. 

Dictation Bridge

dictationbridge-docs/ at master ·  dictationbridge/dictationbridge-docs · GitHub

Final free voice recognition software we want to mention is Dictation Bridge. Dictation Bridge works on both NVDA and Jaws, thus it can serve a wide range of customers. Moreover, you almost get everything you need to a valid voice recognition software when working with Dictation Bridge. Thus, you might not need any support if you use Dictation Bridge. Above all, Dictation Bridge gives you the freedom to modify, learn from or do anything else

In conclusion

Above are our top 10 best free voice recognition software for you to choose. Although they’re all free, they can deliver sufficient and valid functions. To choose the best one for your purpose, you should consider them carefully.

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