Top 15 best WordPress multipurpose themes to boost sales for your online store

WordPress is one of the biggest open – source eCommerce platforms in the world. Working with WordPress, you can easily create your website, especially blog pages. If you’re about to set up a website with WordPress, choosing the right WordPress themes is the initial steps. In case you don’t know which themes to choose, getting multipurpose themes is an ideal option. Then, we will deliver you 15 best WordPress multipurpose themes for your website


Lusion - Multipurpose eCommerce WordPress theme: Perfect for e-shops

If you expect a unique and exclusive website without spending too much effort and money, Lusion will come in handy. Newly released in 2020, Lusion has become one of the best WordPress multipurpose themes. It can work well on many types of websites and online stores, from clothes, fashion, jewelry to even online bakeries. No matter what type of your online store is, high chance is that Lusion can meet your expectations

Lusion provides its users up to 25+ home page designs. All of them are well – structured, clean and professional – looking. Using bright colors as the background, this WordPress theme can greatly emphasize your products.

Lusion -  Best wordpress multipurpose themes
There are over 25 pre – made homepage designs

Besides, Lusion is mobile – first designed to optimize mobile – experience. Thanks to this, your customers will have better time browsing your website on their mobile phones.

ECommerce is a highly competitive market. Thus, to compete with thousands of online stores, you need to make yourself different. In this case, Lusion will come in handy. This WordPress theme is highly customizable. Users can easily change fonts, colors, or even layouts. No coding or special skills required

Highlights of Lusion
  • One of the highest – rated WordPress themes
  • Moreover, Lusion provides users with 25+ homepage, 6+ shop page, 4+ product page as well as 10+ header style. Above that, you will get 2 shopping cart layouts. Thanks to this, you can easily get the right presence for your website
  • Mobile – first design
  • Elementor page builder
  • Optimize checkout to enhance customer experience and reduce cart abandonment
  • Include both essential eCommerce and customization plugins

Price: During this limited period, you can get this stunning and powerful theme with only $19. Get Lusion now

Astra Theme

Astra - Fastest Growing Theme of All Time | Best wordpress multipurpose themes

The next best WordPress multipurpose themes is Astra. Astra can be considered one of the fastest and light – weight themes in WordPress. And this is not merely a claim. With default data, Astra will only take you half a second to load your website. Thus, you don’t need to worry about slow or buggy website when working on Astra

The best thing about Astra is the customization. Astra allows customers to freely customize their websites, from layout settings to colors & typography. As a result, you can create websites that meet your requirements


Ultra WordPress Theme Best wordpress multipurpose themes

If you’re looking for a customizable and easy – to – use WordPress theme, Ultra will be a great option. This best WordPress multipurpose themes is highly customizable and flexible. 

First, there are numerous pre – built home page designs for you to choose. Then, you can install all of those designs with just one click. 

In case you expect a unique or exclusive website, no themes can help you better than Ultra. This WordPress theme is greatly customizable. You can easily customize almost every element in your website without the need of coding skills. Moreover, there are multiple sidebars, custom widgets, unlimited colors and a lot more. As a result, you can create a website that reflect your brands


Best wordpress multipurpose themes

When it comes to the best multipurpose WordPress themes, we must mention Avada. Avada is not only the best – selling theme of all time, but also the high – rated WordPress themes. Let’s see how Avada can get this great reputation

First, Avada provides over 400+ pre – built webpages. Each of them has different styles and layouts. However, most of them are well – structured, clean and professional – looking. As a result, you can easily find the right design for your website. What if you don’t? Then, you still can choose the layouts and easily customize them as you want. You can even decide what to display. No coding or special skills required

Besides, Avada is translation & RTL ready. This is very helpful for cross – border eCommerce. 


Enfold - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme by Kriesi | ThemeForest Best wordpress multipurpose themes

Moving to Enfold – one of the best multipurpose WordPress themes nowadays. Enfold claim to be the user – friendliest WordPress themes, and this is not merely a claim. You only need to spend about 2 minutes setting up this WordPress theme. Also, there are numerous predefined content to help you with the set up as well.

The best thing about Enfold is its customizable ability. It has unique drag and drop builder templates. Hence, you can easily customize every page on your website, from home page to contact page. As a result, you can build a website that greatly reflects your brand


Spencer -Best wordpress multipurpose themes

Spencer is a stunning and powerful WordPress theme that not only suits web store, but also blog pages. There are several page templates for you to choose, including full width page templates

Most of Spencer’s layouts are well – structured and modern. Just like other best multipurpose WordPress themes, Spencer is highly flexible and customizable. You can take control over colors, fonts to template layouts. Also, Spencer is optimized for speed. Thus, you don’t need to worry about buggy or slow websites. More than that, fast loading page can also help you with SEO and improve customer satisfaction


Best wordpress multipurpose themes

Parallax can bring modern, stylish and professional presence to your website. Suggested in the name, this best WordPress multipurpose themes use parallax backgrounds. As a result, your website will become highly engaging and modern.

Parallax nearly has everything you need to build a website, from powerful page builder, portfolio section to contact form. Moreover, you can easily customize this WordPress theme to meet your requirements


The7 — Multi-Purpose Website Building Toolkit for WordPress | WordPress  theme, WordPress theme responsive, Premium wordpress themes

Looking for affordable, yet well – functioning multipurpose WordPress themes? Then, you can’t miss The7. There are 48+ pre – made websites and 1000+ theme options for you to choose. Most of them are clean and professional looking with grid layouts. Thanks to that, customers can easily browse through our website without any hassles. 

The7 can deliver customers many advanced features. First. it’s fully compatible with Elementor and the support of Theme Builder and PRO Elements. As a result, users can freely customize their website as they like. Also, this WordPress multipurpose theme provides you with universal masonry & grid widget along with universal carousel widget. 

You can get this powerful, best WordPress multipurpose themes with only $39


Divi WordPress Theme Download & Review 2020

Divi might be one of the most popular WordPress multipurpose themes nowadays. It can provide you with almost everything you need for a website, from homepage, contact forms to even pricing tables. 

There are over 800+ pre – made designs for you to choose. As a result, you can easily get the suitable design for your website, regardless of your types of websites. 

The best thing about Divi is its customization. Users can easily customize their website thanks to Incredibly Advanced Visual Builder Technology. Hence, you can create a unique website as you prefer.

Moreover, Divi is such a great marketing supporter. Thus, working with Divi, you can greatly boost your sales


Presence is One Stop All-in-One WordPress Theme

There’s no limitation when it comes to Presence. This best WordPress multipurpose themes is highly customizable and flexible. There are up to 10 demos for you to choose. Then, you will be able to customize every part of them, from color & font, to page layouts. As a result, if you want to set up a unique, well – functioning website, Presence might be a great theme option for you.


Highend WordPress Theme - Live Customizer - YouTube

Highend is among the best WordPress multipurpose themes in the market. Its demos are extremely stunning and professional. Most of them support large, or full – width images. As a result, this WordPress theme is highly product – focusing. Moreover, every demos is different with exclusive page layouts. Therefore, high chance is that you will find the right one for your website

Also, Highend is greatly flexible and customizable. You will have control over almost every part of the website, from colors, fonts to page layouts


Veni Theme —

WordPress is such a great place to start your blogging page or magazines. If you want to set up a log page on WordPress, Veni is such a great theme option. Veni brings in beautiful, stunning and professional presence for your page. Moreover, in case you want to add an online store on your website, Veni can serve you well since it comes with full support of Woocommerce.

With Veni, you can freely choose the colors, Google fonts as well as images as you prefer


Bento - Theme WordPress | tiếng Việt

In case you don’t want to spend too much on best WordPress multipurpose themes, then, you can’t miss Bento. Bento is totally free. However, it still provides you with valid and sufficient features. For example, this WordPress theme is optimized for SEO, speed as well as mobile – usage. Also, you will have the freedom to change the colors, fonts, size as well as page layouts

In general, Bento can bring you basic functions of a WordPress theme. Furthermore, this WordPress theme is more suitable for blog page rather than online store


OceanWP - Theme WordPress | tiếng Việt

Coming to another best WordPress multipurpose themes – OceanWP. OceanWP is totally free, however, it’s still well – functioning and powerful. With this WordPress theme, you can build almost any websites as you like, from blog, portfolio to business website. Moreover, OceanWP is optimized for SEO, speed as well as mobile – using

The best thing about OceanWP is the extendibility. As a result, developers can easily work on this WordPress theme


Plum - WordPress theme |

Are you seeking for a rich – features, stunning and modern WordPress multipurpose theme? Then, you should include Plum in your list. Plum has a unique and exclusive layout. As a result, using Plum, you can distinguish your website from other online store. This is highly necessary to catch customer attention

Besides, Plum includes many advanced features such as Custom Widgets, Slider, Featured Post Sections and a lot more

In Conclusion

Above are our top best WordPress multipurpose themes. With this, hopefully you can choose the right one for your website. However, if you expect a more distinct and exclusive website, you’d better contact professional developers. In this case, we highly recommend ArrowHitech. With more than 12 years in e-commerce, we can grant you an outstanding and professional-looking web store, regardless of the eCommerce platforms. Working with our decade-long experienced developers, you surely get your dream online shop.

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