Top 25 best responsive WordPress themes for you to select

WordPress is one of the biggest eCommerce platforms in the world. There are over 450,000,000 active websites using WordPress, and this number will likely grow even more. If you’re about to set up an online store on WordPress, choosing the right WordPress themes is crucial, yet not easy. Moreover, to increase customer experience, the themes need to be responsive to serve a wide range of customers. Then, we will deliver you our top 25 best responsive wordpress themes for you to choose.

What are Responsive WordPress themes?

Responsive WordPress themes can automatically adjust themselves to fit in the device’s screen. Thanks to that, you can serve a wide range of customers, from desktop users to mobile users. 

Why you need Responsive WordPress themes?

The number of people shopping online with their mobile phones is highly increasing. Since mobile phones are lighter and portable, people can make their online purchase anywhere at any time. 

Moreover, with responsive themes, your website will not only look good on any devices, but also any browsers. Then, you will be able to serve many types of customers as well as increase customer satisfaction.

Besides, Responsive WordPress themes can improve your SEO on search engines like Google. Needless to say, responsive themes are a must for every online business nowadays.

Best Responsive WordPress themes

Now, here are top 25 best responsive themes for you to consider

Responsive wordpress themes Lusion

Looking for exclusive, powerful and affordable Responsive WordPress themes? Then, you can’t miss Lusion. Newly released in 2020, Lusion includes the latest technology for your online store. From Elementor Page Builder, to Powerful Shortcodes Support. Moreover, Lusion delivers users more than 25+ homepage demos. All of them are clean, well – structured. Using bright colors as the background, these demos are highly product – focusing. Thus, high chance is that you’ll get the right outlook for your website with Lusion

Responsive wordpress themes Lusion

Besides, Lusion is highly customizable. It allows you to freely change the colors, fonts or even the layouts without any coding skills. Thanks to that, you can easily create an online store to reflect your brand

Lusion is more than a responsive theme. It’s mobile – first designed. Hence, it can optimize mobile experience a lot better, as well as increase the page loading speed.

The great functions of Lusion have been proved through customer reviews. During this limited period, don’t miss the chance of getting this stunning WordPress theme with only $19

Get Lusion now!

Responsive wordpress themes Divi

Divi might be one of the most popular WordPress responsive themes nowadays. You can get almost everything you need for a website using this WordPress theme. 

There are over 800+ pre – made designs for you to choose. Each of them has different styles and layouts. However, they all are professional looking, modern and clean

This responsive WordPress themes do its best to bring customers the great customizable ability. For instance, it provides customers with Incredibly Advanced Visual Builder Technology. Thanks to that, you can create a website as you like without any coding skills.

Price: $89/ year, or you can pay one time with $249

Responsive wordpress themes Divi

If you don’t want to spend too much budget on responsive WordPress themes, then Hestia will be an ideal option. Hesita is FREE to download and install. However, it still can deliver valid and sufficient features for your online store. For example, Hestia’s layout is simple, yet professional and modern. As a result, this WordPress theme can bring out your products greatly.

Moreover, you can easily customize your website thanks to drag – and – drop section. No coding or special skills required. 

Responsive wordpress themes OceanWP

Coming to another FREE responsive WordPress themes – OceanWP. This WordPress theme allows you to build almost any websites as you like, from blog, portfolio to business website. Moreover, OceanWP is optimized for SEO, speed as well as mobile – using

The best thing about OceanWP is the extendibility. As a result, if you want to upgrade or maintain your website, you’ll hardly meet any hassle.

Authority Pro
Responsive wordpress themes

When it comes to the best Responsive WordPress themes, we must mention Authority Pro. The layouts of this WordPress theme are highly unique and exclusive. Therefore, you can easily catch customers’ eyes from the first sight. 

Authority Pro can serve a wide range of users, such as influencers and bloggers. Online shop owners can also benefit from this WordPress theme. Authority Pro is eCommerce ready. Therefore, you will be able to sell, or create a membership community with this WordPress theme. Beside, the layouts have a prominent call – to – action to improve your conversion rate

Responsive wordpress themes Astra

 Astra can be considered one of the fastest and light – weight themes in WordPress. With default data, Astra will only take you half a second to load your website. Thus, you don’t need to worry about slow or buggy websites when working on Astra. Besides, fast loading speed can also boost your SEO on search engines like Google.

When talking about Astra, we can’t forget to mention its customizability. Astra gives customers total control over website elements, from color, fonts, headings to even page layout. You can do all of the customization without any coding or technical skills.

Responsive wordpress themes

Tusant is one of the best responsive WordPress themes for podcasters. Different from those WordPress themes above, Tusant utilized dark colors like back or navy as the background. There are many reasons for this. First, it helps users protect their eyes while looking at this theme in the dark. Secondly, the dark colors bring in modern, stylish and professional vibe to your website

Moreover, Tusant supports nearly all of the podcasting plugins, from Seriously Simple Podcasting, PowerPress to Simple Podcast Press. Also, if you want to customize this responsive WordPress themes, you won’t have too much hassle doing it. Tusant support drag – and – drop page builder. Thus, you can easily create a unique and custom design for your website

Responsive wordpress themes

In case you’re looking for a customizable and easy – to – use responsive WordPress theme, Ultra will be a great option. First, there are numerous pre – built home page designs for you to choose. With just one – click, you can import all demos to your website. 

In case you expect a unique or exclusive website, no themes can help you better than Ultra. This WordPress theme is greatly customizable. You can easily customize almost every element in your website without the need of coding skills. Moreover, there are multiple sidebars, custom widgets, unlimited colors and a lot more. As a result, you can create a website that reflect your brands

Responsive wordpress themes

Inspiro can grant a stunning, professional and stylish outlook for your website. There are over 8 demos for you to choose. All of them are well – structured and neat. Moreover, this responsive WordPress themes supports full – width and large images. Thanks to that, you can greatly show off your products. Furthermore, this is such a great way to attract customers. Then, they will likely stay on your website a lot longer

Moreover, Inspiro is extremely easy – to – use. First, you can import all the demos with just one click. Secondly, Inspito allows you to customize the layouts without any skills in coding. 

Responsive wordpress themes

Guten is such an advanced WordPress themes. Similar to other responsive WordPress themes above, Guten is highly customizable and functioning. However, Guten is a lot more than that. When working on this WordPress theme, you can take control over almost part of your website, from heading, footers, to page payouts. Then, you can create a website that’s truly yours. This is very helpful for branding

Other highlight features of Guten include extra slider features, sticky header navigation, blog list excerpt control and so on

Prime News

Just like the name suggests, Prime News is designed specifically for newspapers and magazines. Therefore, it has special layouts to show off the article in a clean and neat way. Moreover, this responsive WordPress themes use white color as the main colors. Thanks to this, people’s eyes won’t be tired when looking at several letters

Other features of Prime News are  header widget area, breaking news ticker, featured content area, etc


Nozama is one of the best responsive WordPress themes for online stores. This theme is built to work with the Woocommerce platforms. As a result, if you already have an online store on Woocommerce, you can work well on Nozama

With more than 100 customizer options, Nozama is greatly customizable and flexible. Hence, you will not only be able to change the basic elements like colors or fonts, but also improve product visibility, page layouts and a lot more.

Essence Pro

Essence Pro might be one of the most beautiful and stunning responsive WordPress themes. Thanks to exclusive and stylish layouts, this theme can greatly catch customers’ eyes instantly. Moreover, Essence Pro supports full – width and large images. As a result, it can show off your products beautifully

This responsive WordPress theme provides a large number of pages, including landing pages. 


Neve is a great WordPress theme for blogging, newspapers and magazines. It has a lot of stunning and unique homepage designs to present your content beautifully. Above all, Neve is FREE to download.

This responsive WordPress themes is light – weighted and pretty fast. Therefore, it can optimize your website’s loading page. Thanks to this, you don’t need to worry about slow or buggy websites. Also, there are more than 80 pre – made website for you to choose from. 


Spencer is a stunning and powerful responsive WordPress theme that not only suits web stores, but also blog pages. There are several page templates for you to choose, including full width page templates

Most of Spencer’s layouts are well – structured and modern. Just like other best multipurpose WordPress themes, Spencer is highly flexible and customizable. You can take control over colors, fonts to template layouts. Also, Spencer is optimized for speed to optimize website performance


When it comes to responsive WordPress themes, we can’t forget Avada. This is not only the best – selling theme of all time, but also the high – rated WordPress themes.

First, Avada provides over 400+ pre – built webpages. Each of them has different styles and layouts. However, most of them are well – structured, clean and professional – looking. As a result, you can easily find the right design for your website. What if you don’t? Then, you still can choose the layouts and easily customize them as you want. You can even decide what to display. No coding or special skills required

Besides, Avada is translation & RTL ready. This is very helpful for cross – border eCommerce. 


Allegaint is one of the best responsive WordPress themes for online stores. In fact, Allegiant can work well on many types of business, but it’s best suited for eCommerce stores. First, thanks to clean, neat and modern layouts, it can present your product beautifully. Secondly, this WordPress theme utilizes large texts, images as well as call – to – action phrases. Then, it can improve your conversion rate as well as revenue to the next level.

Breakthrough Pro

Moving to Breakthrough Pro – a user – friendly and well functioning responsive WordPress theme. This theme has a simple, clean yet professional look. Therefore, it’s highly suitable for online newspaper, magazine or digital marketing. 

Moreover, this WordPress theme is easy – to – use, from setting up to customizing. Thus, you don’t need to gain a valid knowledge of coding or technical skills to work on this theme


In case you don’t want to spend too much on responsive WordPress themes, then, you should take a look at Bento. Bento is totally free. However, it still provides you with valid and sufficient features. For example, this WordPress theme is optimized for SEO, speed as well as mobile – usage. Also, you will have the freedom to change the colors, fonts, size as well as page layouts

In general, Bento can bring you basic functions of a WordPress theme. Furthermore, this WordPress theme is more suitable for blog page rather than online store


Looking for affordable, yet well – functioning responsive WordPress themes? Then, you can’t miss The7. There are 48+ pre – made websites and 1000+ theme options for you to choose. Most of them are clean and professional looking with grid layouts. Thanks to that, customers can easily browse through our website without any hassles. 

The7 can deliver customers many advanced features. First. it’s fully compatible with Elementor and the support of Theme Builder and PRO Elements. As a result, users can freely customize their website as they like. Also, this WordPress multipurpose theme provides you with universal masonry & grid widget along with universal carousel widget. 

You can get this powerful, best WordPress multipurpose themes with only $39


Eclipse is a minimally responsive WordPress themes with simple designs. Moreover, this WordPress theme is ideal for photographers and bloggers. A s a result, it can display images and pictures neatly and beautifully. Also, thanks to minimal look, Eclipse can greatly bring out your content to customers. 

Similar to the above responsive WordPress themes, Eclipse allows you to customize your website, from colors, fonts to background layouts. Other features of Eclipse include Instagram widget, Responsive & Retina Ready and so on


Float has a lot of stunning and unique demos for you to choose from. All of them have exclusive layout and structures. Therefore, once customers visit your site, they’ll immediately be impressed with your beautiful layout. Moreover, this responsive WordPress themes includes parallax scrolling and built – in page builder. As a result, with Float, you can optimize the performance of your website.


Moving to Enfold – one of the best responsive WordPress themes in the market. Enfold claims to be the user – friendliest WordPress themes, and this is not merely a claim. You only need to spend about 2 minutes setting up this WordPress theme. Also, there are numerous predefined content to help you with the set up as well.

Besides, you can easily customize this theme without any coding skills. It has unique drag and drop builder templates. Hence, you can easily customize every page on your website, from home page to contact page. As a result, you can build a website that greatly reflects your brand


This is such a great responsive WordPress themes for food and cuisine blogging websites. Elara has elegant and clean presence to emphasize your images and food picture. Moreover, Elara is extremely easy to set up and customize. You don’t need to put in too much effort and time setting up this WordPress theme. 

Other features of Elara include built-in ad-spots, featured recipes sections, sliders, banners, social media integration and a lot more


Are you seeking for rich – features, stunning and modern responsive WordPress themes? Then, you should include Plum in your list. Plum has a unique and exclusive layout. As a result, using Plum, you can distinguish your website from other online store. This is highly necessary to catch customer attention

Besides, Plum includes many advanced features such as Custom Widgets, Slider, Featured Post Sections and a lot more

In Conclusion

Above are our top best responsive WordPress themes. All of them can grant your website stunning and beautiful presences. However, if you expect a more distinct and exclusive website, you should look for professional developers to help you develop your own website. In this case, we highly recommend ArrowHitech.

With more than 12 years in e-commerce, we can grant you an outstanding and professional-looking web store, regardless of the eCommerce platforms. Working with our decade-long experienced developers, you surely get your dream online shop.

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