Top 10 best ecommerce platform australia in 2021 and how to choose it for Australian brands

If you wish your Australian ecommerce store have a leg up in the ecommerce global market, aside from choosing the right niche products, the other most essential thing you must focus on is building a stunning website. In order to do that, you must choose the suitable ecommerce platform. In the market, there are a huge number of famous platforms, however, not all of them are excellent. So, before making a decision to choose any platform, you need to consider some factors like the section below. Not only that, in this blog, ArrowHiTech also delivers you the Top best ecommerce platform Australia in 2021 you should know to create your own website to be more unique compared to competitors. So, let’s explore them right now!

How to choose the best ecommerce platform for Australian brands?

In this section, ArrowHiTech will show you some outstanding factors you should consider in order to choose the most suitable ecommerce platform for your Australian business. 

#1. Fashionable

The first also the most important factor you need to know is Fashionable. Because the more appealing and modern your store looks, the more potential customers pay attention to your brand. Hence, you should choose the platform that includes many unique themes and allows freely customization.

#2. Functional

The ecommerce platform you choose must be able to handle all types of transactions, both digital and physical because it can’t be broken down in the middle of a transaction. Besides, it has to integrate seamlessly with a variety of payment processors from across the world.

best ecommerce platform australia

#3. Versatile

To choose the right ecommerce platform, the next factor you can’t miss is the platform’s flexibility. Simply speaking, your platform should be able to handle order administration, shipping, and inventory monitoring. In other words, it should be able to handle all of the back-end processes of running a store without the need for mounting spreadsheets.

#4. Main features

Of course, features play a significantly important role to form up a wonderful ecommerce platform. The ecommerce solution you choose should come with plenty of powerful features, specifically includes or easily integrates with apps and plugins that allow you to automate processes such as shopping cart product suggestions, adding customers to an email list, and selling on social media and so on.

#5. Speed

The page loading speed decides a lot to the purchasing decision of any customer. Buyers will definitely get annoyed if your website runs slow, resulting in failing in boosting sales. 


#6. Fees

What’s more, depending on your business’s size and budget, you should choose the platform with suitable fees in order to gain as much profit as possible. 

#7. Security

Losing or being stolen credit card information is always one of the biggest concerns for anyone shopping online. Your website’s security refers to its defense against hackers. To provide tight eCommerce security, PCI compliance and site-wide HTTPS are both required.

#8. Run stably

Each year has many big sales, then there are a lot of people who will visit your website on those days. Hence, making sure your website is always running stably, no matter how few or many visitors, is an absolute necessity. This will bring customers the highest satisfaction and drive your sales as a great result. 

Top 10 best ecommerce platform Australia in 2021 you need to know

1. Shopify

The first best ecommerce platform we highly recommend for Australian brands is Shopify. In fact, this platform is not widely used in Australia, but it is also trusted by hundreds of thousands of retailers worldwide, especially in the UK, US and Canada.  Firstly, if you are seeking for an all-in-one ecommerce platform, Shopify is the most ideal choice for you with hosting, a website builder, payment processing, and several customization options. What’s more, this best ecommerce platform Australia comes with a huge variety of add-on connectors accessible for use with the web store. Although you have to pay a cost to utilize them, they are extremely worth using. 

Shopify best ecommerce platform australia

Moreover, Shopify includes three main plans, respectively Basic Shopify, Shopify and Advanced Shopify with prices increasing in order. Of course, based on the plan you choose, its features will vary, of course, Advanced Shopify is the most complete package that includes all the features of the other two plans plus a lot of smart add-ons. In addition, when compared to paying annually, every other year, or every four years, the monthly cost of a pay-monthly subscription is the greatest and reasonably priced. 

Shopify’s subscription

CostsSubscriptionShopify Payments transactionsOther payment gateway transactions
Basic Shopify Monthly:US$29/mo
AU cards:1.75% + 30¢Non-AU cards:2.9% + 30¢2% + fees to payment provider
AU cards:1.6% + 30¢Non-AU cards:2.8% + 30¢1% + fees to payment provider
Advanced ShopifyMonthly:US$299/mo
AU cards:1.4% + 30¢Non-AU cards:2.7% + 30¢0.5% + fees to payment provider

Alternatively, Shopify created its own payment gateway named Shopify Payments. Besides, if you want to use other payment options, you can completely link with a variety of payment processors, including Poli, Zip, Afterpay and so on. But, Shopify will charge you a “penalty” cost of from 0.5% to 2% on top of the transaction fees. However, the fees can quickly add up in case you aren’t using Shopify Payments. 

All in all, Shopify is the best ecommerce platform Australia that can bring you various significant awesome results, in particular boosting your sales effectively. 

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2. BigCommerce 

In case you are an Australian store owner and expect to choose a wonderful ecommerce solution Australia for your brand, let’s take a look at BigCommerce. First of all, BigCommerce is always considered as one of the best ecommerce platform australia in 2021 and is highly recommended to use. Similar to Shopify, BigCommerce is also an all-in-one ecommerce platform that contains everything you need to develop your business. Besides, this best ecommerce platform Australia includes the most cost-effective plans for merchants, especially newbies. For instance, hosting, an online store website builder, marketing tools, and room for extra integrations are all included in each package. 


What’s more, if you decide to make a subscription with BigCommerce, you are able to pay monthly or annually as you want. However, keep in mind that the monthly plans are the most expensive, with the exception of the Essentials Standard membership. In addition, this platform comes with over 20 payment gateway options for you to choose such as: PayPal, Adyen, etc. Best of all, BigCommerce won’t charge a fee for online transactions, you just need to pay the transaction cost for the payment provider you choose. 

Woocommerce’s plans

Essentials planStandard planPlus planPro plan
Monthly cost(not include GST)Annual plan:US$29.95/moMonthly plan:US$29.95/moAnnual plan:US$71.95/moMonthly plan:US$79.95/moAnnual plan:US$269.96/moMonthly plan:US$299.95/mo
Online sales allowedUp to US$50k/yrUp to US$180k/yrUp to US$400k/yr

In particular, the constraints on online sales that BigCommerce imposes for each tiered plan set it apart from the other online retailers on this list. For more detail, the Standard plan allows you to sell for up to US$50k each year, respectively $180k with the Plus plan and $400k on Pro plan. Additionally, if you want to build an online store with BigCommerce Essentials, this is extremely simple thanks to its step-by-step suggestions in the dashboard that instruct you what to do next in detail. BigCommerce provides more than 80 website templates, each of them is very flawless and appealing that will surely grab your customers at the first glance. However, there are only some of which are Free, and others which cost around $200 each. What’s more, this ecommerce solution seems not to be the ideal choice for anyone without technical knowledge because it requires coding to handle. 

3. Woocommerce – Best ecommerce platform australia

Moving to another ecommerce platform you need to know for boosting your brand in Australia is Woocommerce. As famous as the two ecommerce solutions Australia mentioned above, Woocommerce is used by many retailers around the world, especially Australia. In reality, to anyone who doesn’t know, Woocommerce is an open-source ecommerce plugin that is only compatible with WordPress-based websites. In order to set up Woocommerce, you must first sign up for a web host (such as DreamHost, BlueHost, or SiteGround), purchase a domain, then set up a WordPress site, and finally install a WooCommerce-compatible website theme. As soon as you completely finish this process, you may freely pick and choose the features that are relevant to your ecommerce store. 

best ecommerce platform australia woocommerce

Most amazingly, this best ecommerce platform Australia includes a lot of awesome things that you can’t ignore. And, the most outstanding one is that everything, including prices, can be customized. Previously, not only Woocommerce, but also with any other ecommerce platforms, you have to pay for domain registration, hosting, and payment processing. Besides, its website themes are either free or cost money. 

In addition, this wonderful platform provides modular and fully adjustable features. Hence, it will enable you to add an unlimited number of items, orders, users, etc. In terms of payments, as similar as BigCommerce, WooCommerce also doesn’t charge transactions, you just need to charge them for your linked payment provider. Besides, its perfect things provided proves that it is really a powerful and worth-using ecommerce platform. Some of them are: customizations, open-source features and dependency on you to safely host and update the WordPress website. 

4. Wix – one of the best ecommerce solutions Australia

If you are seeking an exceptional ecommerce platform to develop your online store in Australia, you shouldn’t ignore Wix. Firstly, Wix is known as the best ecommerce platform Australia in 2021 that includes everything you need to have a leg up in the global market. Besides, although the cost to use Wix is fairly cheaper than other ecommerce platforms, just $38 (plus GST) per month for the most advanced plan, its features as well as performance aren’t inferior to any platform. For more detail, it provides full website-building options, priority customer service, 50GB of website storage and so much more. Instead of paying a monthly subscription with a high fee, you can pay up to three years in advance in order to get the lower fee. 

Wix’s subscription

SubscriptionBusiness BasicBusiness UnlimitedBusiness VIP
Annual planUS$18/moUS$28/moUS$38/mo
Wix Payments2.9% + 0.30 USD per transaction

Similar to Shopify, Wix also has its own payment system named Wix Payments. Simply speaking, you can install Wix Payments in your online store without incurring the above transaction cost. Besides, you can also use other payment methods such as PayPal without incurring an additional Wix fee. What’s more, if you want a payment system that has quick access to money, Wix Payments seem not to be the most ideal option for you. This is because they only handle bank account transactions on Mondays, after which money takes from three to five business days to clear. 

Furthermore, although Wix is really excellent and always considered as one of the most friendly platforms for users, it still has a disadvantage is that connecting to a live customer support representative is quite difficult. Wix, on the other hand, has plenty of hints to help you figure out what to do and what the various features represent.

5. Squarespace

Can’t help but mention Squarespace in the list of best ecommerce platforms for Australian brands in 2021. In fact, this ecommerce platform is fairly easy to use and comes with various options of impressive themes for you to choose. First and foremost, being a powerful all-in-one ecommerce platform, Squarespace also includes hosting, a website builder and designs. Besides, in order to create an online store with Squarespace, all you need to do is sign up for one of the Business or Commerce subscriptions. 

best ecommerce platform australia

On the other hand, Squarespace also has several drawbacks. Not as the same as to most other ecommerce systems that provide an app store with many possibilities for integrating third-party services, Squarespace can only link with Google tools, social media channels, and payment processors. So, it can make you disappointed or feel deprived when using this platform. 

Subscriptions of Squarespace

In terms of subscriptions, this best ecommerce platform Australia allows you to pay monthly or annually as you want. In addition to the individual Stripe or PayPal fees, you have to pay 3% each online transaction to Squarespace on the Business plan that is the cheapest subscription with online store capabilities. Best of all, subscribing to Basic Commerce or Advanced Commerce can prevent you from paying this additional cost. 

SubscriptionBusinessBasic CommerceAdvanced Commerce
Cost (not include GST)Annual plan:A$25Monthly plan:A$35Annual plan:A$34/moMonthly plan:A$40Annual plan:A$52Monthly plan:A$61
Payment fee3%0%0%
Stripe payments1.75% + A$0.30 for domestic cards2.9% + A$0.30 for international cards

There is a fact that Squarespace doesn’t contain a wide range of ecommerce services, so it may not be the finest ecommerce platform for any service-focused store owner. However, if you are owning a small-scale online enterprise, this is really a perfect solution for you. Furthermore, Squarespace has many simple yet modern themes with a significant concentration on spectacular graphics. So, let’s take advantage of it right now! 

6. Weebly – the best ecommerce platform australia

In case you are looking for an awesome ecommerce platform for your small business, we highly recommend Weebly for you. There is no denying the position of Weebly when mentioned to the Top best ecommerce platforms in Australia in 2021. First of all, Weebly is a powerful website builder that enables users to start an online store for free if they don’t need a custom domain. Or, they can upgrade to one of the paid plans for more extensive capabilities. For more detail, Personal, Professional, and Performance are its three plans with different cost as well as features. 


Going deeper into Weebly’s main features, it has an easy-to-use and friendly user interface, so even if you are a newbie and don’t have any experience, you can still run it. Besides, store owners will be selling from a beautiful shop front in no time thanks to the drag and drop editor. 

Moreover, like Squarespace, Weebly also allows integration with only a few third-party companies including Facebook, Pinterest, Google and Bing’s basic tools, some payment providers such as: Stripe, Square, and PayPal, etc. 

Weebly’s Subscriptions

When it comes to the subscriptions of Weebly, you should keep in mind that you can freely pay a monthly, yearly, or two-year basis. In reality, if you can pay a year in advance, the cost will be reasonably priced a lot. For instance, the Professional Plan costs $20 per month if paid monthly, but only $15 if purchased for a year in advance. Moreover, within 30-day, Weebly allows you to get money-back, after which no refunds will be given. 

Free plan0$
Personal planAnnual: A$7/moMonthly: A$10/mo
Professional planAnnual: A$15/moMonthly: A$20/mo
Performance planAnnual: A$30/moMonthly: A$35/mo
Square, Stripe & PayPal payments2.9% + $0.30 per transaction

Overall, although Weebly is not so excellent and popular compared to the above platforms, it is still worth a try.

7. Magento 

If you are looking for a complex but strong ecommerce platform for your Australian business, why don’t you have a glance at Magento? In fact, Magento is a powerful open-source Content Management System (CMS) eCommerce platform. Then, it includes anything you need to develop your business in the global market. In terms of self-hosted solutions, Magento is undoubtedly the most well-known and common ecommerce platform. Besides, Magento currently provides two eCommerce solutions: Magento Open Source and Magento Commerce, both of them contain the same core capabilities. 

best ecommerce platform australia magento

Firstly, thanks to the Open-source nature, you can easily download and build your store without any fee. Moreover, it is a user-friendly alternative for those who don’t have the technical know-how to create a custom solution from scratch. Additionally, Magento is free to use at its most basic level, however, it will have a premium tier for enterprise customers. Best of all, this best ecommerce platform Australia accepts a plenty of payment gateways and is compatible with numerous third-party companies. 

8. GoDaddy – best ecommerce platform australia

The next ecommerce platform that is very suitable for Australian business you also need to know is GoDaddy. Firstly, when hearing GoDaddy, you may recognize it as a website builder and hosting provider. It does, however, build strong ecommerce stores. In fact, Godaddy is considered as one of the top ecommerce systems based on a lot of positive feedback from merchants. Besides, thanks to making use of ADI, Godaddy allows you to set up an internet store in no time. This is the reason why this platform is an effective and trust-worthy solution for any business store.

Furthermore, it serves a wide range of enterprises, making it a viable option for almost any ecommerce project. What’s more, Godaddy can create roughly 1,500 different types of industry-specific websites thanks to ADI. There are approximately 19 theme options for each industry it covers, but keep in mind that you won’t have much creative freedom after your site is built. 


In terms of its Payment options, it accepts PayPal, Stripe, and Square, as well as Apple Pay via Stripe. GoDaddy, on the other hand, redeems itself by not collecting any transaction fees, regardless of the payment method used. Like with Shopify Payments, the only price you’ll have to pay is the usual credit card fee, which is typically around 2.2% of each sale. 

9. Ecwid

Coming to another best ecommerce platform Australia you can’t miss if you want your store to have a leg up in the global market – Ecwid. Although not as famous as other platforms in the Australia market, Ecwid is still highly appreciated by its powerful and perfect features. In fact, Ecwid is one of the best SaaS tools that assists you to build an ecommerce store very effectively. What’s more, Ecwid succeeds in the market by catering to businesses who do not want to launch a new website, and you can rapidly incorporate the Ecwid system into your existing website. Best of all, Ecwid is rated as very straightforward to use and does not take too long to set up.

best ecommerce platform australia

Ecwid pricing

Free plan$0
Ecwid Venture plan$15/ month
Ecwid Business plan $35 per month
Ecwid Unlimited plan$99 per month

In terms of payment gateway, Ecwid allows you to handle credit card payments with Paypal right out of the box, for no additional cost other than Paypal’s commission. Moreover, you can also link Ecwid to about 80 other payment gateways, including well-known choices like Sagepay, Stripe, 2Checkout, and so much more. 

10. Big Cartel

Last but not least is Big Cartel – one of the best ecommerce platforms in Australia. Being a flawless all-in-one ecommerce solution, Big Cartel is also widely known all over the world, specifically for artists, photographers and other creatives. First of all, Big Cartel is a web-based, fully-hosted software that features a simple design and easy-to-use interface with no transaction fees. Not only simple design, but its interface, adding products, generating discounts, and managing orders and inventory is extremely straightforward to use even if you are a newbie. 

What’s more, this best ecommerce platform Australia, which is ideal for small businesses, allows you to set up your online store with a variety of pre-made designs. Additionally, this solution also enables you to edit the HTML, CSS, or JavaScript directly as you want. Best of all, Big Cartel is really easy to use and you just need a few minutes to set up your own store. Not only that, in case you only want to sell a few items, Big Cartel offers a free service tier. To put it plainly, you can use the software and payment processing features without paying a monthly fee.

ecommerce solutions australia

Big Cartel plans

Gold plan$0/month
Platinum plan$9.99/month
Diamond plan$19.99/month
Titanium plan$29.99/month

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To sum up with Top best ecommerce platform australia

To sum up, ecommerce solutions we review above are considered as the Top best ecommerce platform Australia in 2021 that any Australian brands should know to build their own unique stores. All in all, ArrowHiTech hopes this blog will bring you a lot of useful information, and from that, you can easily choose the right platform for your brands.