Top best Magento CRM integration for your ecommerce business

Nowadays, in ecommerce site, a customer relationship management (CRM) software paired with Magento can help retailers tremendously to manage orders efficiently and satisfy customers with accurate information. In this article, we are going to show you top best Magento CRM integration for your e commerce business.

Benefits of using Magento CRM integration

Increase demand and supply chain

E-commerce CRM systems offer demand-driven capabilities. Moreover, making it easier to procure goods based on demands. Retailers can largely benefit from real sales data and also forecast the availability of several products based on demands.

Improve sales team performance

If you are tensed about your team making mistakes, worry no more. With Magento CRM integration, your sales team can provide improved customer support. Your orders will be managed properly and timely communication will increase customer satisfaction.

Minimize losses

Manual errors and typos may lead your business to suffer a loss. Using traditional data transfer methods for your online store is out of fashion. Adopting a magento CRM solution for your e-commerce business proves to significantly reduce losses.

Reporting and forecast

To clarify, integrating magento CRM systems promotes customizable reporting options that illustrate your entire business actions. For example, there are sales forecasting report, specific budget report, deal-close probability report and more. Therefore, it becomes convenient to forecast budget planning and evaluate the areas that demand improvements.

Top 5 Magento CRM Integration

Choosing the most suitable eCommerce magento CRM for your online store, you have two options:

  • Installation of a Magento CRM extension from a store;
  • Development of a bespoke CRM system.

Let’s take a look at the most popular extensions in the official store for successful Magento CRM integration.

1. Salesforce


Salesforce is among the leading CRM platforms, includes Magento CRM. It provides a multitude of ways to identify insights and trends when it comes to leveraging data. When you look forward to having Magento CRM integration with Salesforce, you can expect numerous benefits from Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud and Service Cloud.

  • Firstly, the Salesforce Sales Cloud helps you organize your customer data into comprehensive customer profiles that can be used by your sales teams to cross-sell, upsell and retarget customers. Each time a customer makes a purchase, the Sales Cloud updates the customer profile so that your team never misses out on any customer activity detail.
  • Secondly, within the magento CRM, the Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps you consolidate your marketing activities. To clarify, it lets you do everything, from email promotions, social media interaction to even advertisement strategies.
  • Thirdly, with the Salesforce Service Cloud, you can emphasize on automation. Most important, the Service Cloud is powered by artificial intelligence and helps to manage clients’ when chatbots are away. Specifically, during an inbound or outbound call, you can find all the customer details right in front of you.

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2. Agile CRM

Magento CRM integration with Agile CRM allows you to automatically follow up with online shoppers and run customized campaigns to monitor customer engagement.

Top best Magento CRM integration for your e commerce business.

The dynamic e-commerce features of Agile magento CRM are focused on retaining customers. Here’s what it can do for you:

  • Sophisticated tagging and monitoring help you to run campaigns based on customer’s interest and interaction with your brand.
  • Get actionable insights on buying trends and understand your customer’s actions to improve retention and engagement.
  • Agile magento CRM’s marketing automation is a complete toolkit for everything you need to engage with customers, from email to mobile features.
  • Tackle cart abandonment with personalized pop-ups, offer discounts at an ideal time, get more sign-ups for newsletters and much more.

3. SugarCRM

Magento and SugarCRM are both open-source platforms that offer you the opportunity to customize and streamline a variety of business processes such as order routing, inventory synchronization, as well as management of customer issues. By doing so, it eliminates the need for third-party integrations for improved functionalities.

4. Hubspot

HubSpot CRM and magento CRM integration creates a great opportunity for business owners to organize marketing campaigns and customer-related information. Furthermore, it provides the chance to automate a wide range of CRM tasks, triggered by specific actions within Magento. The integration also helps to increase the number of new customers and better retain the existing ones, due to the numerous features the CRM presents. 

best Magento CRM integration for your e commerce business.

Most important, we included HubSpot in our list of the best magento CRM not only because of the free access it provides. Another important detail that makes HubSpot different from other magento CRM is the ability to track email engagement and support an unlimited number of users even on a free plan. 

By integrating the CRM with Magento 2, you can:

  • Reactivate abandoned carts and non-paid orders and use them as an opportunity to re-engage users
  • Automate upsell, cross-sell, and reorder emails
  • Collect all customer data and attributes from your Magento store, including recent activity, abandoned carts, AOV, lifetime customer statistics, order information, checkouts, and more
  • Set triggers to automate your marketing and sales campaigns and track your customer’s journey at every step
  • Track product inventory, invoices, and shipments

5. Freshsales Magento CRM Integration 

fresh sales

Freshsales CRM by Freshwork is definitely one of the bestMagento CRM. With this integration, you can benefit from multichannel support, AI-based lead scoring, and activity tracking within your Magento environment. Freshsales include lead, deal, and account management tools that allow your team to find new customers, walk them toward the end of the pipeline tracking every step, so nothing will fall through the crack. 

Freshsales Magento CRM has a bunch of capabilities aimed at improving sales processes.

  • Firstly, this Magento CRM integration lets you get in touch with your leads right from the CRM: make calls, send personalized emails. This process takes only a few clicks and all activities are logged automatically.
  • Secondly, Freshsales uses Artificial Intelligence to score leads. To clarify, the system discovers sales-ready buying signals, reacts to them by notifying reps about the readiness of the prospect to make the purchase, and reorders leads as per their selling potential. 
  • Moreover, Freshsales provides you with actionable insights into a customer’s engagement level. So that it enables you to track every customer at every stage of your pipeline in the most appropriate way. Due to the fact that this Magento CRM specializes in increasing sales, it offers actionable tools for finding new leads. For example, you can filter new leads by various parameters to find beneficial suggestions.

To sum up with Magento CRM

Hope you can choose your suitable Magento CRM integration after exploring this list. However, it’s an undeniable fact that Magento is not an easy platform to use. Therefore, to get the best out of Magento, you’d better have some help from experts or professional developers. In this case, ArrowHitech may be your option!

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