Useful tips to choose the best e commerce development company to build your perfect e commerce store

Thanks to the widespread of the Internet, many brick and mortar stores are trying to have web shop to reach more customers. If you’re serious with online business, you should consider hiring a e commerce development company.  However, choosing an ideal e commerce development company is harder than it seems.

Why should you hire an e commerce development company?

Ecommerce is a fascinating market that can bring you great profit. However,  Ecommerce development is complicated and hardly can be DIY. If you want a smooth – running website and a successful online business, you will want  to hire e commerce development companies. They will assure your customers  have a great time browsing through your webshop and more likely to click buy.

Why you should hire an ecommerce development company?

Saving time

If you want to have an online business on the long- run, you’d better employ a good e commerce development company. The company will not only improve your website’s front- end but also back- end.  Having front- end upgraded, your website will be more attractive and user- friendly to customers. Back- end developers can maintain your web, make it bug – free and avoid hassle transaction.

Business owners have a lot of tasks to do instead of coding the websites. Hence, hiring a e commerce development company can spare them a little time to tackle other problems.   

Making your products stand out more

E commerce development company can segment your customers and find out the best design for your business. For example, you open a cosmetics online shop and the target audience is women above 18. The developers will likely to choose a bright color for your website. Moreover, they will emphasize the on- sale products. These simple methods can effectively promote customers’ buying.

Reaching more customers.

Ecommerce development companies are able to connect your online store to other social channel such as Facebook and Instagram. Moreover, they can improve SEO to get more traffic and ROI on the site. This will not only broaden your brand but also gain more purchasers. 

How to choose the best ecommerce development company for you business?

Now you can see the necessity of e commerce development company. However, choosing a suitable one is not easy. To avoid losing your money, we provide 9 tips for you to choose the ideal one.
Easy tips to choose the best e commerce development company

Business expectations

Firstly, you should determine what do you want from your online shops. What types of product you want to launch online, your KPIs, revenue monthly or annually. Therefore, you can find the ecommerce development company that matches your business demands. Without determining your purposes, both companies might easily misunderstand. Then, it’ll be harder to achieve the same goals.

Portfolio of the company

After knowing your requests, you need to find an e commerce development company to fulfill those. Reading their background or going through their previous works is vital. You can assess the usage, functionality, and styles to see if they can meet your demands.

 For example, you are about to open a cosmetics store, you can see their projects about cosmetics, body baths, make up or skincare.  If you have identical ideas, for example, customized accessory, you can search for the same categories like clothes or accessories. Of course the company will customize your web shop. However, it’s better to foresee their styles and arrangements.  

Company experience

Developing e commerce website is not easy. It requires much knowledge in technique. As a result, it’s risky to hire inexperienced e commerce development company. An experienced company will carefully analyze your target audience, the number of customers, your budget instead of jumping right into coding. After deeply examine all the data, the company will give you right suggestions for your platform. This will ensure your customers will have a smooth shopping experience and become interested in your businesses.

Some young companies are promising. However, they still need relevant experience to meet your demands. To avoid taking risk, you should think about asking professionals.

Developer profiles

Sometimes in an experienced e commerce development company, you will not likely to meet the developer having the same taste as you. You should request to see developer profile first to see if their skills can meet your requirements. Ecommerce developers are likely to go with you for a long time, so it is necessary to have them understand your perspectives.

If you are new to e commerce, you should ask the experts for some useful recommendations. You might want to have a developer who can evaluate your ideas instead of doing whatever you say. 


Cost can varied from business to business. Make sure you discuss the price with the e commerce development company without ambiguity. Ask the developer to provide detailed cost such as design, database configuration to prevent unexpected charge.

The pricing should fit your budget and purposes, but it shouldn’t be the most important  thing to consider. Low cost often comes with low quality. If the price is good but the company can’t fulfill your requirements, you must think carefully.


You don’t want to wait for about a year to have your website launched. The online market is more competitive than ever. In case you have a unique idea for your shop, you’d better do it fast. If not, you will have more rivals. Moreover, during shopping events and discount, without punctuality, there might be decreases in your revenue

Hence, the e commerce development company should meet your deadlines. Time is money. You might prefer spending a little money for less time because you can earn more profit during that time. 


Checking company’s testimony can help validate the e commerce development company credibility and ability. You can access the testimony by browsing reviews, asking other customers. It can give you a more broaden and objective view of the company. The reviews will give you a general ideas of the company’s common flaws. If those are forgivable, you can call on the company.


After launching, the website might need some supports and maintenance. E commerce development company should provide you with services to help you get a bug free website or fix some flaws. It’ll be a waste of time calling for different services to handle these. As a result, it’s better to have all- in- one company than have a lot of vendors manage your site. 

You shouldn’t spend too much your precious time fixing your websites. Therefore, some companies have 24/7 services so that you are able to contact them whenever anything happens. 


Finally, you will likely to end up with multiple ecommerce development company choices. You will have to compare those to find the best one. You can set up some criterias to measure the potentiality of each company and choose the most suitable for your business.

It’s so convenient these days when we have Internet. With just one click, we can easily compare the similarities and differences among companies. Then, we can draw our final decision

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Why Arrowhitech is a suitable ecommerce development company?

Hiring a suitable company is very crucial to maximize your profit and reputation. Arrowhitech JSC, one of the biggest e commerce company in Vietnam, surely can meet most of your expectations

Who are we?

Arrowhitech is a leading e commerce development company in Vietnam having more than 10- year experience in developing e commerce. Since 2007, Arrowhitech has performed many projects in different fields. We  pay our utmost attention to build the friendly and borderless relationship with our customers to go with them in a long journey.

Why Arrowhitech?

ArrowHitech Shopify experts
ArrowHitech- eCommerce development company
Updated technology 

 Using an arrow as a symbol, we always get accessed to the latest technology and market trends. If you choose our e commerce development service, your online store won’t be out – of – date. As a result, you may have more advantages when compete with others.

Experienced developers

With many experts in fields, we confidently provide you with the best suggestions with your web shop. Our developers are well trained to tackle various levels of projects.  Moreover, we will provide you with the information of the developers working with you. Arrowhitech always expect to be your long- term partner.  

24/7 support

 At Arrowhitech, we have 24/7 service all year through. You can contact us at all time without hesitation.  Problems can appear every time and you won’t want to waste any seconds. Simply contact us via any means of communications, we will support you as soon as possible

Diverse ecommerce platform

Arrowhitech has a wide range of services using the best e commerce platform : Magento, Shopify, Woocommerce, Bigcommerce for you to choose. We are the experts on these platforms. Of course we will give you some advice to select the ideal platform for your business and demands.

e commerce platforms 

Arrowhitech can provide you with a number of extensions to improve your revenue. For example, one of our extension reminds customers of their abandoned carts. This will not only help you gain more profit but also loyal customers. 

Great services, reasonable cost 

Arrowhitech promises to give you the best experience with our services: professional designs, front- end functionality and back end maintenance. As our company has many experts in e commerce development, you can save a lot of time working with us. 

As mentioned above,  if you are looking for an e commerce development company, Arrowhitech is one option. Contact us here or via email: or hotline +84 243 7955 813.