Vue 3: Useful information you need to know about the Vue JS newest version!

vue 3

VueJS was created by Evan You in 2014. From then, it has become a popular MVC JavaScript framework and is used for building UI and single-page apps. Ever since its 2.0 upgrade in April 2016, the IT community really anticipates and looks forward to the newer Vue 3, 4 and so on.

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Finally upgraded this March, what are the biggest differences in Vue 3? Today, ArrowHiTech will guide you through some key improvements that you won’t miss out on.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

All Vue 3 Upgrades to keep in mind

Composition API

Composition API is one of, if not, the most remarkable upgrades. If the old version cannot solve the compiler drawbacks, then today Vue 3 totally seals the deal. It allows us to use JS functions in Vue component freely and flexibly. As a result, you only need to conduct fewer and more simple codes.

On the other hand, it won’t change or distort anything in the older Vue versions. Thus, the new API is totally compatible with your current syntax so it is easy to use as well.

Here is an example of the new Vue API

vue 3 api
New Vue composition API

Follow API reference for experimenting process!

Tree-shaking Support

Tree-shaking is commonly used to describe the removal of ‘dead’ code in JavaScript. For Tree-shaking, Vue 3 also offers great supportive features like transition and v-model.

  • V-model is used to enable two-way data binding. Furthermore, it is perfectly compatible with input, checkbox, select, textarea and radio.

Thanks to these new updates, Vue apps have reduced greatly in size. Overall, Vue 3 is much lighter than every older version.


According to Evan You himself, Vue 3 is certainly faster. To clarify, it is 2 times faster in performance and 3 times for renderings. What’s more, Vue 3’s virtual DOM is also more speedy because it is re-written.

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For starters, fragments are the template wrapper tags for structuring HTML code without changing semantics. Similar to React fragments, Vue 3 templates can only have 1 tag and it also works the same for manual render functions. 


In older versions, they are called Native Portals while in Vue 3, they are teleports. However, does a different name mean a different component and purpose?

vue 3 teleport
Vue 3 Teleports are Native Portals!

Teleports is one of the best additions in Vue 3 because it simplifies all the work with modals and popups. Furthermore, it is easy to render above the DOM elements as well.


Suspense is a special component for wrapping the ‘lazy’ components. It can show a fallback element when the main component needs async work. In addition, a component also can have many suspended components inside! Hence, in Vue 3, suspense will have to wait on async dependencies.

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TypeScript Support

In fact, Vue has supported TypeScript since version 2, but it just gets better in Vue 3. Thus, new projects will be launched with TSX support, which bears similarity with TS, JS codes and APIs.

What are JS codes and how can they help? 
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Bottom Line

That’s all for today, we hope that you have gained some insight about the upcoming Vue! We know that you are really excited as Vue 3 offers many outstanding benefits! Lastly, as always, ArrowHiTech wishes you the best of good luck and success!