Website development costs in australia: Everything you need to know

People often say building a website is not an expense but an investment. Because if you spend money to build a perfect website not only for the interface but also for the great features inside it, later you will earn a lot of advantages, especially high profits. If you are planning to build a new website in Australia in order to develop your business yet don’t know where to start and what budget you need for a completely flawless website, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, ArrowHiTech will indicate everything you should know about website development costs in Australia. So, let’s explore right now! 

What do you need to build a website? 

If you want to create an excellent website, all you need is to bring together project managers, writers, designers, and developers to brainstorm the most wonderful idea. Below, we will show you what you need to build a satisfactory website.

website development costs in australia

#1. Planning

To begin, before starting a new website, you should usually plan it out with your agency, company or freelancer. At this time, you will talk about your domain name, the type of company website. Also, the functionality, the number of pages your site will have, the style, and your budget you can pay.

Your partner you hire will take your specifications, plan out the jobs. And, make sure their team completes your website on time and under budget.

#2. Excellent Project Management

A Project manager plays an extremely important role in planning the website, supervising the developers, designers, and authors who work together to produce the website. In particular, they have to ensure that the project stays on schedule. 

What’s more, in order to keep you up to date and consult with you on important choices, the project manager will contact you via phone calls, emails, and in-person meetings. And, Project management will account for about 10% of the total cost of a site.

#3. Structure and design of the website

The most important part of the new website will be handled by the project managers. For more detail, they will lay out the structure of your site and how your web pages will connect. Therefore, your website will not only look logically but also makes users easily find the information they need.

Not only that, the better your website’s site architecture has, the better SEO for the website you will gain. This is since it aids search engines like Google in understanding what your website is about and allowing more people to find you. Additionally, your project manager may refer to several of your outstanding competitors’ websites that achieve high results on search engines to examine what they do and what links they have. Thus, this also aids content management by allowing you to figure out which web pages require material and how they will interlink to help consumers find relevant and helpful content.

#4. Website development costs in australia of Design

cost of web design

In terms of design, your new website should have an eye-catching look with stunning images but not too heavy to ensure user-friendliness. In fact, your new website will be designed by a web designer who will clearly map out the user experience. 

Besides, as you probably know, great site design will surely grab the attention of your visitors and exploit user psychology to urge them to convert. At a glance, your clients should be able to understand the advantages of your service. Then, we can easily definitely retain customers. 

#5. Content writing

In addition, to educate your visitors about your services and the problem you address for them, you need to populate your website with content. The more well-written and useful content pages you have, the more potential customers will be enticed to stay on your website longer. Then, they will affect visitors to encourage them to do the action you want, which is usually a sales inquiry.

If you don’t have time to write on your own, you can have the option of hiring writers or writing the content yourself. SEO-optimized content can help your website rank higher in Google search results. Hence, it will result in more and more people to find it.

#6. Web media

For your website, web media comprises graphics, videos, and photographs. High-quality media not only can help your visitors grasp your services by capturing their attention, but it also aids in the expression of your company’s brand identity. 

If you want to take shots for your website, you can either use stock images or employ a photographer as you want. Besides, they are able to assist you in creating high-quality video and visuals for your website. 

#7. Development

As soon as you finish the website design, it will be turned into a fully functional website thanks to developers. They will not only make sure that your website always has a perfect look on a variety of modern devices, but also have a fast loading speed. Moreover, in order to make your website stand out compared to any competitor, developers can also add bespoke functionality to it or combine it with your other systems to automate some of your procedures. 

#8. Testing

In most cases, your developer will extensively test your website to ensure that it is free of faults and problems. In reality, this is necessary to provide a positive user experience for your visitors. As a result, you won’t lose prospects who didn’t contact you because they were directed to a faulty link. 

website development costs in australia testing

#9. Hosting and Maintenance

Hosting is one of the most essential parts of each website. It is also known as the location for your website to “live” for visitors to access it. What’s more, most website hosting services charge at least $60 per month, depending on your bandwidth and storage requirements, and dedicated hosting is highly suggested.

Additionally, in case you utilize shared hosting, your site will be vying for bandwidth and resources with other websites. Then, it may crash if you have a large flow of visitors approaching your site.

Not only that, you will also have to pay for ongoing maintenance, such as domain name renewal, SSL certificate renewal, website security, and any plugins or themes you use. 

What are the website development costs in Australia you need to pay for experienced Website Specialists? 

Commonly, for a new website, many web providers will charge a set fee based on previous experience and an estimate of how long it will take to create according to your specifications. Besides, the majority of web specialists, from graphic designers to Web developers, will charge you between $50 and $250 per hour. If you hire developers from the UK, US, etc, the cost you have to pay for them is extremely high, while in case you cooperate with ArrowHiTech, the cost you pay will be much lower but the quality is not inferior to anywhere else. Let’s CONTACT US for a free quote. 

website development costs in australia

Why shouldn’t you use websites with cheap Website development costs in australia?

In fact, maybe you have come across a lot of cheap but still high quality products. However, the website is completely different. Simply speaking, creating an excellent and high-quality website design has never been easy, it requires a lot of hard effort in order to promote your business as a market leader. 

A high-quality as well as expensive website is an investment in a sales asset that will provide you with online revenue. On the other hand, cheap websites aren’t optimized for SEO to attract visitors. Not only that, they also lack professional content and stunning design. As a result, using cheap website design means you can’t approach target customers as well as have difficulty in encouraging them to make a purchase from you. 

In addition, a low-cost website may require further effort and money in the future to clean up the code, fix bugs, and update the design in order to attract clients. So right from the start, you should invest in a quality website. So, it will compensate you with high revenue. 

How much does a website cost in Australia?

With the small and static size of business website – $1,000-$2,500

A static website with a few pages is the suitable choice if you’re running a small business with some items. Usually, the price will be suitable for websites that do not focus too much on boosting sales. The goal of building this website is to provide information so that visitors can learn more about your company.

How much does a website cost in Australia?

$2,500 – $5,000 for a conversion-focused business website

A conversion-focused website is the ideal choice for any small business that wishes to increase its online revenue through digital marketing. Because your website must be set up to create more visitors and persuade them to make sales inquiries, the design cost is more. 

Ecommerce website: Cost will range between $3,500 and $12,000

If you are planning to start an ecommerce website, you must remember that it will require a lot of things. For instance, integration with payment gateways, product databases, add-to-cart functionalities, etc. So, it will surely raise the design cost. Besides, pop-ups may also be required to urge customers to checkout or to cross-sell products.

$12,000+ for a custom enterprise website

A custom enterprise website is a necessary method for larger businesses. This includes backend system integrations, custom plugins, and expanded functionality like client portals or custom tools. Of course, you must accept that the cost of design you have to pay is extremely costly and varies greatly, even if you have a clear idea of what kind of website you want. Now, we will deliver you the reason why this increases the cost of your website.

The huge number of pages

The more pages you want to have on your site, the more material you’ll need to fill them out. Therefore, it is not surprising that the web design will take a lot. If you create a lot of pages, your developer will have more pages to test and build as well as your project manager will have more content to link and structure for SEO.

Custom vs templated design

You are able to use free website design templates from companies like Wix. However, they have a limited number of designs and customization options. Thus, your website may look very popular and not stand out from other websites. 

Developers tend to be more concerned with site operation and performance than with converting visitors. Additionally, to ensure your website runs as perfectly as possible, you need to hire a professional website designer. However, the cost of hiring a professional website designer is extremely expensive, might range from $500 to $10,000. Your website design, on the other hand, will almost always be optimized to convert visitors and increase sales for your company.

Website development costs in australia of Content

If you have the time and resources, writing your own content is an excellent approach. Thus, this can reduce your website design costs as well as level up the engagement. 

However, if you can’t do it yourself, you can hire professional writers who typically have the ability to use sales and persuasion strategies to create more interesting pages. Not only that, they can also assist you to boost sales and increase the conversion as well. For content, you should expect to spend between $300 and $500 per page.

website development costs in australia content


You are able to take advantage of stock pictures to reduce the cost of your site design. However, you must consider before using them because our website may appear less genuine. 

Moreover, a graphic or web designer can assist you in selecting relevant stock photos and putting them to good use. A stock photo package of 20 photographs can cost roughly $200. Not only that, you can employ a photographer or filmmaker to take shots. So, you have a collection of unique images and movies to use on your website. Then, it can cost anywhere from $100 to $2,000 to do so.

Website development costs in australia of SEO optimization

Of course, without SEO, your website will have very little chance of being known. For more detail, you must optimize your website content with relevant keywords. So, Google can comprehend what it is about, structure your website and interlink pages. Then, search engine crawlers can quickly access them and categorize your material, and develop authority by having backlinks to your content. The better you do SEO, the more potential customers you can access. More visitors implies more prospects and revenue for your firm, therefore SEO frequently creates a good ROI. However, hiring professional SEO managers can cost anywhere from $500 to $2,000 each month.

Cost of Additional Functionality

In case you need to integrate to your website extra modern functionalities. For instance, shopping carts for an ecommerce store or client portals, etc, you’ll either need to locate a platform that supports it or hire a developer to code it for you. Of course, this will increase the price of site design.

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To sum up with Website development costs in australia

Above all, this article shows the most basic and necessary website development costs in australia you need to know. So that it can bring great benefits to you in the future. Aside from this topic, you can refer to many other ones by visiting our BLOG to get more beneficial information.