What is a network security key and how to find & use it?

Network security key is simply the password of your Wifi or Wireless network. It helps prevent intruders as well as protect your network connection. In this guideline, we will answer the most common questions about network security keys including: What is a network security key, how to find and use it.

What is a network security key?

As mentioned above, the network security key is the password of your network. It can come in many forms, physical, digital signature or even biometric data  password. Thus, the network security key can provide protection to your network. Therefore, you can prevent intruders or unwanted access to your network. Thanks to that, your network will have higher security as well as stability

Types of network security key

WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy)

WEP has been around for a long time. It uses a 40 – bit key for data encryption between your router and computer. 

WEP hardly can provide your network with decent security since it can easily be cracked and decoded. With many people, cracking the challenge frames of WEP only takes a few minutes. As a result, we don’t recommend using this type of network security

WPA ( Wi-Fi Protected Access) and WPA 2

Moving to one of the most popular network security keys these days – WPA. In fact, nowadays, most of the networking is protected by WPA 2, and soon there will be WPA 3. WPA and WPA 2 can grant you a much higher security compared to WEP. Thus, it’s much harder to crack and hack into your networking. 

WPA uses a unique functions and integrity check. Therefore, it’ll be a lot harder to crack. Also, WPA 2 utilizes a security protocol with pre – shared key or PSK authentication. Thanks to that, WPA 2 will not only serve individuals, but also enterprise purposes. 

Now, we’ve delivered you the answer for the questions “ What is network security key”. Next, we will show you how to find your network security key.

How to find your network security key.

Find your network security key on the router

what is a network security key

The fastest way to find your network security key is directly through the router. Simply look up the “ security key”, “ WPA key” or “ passphrase” in the label on the bottom or back of the router. 

Find your network security on phone

Now, almost everyone has their phone connected to wifi or wireless networking. Then, to save time, you can easily find the network security key through your phone

On Android 

First method to find your network key security is through ES File Explorer

  • First, you find and install ES File Explorer. Then, access the Root Explorer features
  • Click on “ Local and Device” to find the root folder of your device. Once you get accessed to the root folder, go to misc and wifi. Then, you’ll find the security key in the wpa_supplicant.conf file.

If you want to find the network security key without root access, then this following method is for you

  • First, install and connect Minimal ADB and Fastboost on your PC
  • After that, access to see the content in wpa_supplicant.conf file. Now, you can see your wifi password

On iPhone/ iPad

If you want to find a network security key on iPhone or iPad, you need to have a Macbook beside you. 

  1. First, Go to iPhone settings >>> iCloud >>> keychains. Then, enable Keychains
what is a network security key
  1. Then, go back to Setting and turn on Personal Hotspot
  1. Now, connect your Mac with your iphone’s personal hotspot
what is a network security key
  1. Hold cmd and Space key on your Mac to open the Search utility. After that, type in keychain access in the search field and press enter
what is a network security key
  1. Next, type in the name of your wifi in the search bar. Once it appears, double click on it
what is a network security key
  1. Tick on the “ show password” on the end of  the popup window. You might need to enter the your Mac’s admin password
what is a network security key

Find the Network Security on Windows

  1. Go to the Start menu. Then, search Network Status. Once it appears, click on it
  1. In the Network Status window, choose “ Change adapter options
  2. Next, you’ll see the Network Connections window. Then, right – click on the Wifi and choose Status
  1. Now, on the Wifi status’ window, choose Wireless Properties
  2. In the Security tab, tick on “ Show characters”. Now, you’ll be able to see the password of your Wifi 

Find the network Security on Mac

  1. On the top menu, choose Go >>> Utilities >>> Choose Keychain Access
  1. In the popup window, choose login under the Keychain menu to find your active network. In case you don’t see your network, choose System and find the network there
  1. Then, choose the network you want to reveal the password. Then, tick on the “ Show password” box
  1. Now, you’ll be able to see your password

In conclusion

Now, we have answered some of the common questions about network security like “What is a network security key?”. From this, you might be able to use it effectively

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