Swift for iOS app development: why you should choose it for your business?

Swift for iOS app development


Swift is known as the most popular programming language. This powerful programming language was developed in 2014 for  iOS platforms such as: iOS, macOS, iPadOS, watchOS, Linux, tvOS, and z/OS. Not only that, this swift for iOS app development comes with the open-source LLVM compiler framework. It uses the runtime library of Objective-C. As a result, C, Objective-C, C++, and Swift code may run on a program smoothly. 

For a long time, Objective-C became the main language for OSX and iOS app development. Objective-C is developed from C. Therefore,  it has enough conceptual definition characteristics of C. However, nowadays, Swift is steadily gaining a significant share of the iOS app development market. Hence, writing coding on Swift is very important. Thanks to the safety design and lightning-fast speed, Swift becomes the favorite pick of many developers. Besides that, Swift comes with a combination of both C and Objective-C. However, Swift lacks direct built-in C compatibility and reduces the disadvantages that come with it

swift iOS app development

Reasons choosing swift for iOS app development

Thanks to lots of cool features, Swift becomes the best choice programming language for mobile app development services. So let’s explore those features of Swift below:


Released from many years of experience building Apple platforms, Swift is the latest programming language. Therefore, this programming language is optimized APIs for reading, writing and maintaining easily without typing semicolons. Besides that, using a comma-separated list of parameters within the brackets makes coding in Swift a bit cleaner and simpler. Furthermore, writing code for Swift does not take a long time of the developers. Because codes in Swift look like texts in plain English. As a result, it is easier to understanding find out the faulty code 

In addition, thanks to the lack of dependence on C, Swift is easy to maintain. This programming language comes with the combination of two files into a single code file instead of two single code files as C and Objective-C. Therefore, you are able to handle and manage quickly. 


You want your mobile app to be safe and secure. So Swift is the best programming language for you. Because this programming language eliminated classes of unsafe code. Not only that, Swift is built with guards against many programming mistakes. In fact, the Swift compiler will stop you from trying to make or use a nil object with a compile-time error. Therefore, it makes writing code much cleaner and smoother, as well as preventing a large category of runtime crashes in your apps..

High Speed

This is the best feature that the developers prefer Swift than other competitors. Thanks to the combination of two files into a single code file, Swift performance is faster than Objective-C.  The app developed on Swift will be approximately 3.9 times faster than  Python-based apps. As a result, the cost of developing your app can reduce. Swift’s performance is evaluated the same as C++ – the fastest development languages.

Less coding required 

Due to  the absence of legacy conventions of Swift codes such as semicolons and brackets, it requires less coding. Additionally, this language is also less prone to errors due to its inline support for manipulating text strings and data. Moreover, in this swift for iOS app development, you are able to use the “+” sign to combine two strings. As a result, you can reduce the code. 

Dynamic Libraries Supporting

Thanks to the Dynamic Libraries Supporting of Swift, your current mobile app can update to the new version of Swift with ease.  This not only simplifies the development of your mobile app, but also reduces its initial app size and launch time.

Open source

Swift was announced to be an open-source language in 2015 by Apple. Therefore, you have the full opportunity to use this swift for IOS app development. Because Swift does not require you to pay any fee for using it. This helps corporations to save the iOS app development cost. Not only that, Swift also meets all your development business requirements.

Interactive coding

Swift Playground allows developers to run real-time tests on new algorithms. This type of platform, known as a Read–Eval–Print–Loop (REPL), is extremely useful for learning, experimenting, and rapid prototyping. With the support of data visualizations, Apple has added this to increase the speed at which code can be written, making software development more available and enjoyable.


Comes with clear syntax and easy to use, Swift for iOS app development definitely is a good choice for developers who are seeking a suitable programming language. So that is the reason we are here to help you. With lots of experience in iOS mobile app development, we – ArrowHiTech team are confident to guarantee that your mobile app will meet all the requirement standards of Apple company and help your app successfully. Do not miss our swift for iOS app development