WooCommerce: Best reasons to choose it for your eCommerce business


Thanks to the Internet, we can purchase things more easily and quickly these days. After Covid-19 impact, online shopping is becoming a more popular trend than ever. According to Oberlo, there will be over 2.05 Billion online shoppers in 2020! But which eCommerce plugin is the most popular with customers? As there are currently 3,317,205 live websites using it, WooCommerce is certainly the favorite one. 

Today, we will help you discover the reasons why WooCommerce is of great interest. But first, we have to understand what it is.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is an eCommerce plugin for WordPress. A plugin is a software addition that is installed on a program to expand its ability. For example, some eCommerce plugins are made for selling digital goods like eBooks, photos, music while others are suitable for products that need shipping. 

We all know that WordPress is the simplest and most popular way to create a website or a blog. Once WooCommerce is added, you can easily launch your online shops in the easiest way. Let’s analyze different aspects and decide: Should you sell your products on WooCommerce?

Why WooCommerce?

Let’s examine its best features

It is always free

This may sound unreal, right? In fact, using WooCommerce is free. It includes some basic features, namely coupons, shipping and discount codes. Hence, committing to costly software contracts or licenses is not necessary. For starters, this is a golden opportunity to save lots of money for other preparation.

However, keep in mind that customers are more likely to look at well-designed shops. Everyone loves a nicely presented and attractive website. So if you want to step up your game, don’t hesitate to add more features. Domain name, hosting services, themes, extensions, and many more will have extra cost. In this case, some are free, some are affordable, even some are expensive. Still, within your budget, you can always choose the most suitable ones for your stores.

It is simple and easy to use

WooCommerce is one of the most customizable eCommerce platforms to build online businesses. Users have full control of functions, themes, everything from scratch to finish. Especially for non-tech users, it will save them a lot of time and work. Moreover, WooCommerce is very mobile-friendly. Both sellers and buyers can easily manage products on their own smartphones.

Wommerce Phone

It is adjustable

Because WooCommerce is an open-sourced platform, retailers are free to create custom themes, extensions and functions. This serves the purpose of different selling types. For example, to track online data, you can add analytics plugin; to attract new customers, you can add gift cards plugin,… There are unlimited possibilities as the list goes on.

It has powerful tools

These are some of the best tools to optimize your eCommerce business. 

  • Content Management: an important point in shop operation. WooCommerce offers a wide range of great options for different sellers to choose from. 
  • SEO and Marketing: WooCommerce works to optimize your shop’s ranking on search engines. Following the right steps will help your shop be more accessible to buyers. 
  • Analytics: This function helps analyze the buying and selling data. Furthermore, you can examine the strengths and weaknesses of your online websites and change for the better.
  • Design: With numerous choices to consider, WooCommerce offers you many modern and eye-catching designs.

It develops with your shop

WooCommerce grows with your business. In other words, it leads you from start to finish. From the beginning, WooCommerce will provide assistance up until when your business becomes well-known. 

It constantly improves

Another crucial point is that WooCommerce can evolve, fix itself and as a result, it keeps getting better in every updated version. In addition, with many active users and communities, everyone can detect mistakes or errors at ease. Great functions are continuously added and expanded. It surely benefits every retailer and clients. 

It is designed to Online Business

Last but not least, WooCommerce is the one tool you need when it comes to eCommerce business. It is fast and it replies right away. Besides, WooCommerce has a professional look, a wide diversity of potential buyers and unlimited chances for you to sell. Not just clothing, books or phones, you can sell any products you want, from physical or digital products to subscriptions, appointments and many more. It does not restrict sellers to any type of selling. This is up to your preference as well!

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Core Features

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  • SEO optimization: via semantic HTML code and CSS, search engines can index your site quickly.

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There are plenty of other useful features that we have not mentioned yet. With the list of WooCommerce’s advantages above, we hope to give you a brief overview on WooCommerce and let you see why it is the best e-platform for online shopping. As experts in this field, we would love to hear from you. Feel free to contact us to get the best option for your future dream of an eCommerce business!