WooCommerce product types: Differences and how to import/export products for your online store


Woocommerce product type

In 2020, online business is no longer an unusual term. Especially, after Covid-19 impact, the eCommerce industry is blooming. As the most popular eCommerce platform, WooCommerce is surely the best option for most sellers. However, before making it big, there are many steps to complete. Product types and its trading is one of them.

For that reason, today, we will guide you through some basic information on WooCommerce product types and how to import/export them. Pay close attention because this is a direct factor to your business’ success. As an expert in the outsourcing field, our team – ArrowHitech hopes that this blog will help you categorize, import and export your products.

WooCommerce – what and why?

WooCommerce is an eCommerce plugin for WordPress. In particular, a plugin is an extension that can widen the range of functions. As a result, you can easily change your WordPress sites into an online store by installing WooCommerce.

WooCommerce cannot be the most popular online platforms for no reason. Because it is free, easy to use, yet provides amazing functions, buyers love working on it. For more detailed benefits of WooCommerce, go to WooCommerce: best reasons to choose it for your eCommerce business as we have listed out the best advantages for you to see. Now, let’s move to Woocommerce product types you should know.

WooCommerce product types

In WooCommerce, you can sell anything from different sizes, colors, materials and purpose. Nevertheless, WooCommerce will list out 5 default categories. We will show you their differences so that you can put your products in the right place.

Simple products – product types woocommerce

These types of goods are likely to be the first that come to mind when thinking of online shopping. Moreover, simple products are the most common and easiest to understand. They are physical products that have a single SKU (Stock-Keeping Unit). SKU helps determine the goods’ characteristics such as color, style, size, material, brand and so on. Some examples are books, clothes and dvds.

Grouped products – woocommerce product types

Grouped products is a collection of related products that can be purchased individually and only consist of simple products. After making a grouped product, you need to link simple products to it as those simple products are classified into a bigger one. Grouped products help sell sets like furniture sets, clothing sets, a set of plates,…

Arrowhitech WooCommerce Product types
A set of kitchen utensils from Modus – WooCommerce theme from ArrowHitech

Virtual products

Virtual products are woocommerce product types that is the combination of the physical and digital world. The best feature is that this type doesn’t require shipping. As a result, all types of shipping are dismissed and the process will be much easier. Obviously, the most popular virtual item is services.

Downloadable products – woocommerce product types

This type is fairly similar to virtual products. The key difference is that after purchasing, customers are given a downloadable file as a link in the order notification email. Some well-known downloadable items are ebook, music album, streaming, pdf files and photos.

External/Affiliate products

If you sell your products on other sites such as eBay or Amazon, those items on your WooCommerce store are external/affiliate products. In other words, they are the product that you list and describe on your website but are sold elsewhere. You can put on description and photos, but when customers want to purchase, they will get a redirected link to the actual selling sites.

Variable Products – woocommerce product types

Variable products are woocommerce product types that have a different range in SKU, particularly in sizes, colors, materials and so on. However, they all vary from the same item. What’s more, you cannot say a bottle and a phone are variable products because they have different descriptions. Only bottles in different colors, phones in different sizes are variable products.

product types woocommerce

Woocommerce product types

Others are mostly added by extensions like WooCommerce Subscriptions or Bookings. Once you have categorized your products, it is time for import and export.

How to import or export WooCommerce products?

Both stages share the same beginning steps. First, log in and open the dashboard. Next, along the side menu, click ‘Tools’ then ‘Import’ or ‘Export’.


After selecting ‘Import’, there are 9 systems to fill in. Let’s study all of them:

  • Blogger: import relevant data from Google Blogger to your WordPress installation
  • Blogroll: import in OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language) format
  • Categories and Tags Converter: like what it is called, you can change categories to tags and vice versa
  • LiveJournal: import LiveJournal posts on WordPress installation
  • Movable Type and Typepad: similar to LiveJournal, but you can also import comments in this system
  • RSS: post from RSS feed
  • Tumblr: import posts and media 
  • CSV: import tax rates by a CSV file
  • WordPress: import posts, comments,… from WordPress export file.

Once a system is chosen, the final step is selecting the exported file. Click ‘Upload file and Import’ to complete the process. Remember, if you are asked how WordPress can behave with the author, assign or create a new one.

product WooCommerce types
Importing and Exporting products on WooCommerce is simple!


You will also see 9 options for the contents that you want to export

  • All content: pages, comments, custom fields, terms, navigation menus, custom posts are all included
  • Posts: drop-down menus will appear so that you can set up some features (categories, authors, start-end date, status)
  • Pages: it has the same features as Posts

The rest are for general export, therefore, it does not include detailed information

  • Products
  • Variations
  • Orders
  • Refunds
  • Coupons
  • Webhooks

Next, ‘Media’ lets you export photos and videos to your sites. Besides, it also offers start and end dates. Lastly, select ‘Download Export File’ to download the XML file. There you have it, ways to import and export products on WooCommerce.


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Final Words

All in all, we hope that you are clear about WooCommerce product types to successfully launch your business. And, still want to read more about WooCommerce or WordPress? You can check out our blogs as we always update the latest information and guides. For more information: