WooCommerce Shortcodes: The advantages of using it in posts and pages

Shortcodes are small code snippets that will help you to achieve a functionality or display content based on certain conditions on your WordPress store. WooCommerce Shortcodes are added to any post, page, or widget by adding the shortcode as shown in the examples below. Some shortcodes also have optional parameters so you can customize them further. As a result, it is popular among users of all knowledge levels.

WooCommerce shortcodes sample
WooCommerce Shortcodes sample

If you’re a WordPress developer, you want to leverage every time-saving hack that the system avails. Shortcodes are one of those time-saving hacks that allow you to do more with less code. So now, we – ArrowHiTech would like to introduce to you guys some of the most notable advantages of using WooCommerce Shortcodes in posts and pages. So let’s get to the business.

But first, let’s go through some definitions.

What are WooCommerce Shortcodes codes?

In WooCommerce terms, shortcodes are considered to be macros that help you have dynamic interactions with content. A shortcode represents a larger and often more complex piece of code. In other words, this allows you to insert a script within the content section of your post or page, and WooCommerce will execute the script.

The advantages of using WooCommerce Shortcodes in posts and pages

WooCommerce Shortcodes offer great control to store owners to dynamically display products, or add to cart buttons anywhere on the site. This is especially important because there might be several strategies that you want to experiment with within your store. Therefore, with WooCommerce Shortcodes, you will be able to experiment with different strategies to drive conversions.

Using WooCommerce shortcodes in posts and pages
Using WooCommerce Shortcodes in posts and pages

If you open these pages and posts, you can see there shortcodes automatically added to these pages. In fact, these shortcodes provide the functionality to these pages. If you don’t use the onboarding wizard, but later want to create these pages, you can simply add the respective shortcode to the page.

That is to say, here are some of the most notable benefits when using it for posts and pages.

#1. Efficiency improvement

Think of shortcodes like credit cards; you can perform multiple transactions without carrying loads of cash. Thus, not only do you cut out the inconvenience of moving around with cash but also speed up the rate of accomplishing tasks. In addition to improving efficiency, WooCommerce Shortcodes can enhance or extend some core functionality with ease. There are two ways for them to improve: reusing elements and implementing a specific feature.

#2. WooCommerce Shortcodes allow for selective custom markup

Shortcode makes the post different

Up to now, you probably know that WooCommerce uses a series of template files to display different types of content. This depends on what the user is viewing. However, you may want some posts, pages, or small sections within your posts or pages to look ‘different’ from the general template style. WooCommerce Shortcodes make this easy to achieve. In fact, you can use WooCommerce Shortcodes to create complete page layouts or structure-specific content any way you want.

#3. WooCommerce Shortcodes allow access to ‘unreachable’ content areas

Another advantage of WooCommerce Shortcodes is the ability to gain access to content areas that are otherwise not easy to access. For instance, you can use a shortcode to insert a text widget into your header. Or you could add custom content in your sidebar using shortcodes. Therefore, shortcodes open up a whole lot of possibilities to manage your website. Moreover, it gives you the finest control of the different components of the site.

#4. Better and more unique layouts using WooCommerce Shortcodes

Unique layout using WooCommerce shortcodes
Unique layout using WooCommerce shortcodes

Because of its roots in blogging, websites built on WordPress WooCommerce generally followed a standard layout comprising, prior to the introduction of shortcodes. Most layouts comprised a header, footer, a sidebar, and the main content area. Deviating from this standard wasn’t easy. With the introduction of WordPress Shortcodes, however, WordPress developers can now build any kind of layout. Posts and pages’ layout will be much more awesome, as a result.

Final words

That should be it! Here are some of the most notable advantages of using WooCommerce Shortcodes in eCommerce posts and pages. There’s no doubt that without shortcodes, WooCommerce would not have all the flexibility and power when it comes to enriching content, enhancing functionality, and improving efficiency. We hope that after reading this article, you may consider creating and using WooCommerce Shortcodes for your online store.

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