WordPress Chat Plugins: Top 15+ plugins that help you find the best one for your business

WordPress Chat Plugins

Each visitor to a website must have different needs, right? Some want function A, some want B, that’s why a web developer will install different plugins for multiple purposes. In that way, chat plugins are a very popular way to interact and access customers. In this article, we will present you the top 15+ WordPress Chat plugins that you cannot miss out on in 2020!

Facebook Chat – WordPress Chat Plugin

If your site is visited loads of time on Facebook, one of the biggest social media platforms, then a Facebook Chat plugin is a must-have. There are great chances that clients will visit your site if you have an interactive chat with them. Facebook Chat is easy to use and customize (yes, you can change the classic blue color). What’s more, you don’t need to switch between WordPress and Facebook pages, it is already installed as you will use Facebook server. 

WordPress Chat Plugins facebook

A regular license would cost $25, including 6 months support.

Tidio Live Chat

WordPress Chat Plugins tidio

Tidio Live Chat offers 3 pre-built designs and multiple color schemes to choose from. The great thing about this WordPress chat Plugin is that it allows you to see where the users come from, sometimes even their name. As a result, you can write a personalized letter to customers. And if they are non-English speakers, don’t be too worried, Tido supports many languages. After that, you can already contact them via their emails. 

When first started, you can use it for free with 3 clients max and get access to email or messenger or unlimited tracking. 

HubSpot All-In-One Marketing

WordPress Chat Plugins hubspot

Like the name suggests, HubSpot All-In-One Marketing is more focused on marketing than just normal chatting. Similar to Tidio, you know exactly who is chatting with you and which pages they visit. Overall, you can analyze their needs and favorites to personalize the chatting experience. HubSpot also offers tons of Marketing tools, you can grow and generate mailing leads. Its own chat box can also answer some basic questions for you.

The Live Chat plugin is totally inclusive in Free HubSpot CRM. To get access to advanced functions, you will have to upgrade into a paid account.

WP Live Chat Support

WordPress Chat Plugins WP live chat

WP Live Chat Support allows you to chat with many visitors at the same time. There are 6 chat box themes for you to choose from and customize. Moreover, you can get unlimited free chats, user targeting or surveys and polls to collect user feedback. WP Live WordPress Chat Plugin is already compatible with translation plugins and Google Analytics.

If you want more advanced features namely real-time typing or analytics, you just need to pay $49.95 for good.

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Zendesk Chat

WordPress Chat Plugins zendesk

Zendesk Chat helps customers complete the buying process. Whenever your clients are stuck for over a minute, it automatically pops up a chat window to help them out. With its stylish and highly customizable layouts and themes, and up to 40 available languages, Zendesk appears to be one of the most popular WordPress Chat Plugins thanks to its amazing features.

You will have access to basic functionality for free. For big organizations, you need to start using premium at $14/user/month.

LiveChat – WordPress Chat Plugin

WordPress Chat Plugins live chat

This is another WordPress Chat plugin that highly focuses on customer service and support. You can literally add a chat box on every page including the checkout page. Furthermore, LiveChat does not just act as a regular chat box, there are also eating options and share buttons. As a result, you will know which part is lacking to improve in the long run. 

What’s more, LiveChat also features a high security level, namely 2-step verification and credit card masking. This plugin can smoothly integrate with Zendesk for CRM (HubSpot, SalesForce and even Facebook or Twitter.

Live Chat by Formilla

WordPress Chat Plugins formilla

Live Chat by Formilla enables you to handle only 1 chat at a time and set an automatic chat to appear when customers visit your site. It has a Help Desk or Inbox that will prioritize and filter chats, even restrict or ban users. What’s more, users will always know their place in the queue when waiting, which eases the tension for impatient waiters. LV by Formilla also supports multiple languages for global clients.

The premium mode starts at $11.99 per month for 1 user, and it will give you access to mobile apps on both iOS and Android platforms. To clarify, you can answer your clients right away from your phone. 

Pure Chat – WordPress Chat Plugin

Once you install Pure Chat, you need to create an account. Then, start customizing widgets or chat boxes with tons of colors and animations. With a friendly user interface, Pure Chat offers multiple contact options, including live chat, email, phone calls, Twitter, Google Maps and so on. Canned response can be set for frequent options.

The pro version starts at $39 a month. It will give you access to full customization,  real-time analytics and visitor tracking.

Drift – WordPress Chat Plugin

If you prefer to boost sales rather than functional customer support, then Drift is one of the perfect WordPress Chat plugins for you. It offers various customization that help you optimize the chat box to the fullest. For instance, when a user visits your pricing page for more than once, you can set an automatic greeting. You can literally initiate conversations based on a particular action that customers execute.

Drift also offers automated sales sequences and account-based marketing and an AI-powered bot. You can manage chats directly from your phone. Most basic functionalities are free of charge, if you want to have more advanced features, plans start at $50 per month.


SnapEngage allows you to interact with clients anywhere, including Facebook, Twitter, Zalo or WeChat. You can respond more quickly because you can see what clients are typing before they hit send. A 7-day free trial comes with $16 per month for 1 user, with at least 3 users.


This WordPress chat plugin also enables you to chat with clients on websites and common chatting apps. Even if you go offline, they can still send messages for you to respond later. Once you’ve installed Userlike, there is a detailed tutorial video for you to set up.

Userlike is free, yet it is not inadequate. In fact, there are unlimited conversations and features that you can customize to match the vibe of your website. It also supports up to 7 languages and auto-translation.

iFlyChat – WordPress Chat Plugin

For social networking sites or communities, iFly Chat is a perfect option. Besides the usual chat with customers, you can let them chat with each other or open a chat room privately. For this reason, dating sites or forums are on high demand within iFly Chat. 

iFly Chat works by using the top common programming languages: HTML, JS and CSS. The free iFly Chat can let you support up to 10 users at a time. Users can login easily or anonymously as well. 

For the premium plugin, you can have endless group chats or rooms that can keep the chat record for a much longer time.


REVE Chat is another powerful WordPress Chat plugin that we highly recommend. You can add lots of additions to your page that will greatly improve customer support. What is special about REVE Chat is that it offers video chats, voice chats and even co-browsing or screen-sharing. It is highly optimized for mobiles and browsers with an impressive 99.8% uptime.

Olark – WordPress Chat Plugin

Olark is very easy to install because all you need is to copy and paste code snippets to integrate with your WordPress site. In addition to auto-messages, it allows you to see the visitor data. In particular, you can see the items in their carts to give them a more personalized response. However, after a 2-week free trial, you must upgrade at $17 per month.

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Chaty is one of the most scalable, multipurpose WordPress Chat Plugins. Surprisingly, there are 19+ channels that Chaty supports, from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to SMS, Viber and so many more. For newcomers, Chaty is a great match because it is so simple to install and use. With a free plan, it comes with 7 colors, 5 buttons designs, plenty of animation effects and display triggers.

VVAme Chat

VVAme Chat supports connection with WhatsApp to your website. It is powerful and simple to use as well. Like other WordPress Chat Plugins above, VVAme lets you communicate with clients any time any where. You can easily customize messages, languages, and more to best suit your business. For all the amazing functions, VVAme costs $0 to download and install!

There are many other WordPress Chat plugins that we also want to recommend:

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